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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik January 7th 2016

After 4 nights in Aurangabad Nina had recovered. She still felt a bit weak, but we decided to move on. Our next destination was Shirdi. We wanted to visit the world famous Sai Baba Temple. From the shabby and chaotic bus terminal in Aurangabad we tried to get a local bus to Shirdi. First we had to wait for 1 hour to final find a bus. Nothing is written in english and people only speak Marathi, the local language. It was quite a challenge to get on the right bus - especially as when the bus arrived, people were really fighting like animals to get on the bus. With our 2 backpacks we also started pushing and we finally got on the bus. Nina was just relaxed when she finally could share 2 seats with some ... read more
enjoying our time in Nashik
cheeky monkeys on the way up to Brahmaghiri Hill

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik August 10th 2013

I am going to live my life with Peace and Joy, as I am going to control my emotions. Now my life will be full and Joy and Peace, Forever – Yoga Nidra Resolve. So, after our pampering at Beyond Wine resort, it was back to reality for a couple of days where we were held up in a hotel room somewhere close to Nasik town centre. The weather was miserable for our time there, so we pretty much just stayed in and vegged out whilst catching up on emails drinking coffee and eating. The reason for this massive waste of time was because the next venture, attending a Yoga health centre, was due to start in 2 days’ time and truth be told, we had nothing else better to do. We had booked ... read more
Looking down at the Yoga hall
Our Yoga instructor - 'The Guru'
Daily herbal drink

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik August 7th 2013

“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” Benjamin Franklin I’ll start by defending our massive disregard for the rules of the road whilst backpacking and hence why we chose to head off to the fantastic ‘Beyond@ Sula Vineyard’ resort in Nasik. The main reason for this seemingly outrageous overspend was that it was Donna’s birthday and so we decided to treat ourselves. The second reason was the unbelievable package that we managed to snare because we were in the right place at the right time. Being Monsoon, I guess business is a little slow at this fantastic hotel and spa and so we managed to get a 2 night, 2 meal, 2 breakfast package which included a bottle of wine a ... read more
Sula Hotel
Brut for two

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik May 9th 2013

Yogapoints Nashik, India Day One: Today is our first day, although it doesn't officially start until four in the afternoon. We got to sleep in which was glorious after so many days of traveling. Still sleeping in for me is about 7am and hungry as I was I stuffed my face with a banana. In a few short hours my food becomes contraband. Better than sleeping in, there was breakfast which was poho which is rice with boiled peanuts and lots and lots of fruit. This is going to be a fabulous breakfast if that is all it is. I have been missing copious amounts of fruit and bam here it is. We register today, so down I went to the office to fill out my paper work and pay my registration fee. This was nice ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik November 11th 2011

Nasik 1st to 4th November We were really quite sad to leave Goa and the few friends we had made there. Brendan (from London) was a really nice chap and was the font of all knowledge about the place. He had been there a couple of times already and was being joined by his son later in the week. He had already booked to go back again in spring. Anthy's turned out to be a real gem of a place and the staff were so nice. We spent loads of time chatting the waiters, Raj and Mishal who were Nepalese and even the chef came out after work for a chat on our last evening.( We won't miss old Mr Benidorm and his many coloured thongs though...... not a great look that Borat!!!!) Got to the ... read more
The Holy Waters
Take a Boat Ride?
Stack em high....

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik August 12th 2010

Yep it’s 4 a.m. ….wide awake….. don’t have to be up for a few more hours….. pull out the iPod and chill for a few hours. This is how my morning starts every single day. I could go workout but I’m tired I only slept for almost 5 hours today and with only eating 2 meals a day the last 2 days I’m covered. Head down for a quick breakfast as the Management team is meeting at our hotel so we can all carpool together. Today no one but me and Rohit are downstairs it’s pretty early and it’s nice the staff knows us by name now and they bring me my usual fresh squeezed orange juice. No Tropicana for this guy I’m on fresh squeezed now. We round up the troops and head out for ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik February 17th 2010

We started our journey early morning at 3 am towards Saputara which is around 260 kms from mumbai. We reached Nashik by 6:30 am through early morning open road. We diverted to Saputara road which goes via Vani and reached by 9:00 am. Saputara is a nice hill station place for weekend family trip. The enterence of the hill station has boating and ropeway call you or welcoming you. We did only Boating and Ropeway and visited the museum. Museum have things showing local tradition. There should be a guide or Light and sound show. Other things which you can do in addition to this is the Jain Temple, Horse/Toybike riding or buying some tribal arts like letter box, night lamp etc. In respect to tribal arts i found this place very similar to Jawhar which ... read more
Local Tribe
View of saputara from rope way
Bow and Arrow in museum

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik October 6th 2009

Being a wine lover, I dint need any encouragement to travel to Sula. So, when plans were being made to spend the weekend at Nasik to visit the Sula Vineyard, my nomination as a part of the tour was confirmed. About twenty of us left from Mumbai in a small white mini bus cramped with our bags and photography equipment as early as 6:30 am from the southern part of Mumbai to undertake a long three and a half hour rickety bus journey to reach Nasik which is about 170 kms from Mumbai. A non-eventful drive through the ghats and toll booths got us to the wine capital of India. Our only stop till Nasik was the breakfast break when hunger pangs became louder than the perpetually blaring horn. However once we reached the outskirts of ... read more
Toward Little Italy
Lotus Pond

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik October 2nd 2009

Monday the 28th - Headstand Day Finally I sat down to write a little bit. The weekend’s been quite busy… Lectures, new yoda class (we’re advanced now!!!) There’s always so much I wanna tell you, but then I don’t have my laptop and forget about it… will start taking notes! Yeah, Friday was pretty intense. Cities in India are just incredibly busy and stressful, especially when you spent the past week in an Ashram in the middle of nowhere. Sorry, if I didn’t get back to everyone personally! I didn’t really do that much during the day, it just all took forever. The Internet was incredibly slow and kept crashing… So I wasn’t able to book any further flights, but I enden up finding an nicer, quieter and FASTER Inet café later on, so that’s where ... read more
One night with non- Indian Food :-)
Hollie, Kaysa & me

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik September 25th 2009

Hari om!! i'm feeling extremely jittery rite now. ive been eating super healthy ayurvedic food since ive been here in the ashram. but on our days off when we are let loose into the city, i cannot resist the ridiculously rich chocolate cake, icecream and coffee. after such a healthy diet, i feel like i'm cheating, like a kid sneaking candy bars at fat camp. but hey, it's only once a week. tho my body is no longer used to this caffeine and sugar high.. where to begin? the program is flying by, as i knew it would. there's a great group of people here, 35 students from 17 different countries. very diverse, and everyone has their own background and story of how they came to arrive at this little town in India. one of my ... read more

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