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December 22nd 2009
Published: December 22nd 2009
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I have just written a lovely long blog … and my lovely new netbook froze and I lost it!!
So.. basically here is what Charlie and I have done today:
• Been ripped off by numerous taxis/tuk tuks !!
• Walked for what seemed like miles through down town mumbai.. which was fab..
• Eaten some delicious street food; when I was in the process of scoffing down the second street side snack and offered charlie some he said, ‘i can’t believe how hard you’re working to get a dodgy tummy!’.. but the last laugh is on me as my stomach is fine and the food was well worth the risk!!
• We visited, the Taj Hotel (where I used the loo.. of course!)
• Victoria Terminus which is amazing with its massive gothic architecture
• The Gateway to India (where we got accosted by countless people trying to see us things )
• Dhobi Ghat; the outisde laundry which was a little depressing (although how they know which piece of laundry belongs to which person I don’t know)
• The Chor Bazaar (why are there so many goats tethered to the side of random stalls?)
• Chowpatty Beach (not the massage mecca we were expecting and fairly diserted but hey ho!
• Prince of Wales Museum (I say we saw this but we only actually saw the outside.. we decided not to go in!!)
So not bad for our first day. We then tried to get a train ticket to Goa… NOT POSSIBLE!! So instead we are going to Pune on the train.. then trying to get a bus to Hampi .. then a bus to Goa for New Year!! .. it seems every man woman and child wants to go to Goa.. actually I think it’s just the tourists.. every tourist in India is going to Goa it would seem (which would explain the distinct lack of tourists in Mumbai)
We are now chilling out in the flat after eating way to much curry at the local restaurant (which was delicious.. I don’t think I will be loosing the weight I thought I would!) I am making the most of the internet whilst I have it because as of tomorrow it will no longer be free and available (thanks M& L).
So. There you have it.. my first day in India.. I love it here ! - it is not what I expected.. and that is a good thing!

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23rd December 2009

Mesmerising Mumbai
You really seem to be enjoying Mumbai. In Marathi we call it Jiwaachi Mumbai Karne meaning Enjoying Mumbai to Your Heart's Content. It is really a mesmirising place. It is said that a person who comes here once is drawn again and again by its charm. You are lucky that you could at least use the loo of the Taj. I was not allowed to enter the famous building due to security reasons.
23rd December 2009

Religeon in India.
Hi Katie, Without getting into the politics I think some understanding of the religion is of great use where you are.You probably know this means Hindu: Vishnu The Preserver Brahma The Creator Shiva The Destroyer As well as 2 million others,including our old favourite Ganesh who everybody loves. Good Luck and keep on truckin' Uncle Pete.
24th December 2009

thanks uncle pete. will bear that in mind!! ... in pune at the moement.. thinking of grany and grandpa.. wish i knew which church they got married in. off to goa on the 26th.. should be am interesting train ride! x
24th December 2009

Hi Sapna.. are you still in india now? i did love mumbai.. which surprised me as i thought i wouldn't !! .. Pune i like less!! i'm loving the adventure though!

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