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July 25th 2008
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hi guys just about to leave mumbai on a 18 hour train journey to go to pushkar. Mumbai is just a massive city like most to be honest, everything costs more and the people are not as nice. Even so we have had some good experinces in mumbai we spent a day in bollywood and where extras for a bollywood movie called fashion, we got payed 500 rupees with free food all day as well. The day was very long and alot of the time you where not doing alot but we got to meet other extras and see some stunning bollywood actresses. The places to stay are expensive in bombay so we decided to go to a hostel which was probably the worst nights sleep of my life. It wasnt becuase you had to share the room with wierd traveling people it was more to do with at night i was just lying in my bed sweating and no matter what position i tried my bed was soaked in sweat. my pilloow smelt like it had 100 peoples sweat on it all i could look foward to was a shower in the morning. With about one hour of sleep i went to take a shower and the showers where not working, me and mika decided enough is enough and payed 50p extra to stay in a nice room, (well nice compared to the dorm).

The second day we payed a man that sorted out our train ticket to pushkar to take us site seeing in his car, he took us to cowpatty beach, some garden that over looked bombay, a gandhi museim, and introduced us to some new food that i really liked.

really looking foward to getting out of the city even though i have had some good experiences in bombay, not looking foward to the 18 hour train journey though where guys working on the train keep you awake shouting CHAI, COFFEE, CHAI, COFFEE, chai is like a really milky tea with lots of sugar in.

i will update you all once i have spent soem time in pushkar

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me in jungle nightclub
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me on set ready to be a bollywood extra
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hundreds of pigeons in bombay people pay a man for bird seed then feed them becuase they beleive it's good luck.
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another pic of me as an extra in bollywood
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man in red hat is cleaning womans ears, thats his job only place in the world where cleaning ears is a job
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railway station that the british built
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new hospital built for rich people to use

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