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September 19th 2017
Published: September 19th 2017
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How much does your business organization spend internally on each employee holding and engagement?
If the response is “zero,” here are little facts that might alter your viewpoint:
1. Companies with engaged employees through Corporate team outings report 2x higher revenues in comparison to competitors with disengaged employees.
2. Engaged employees are 80 %!l(MISSING)ess likely to resign their companies as compared to disengaged employees.
3. Whereas 90 %!e(MISSING)mployers think employees resign a company for higher salary, but only 15%!o(MISSING)f employees refer to money as the reason.
No one seeks to pay resources in training new hired employees, and one of the simplest ways to keep employees is through Team building companies in Mumbai. But prior to initiating team building activities in the office, it’s vital to select the best team building strategy for your company employees. Here are five tips that will strongly help in building your team effectively:

1. Avoid Competitions

Many of the Team building companies in Mumbai involve some kind of competition, such as tug-of-war or trivia contests. But with each such competition, you’ll come across two types of people:
1. The highly competitive, “win no matter what” type
2. The ‘Human Teflon’, by means of blame and excuses to easily put off any responsibility for a loss
Both of these personalities can extinguish the benefits of team building since employees will eventually turn against each other. Instead, you can follow a co-operative activity or plan Corporate team outings, where employees must work in a joint effort to achieve a shared goal.

2. Incorporate Your Business Type

You’ll definitely wish to choose an activity linked to your business. If your company is hospitality based, search for an activity where you can experience hospitality live-in-action such as a food trail. If your company is tech-focused, how about getting in touch with adventure tour operators in Mumbai, who can help expand your employee’s minds?
You may want to riven team building across diverse departments to make the most of the engagement. It might be so that your accounts staff possibly has different interests than marketing staff, so consult with top adventure tour operators in Mumbai as to what activities will have the utmost response with their departments.

3. Get Out Of The Office

It really doesn’t matter who you are inviting as a guest speaker to your weekly meeting (unless it’s celebrity); you’ll get a superior response by taking employees off-site with the help of Adventure tour companies in Mumbai. Since employees have a different attitude when they are in the office space, complete engagement will happen when employees stop thinking about their daily work commitments.
Remember that your company faces extra accountability when you take employees off-site. You’ll be judicious to arrange transportation to and from the destination and select something where the probability of injury is less. You can also hire Adventure tour companies in Mumbai to enjoy in the most hassle-free way possible. If alcohol is consumed, do ensure employees are sober prior to reaching home.

4. Encourage Communication

One of the major benefits of hiring Corporate tour operators in Mumbai is that your company can develop rapport between co-workers. This is best accomplished if they travel & communicate with each other, especially in a creative manner.
Team building must include some kind of ice breaker where employees hear about each other, since common bonds initiate conversation. Perhaps, your VP of Sales and newly joined customer service executive both enjoy biking adventures, but what’s the possibility they will ever discuss that in the office? If your employees grow common interests outside the office through communication activities arranged by Corporate tour operators in Mumbai, it will escalate their interest in staying with the company.

5. Social Media

Does your corporation have a Facebook page or Twitter presence? Pictures of corporate team building are great to endorse on social media, and you can also show to your clients how much entertainment your company has. You can also choose to approach some of the best adventure tour companies in Mumbai and share your travel pictures on Instagram.


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