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December 3rd 2014
Published: December 3rd 2014
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This is my first ever blog.

3rd December,2014,a normal weekday in the city of mumbai; a regular working day for everyone.. It had been 7 days since I was stuck in the 4 walls of my house due to my fever. Finally recovered,time to get out of the house. First day out, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend 3 hours in college. This was rather an unplanned ride. Most wouldn't consider this a perfect travel blog entry, since neither does it involve any special destination, nor a real tour; and I would agree with them but then sometimes, even the smallest of travels leave back something to share, and this ride is no different.

I set out early morning, about 6:30, regular college time and decided to go bandra instead; companions, My Royal Enfield and a backpack; what more do i need! Bandra isn't somewhere that I haven't before, but it is somewhere that I haven't ridden or driven to by myself before. The route to there was pretty much straightforward and easy except for a few turns that I had to take by instinct. It was a hit or miss but it wasn't that tough. Finding the way till bandra by myself after an hour's ride felt like an achievement in itself, but I was only halfway there, the real goal was to explore bandra from the rider's seat. I must say, no matter how many times you sit in the passenger seat and travel to a place, you can only remember the route when you are in the driving/riding seat and today was no different. After getting to bandra, the next idea was to go find Bandstand and ride alongside the beach, because let's be honest, what really makes a bike ride enjoyable is a scenic route and cool breeze. In search for the same I set out in bandra trying to find my way to the beach. Now am going to be honest, it is quite easy to get lost in bandra; I mean most of the streets look just the same, and there are so many one-ways that if you take a wrong turn somewhere you cant just turn back, you have to find another way out. Despite that, I was riding around by instinct just looking for familiar places and signboards. Those 15 minutes or so riding in the insides of Bandra were more pleasant than the whole 1 hour ride I had just made. Bandra, just a beautiful place in itself, covered with lush green trees and the morning sun shining through the leaves, accompanied by the december winter breeze just made it so pleasant, but what came next triumphed even those 15 minutes. After a somewhat instinctive but short ride, I finally saw a road going somewhat downhill and as i started riding down that road, I could already hear the sound of the water. I knew I was there, but i was still in despair, for the road that i just came down was a one way again. However, the despair was short lived for I had arrived where I planned. As i caught glimpse of the sea, "Oh! What a beautiful sight", I said to myself. The beauty of the place got me so intrigued, I didn't even notice the pretty girls, out for their morning walk. I rode along the road and kept following it to the end, and it led me back on track again and I found my way out. Apparently my instincts were in my favor throughout the whole ride.

As I made my way back home, it almost felt great to have explored a new place. Only regret was that I did not take any photos but then, Sometimes, if I like a moment personally, I just like to be in it, I don't like the distraction of a camera. All in all, a great ride and an even better reason to start writing travel blogs. Although this is my first, I promise it wont be my last, you will hear from me again. And for the next time I shall try to write about an actual tour.

Brian Rumao


21st May 2015

Wow, although it was your first blog, but it didn't seem like one very well written few pictures would have taken this to a whole new level. I am too, a rider by hobby and I too believe if you want to explore any city or town than just go there by yourself without any GPS or map. looking forward to your next real travel story.
28th June 2015

Thank you
Thank you so much for the comment. The feedback is very much appreciated. And yes, photos would have made it better.

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