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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves August 22nd 2013

Arriving to our hotel in Aurangabad, Donna and I were surprised. Actually, we were surprised by a number of things. Firstly, the hotel room was as nice as the website pictures….surprise number 1. We were also surprised by the faux tiger print window seating that we had which would have been a great perk had the views not been of the shabby hotel next door and various other roofs of our neighbours. But the biggest surprise of the lot was the gecko that scurried out of my day bag over my shoulder and onto our bed. I confess that letting out a small and girly scream was my first reaction to this, but put this down to surprise rather than actual terror….. If you have ever tried to catch a gecko, you will know that this ... read more
Admiring the view
My Brekkie, a little bigger thn Donna's!
Boob Grope!

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves April 8th 2013

Pictures from the caves. I wish I had had a better camera. Some of the pictures are so dark.... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves March 2nd 2012

I am feeling healthy today, still disappointed with the food but there is nothing new about that, when we departed Beed I had a bag of chips and a carton of mango juice to break my fast. It took us perhaps three hours to drive to the fifty two thousand year old basalt crater at Lonar which was filled with a salty green lake with a circumference of 1.8 kilometres and a deciduous forest. A very impressive sight, there are sixteen temples built around the lake some of which were quite attractive. After checking out the crater we had an excellent lunch (eggs and chapatis for me) before visiting a couple of interesting old temples around the town. From here we made the long drive to Aurangabad arriving in the late afternoon, I noticed a pizza ... read more
Meteor Crater
Mor Mahadeo Temple
Meteor Crater

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves February 5th 2012

We left Udaipur early (as always) and headed south, the next 4 nights would be spent camping, 3 of these in the wild. Despite the early start I made sure to get up in time to take a shower as I was all too aware that I would be smelling and feeling pretty savage after 4 days without a shower. We covered a decent distance today crossing from the dry and mostly flat deserts of Rajasthan into the soaring valleys of Uttar Pradesh, many of these lush and green (albeit because of manmade irrigation). The change in scenery across a relatively small timeframe was dramatic as was the rise in temperature and for the first time on the tour my very white bean poles were exposed to the Indian sun (and very happy they were about ... read more
Waterfall at Ajanta caves
Me and Sonia at Ellora

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves October 9th 2011

Wednesday night: 4-day weekend! It’s Dusshera tomorrow (well, technically today as I have begun writing this at past midnight) and the next day so we have Thursday and Friday off as well as the weekend. And it can’t come soon feels like an age since the summer holidays.. Anna and I are continuing our once-a-month-getaway from Bangalore by making a trip to see the Ellora Caves and anything else in the area. To do this we have to fly to Mumbai, then to Aurangabad and use that as a base from which to travel to the caves around 30km from there. At this present time I’m sitting in a rather uncomfortable black chair, one of many joined by the arm here in Mumbai airport at nearly half-past midnight. A 6-hour wait here in Mumbai airport ... read more
inside the Mini Taj
fresh lime soda
a small green bee-eater

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves March 12th 2011

Hola a todos, ya os escribo desde España donde llevo una semana, en los ultimos dias del viaje estuve en Ellora de camino hacia Bombai donde cogi mi vuelo de vuelta. Todo ha ido muy bien, solo he tenido bastante Jet Lag, durante 5 dias, pero muy contento de estar en casa con la familia. Los ultimos dias los he pasado en Bombai haciendo algunas compras en espera de mi vuelo, y antes pude parar dos dias para ver las famosas Cuevas de Ellora, declarado Patrimonio Mundial de la Humanidad por la Unesco donde sobre una montana de piedra y durante maqs de 500 años, esculpieron 34 cuevas con increibles pilares y esculturas, templos y monasterios, entre los siglos VII y XIII Ellorā es una localidad de la India, antiguamente conocida con el sobrenombre de Elapurā, ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves December 31st 2010

After a tiring week, what I needed was a bit of rest on weekend..... But visiting Verul was the icing on the cake. The Ellora caves are treat to visit. Once you see the place you will get to know why it is listed as World Heritage Sites. The Carvings at Verul are simply astonishing. Its a wonder how the artists created sculptures with simple instruments which were only existing during that era. Ellora truly changed the history of art. The artists surely gave life to the rocks. Verul on the other hand revolves around the Kailash Temple in Cave # 16. This Monolith structure is a miracle as to how our ancestors created this temple from a mountain with the help of primitive accessories available at that time. Unlike the other temples, the shivling is ... read more
Ellora Caves
Ellora Caves

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves April 23rd 2010

Temple Madness An overnight bus took us from Hampi to Mumbai, where we happily killed a few hours at Leopold's ( bar made famous by the must-read book Shantaram), before boarding a rather crowded train for the 9 hours to Aurangabad. We stayed here mostly as a base to use for visiting the famous Ellora caves. However this town had a few tricks up its sleeves...a 'mini Taj Mahal',(built by the son of Shah Jahan), did indeed look a lot like the real thing, but sadly the craftsmanship and materials used were vastly inferior, nevertheless, i struck my "Diana" pose on the bench, and we had a fun visit. Driving back from an excursion one day we spied an Indian wedding, about 150 excited Indians dancing around the groom riding his white horse, everyone enjoying the ... read more
Liffy Dancing at an open wedding
Ellora Caves and Liff

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves November 27th 2009

Over the course of a couple days we paid visit to the stunning cave temples of Ellora & Ajanta. Ellora is a grouping of 34 cave temples of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist origin. The crowning temple of this group was the Kailasa temple, a 1500 year old Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, which is the worlds largest monolithic structure. The complex was completely awe-inspiring: intricate carvings, massive pillars, and serene statues making for an experience of a lifetime. Though Ajanta's 30 Buddhist shrines didn't match Ellora in terms of scale they definitely were every bit as magical of a sight to behold. The focus of Ajanta was the intricate paintings found within the caves that have survived for around 2000 years. Ajanta's layout was also more deliberate and serene than Ellora's; the temples were set in ... read more
Crazy Sculpting

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves September 27th 2009

My first journey on the Indian railway network went off without any hitches. Punctuated by the frequent cries of 'chai-wallah, chai-wallah, chai chai chai', our train worked its way slowly out of the sprawling mass of Mumbai and into the Maharashtra countryside, arriving in Aurangabad in the evening. My reason for travelling east, besides escaping Mumbai, was to visit two of India's World Heritage Sites - the cave temple complexes at Ellora and Ajanta. Built from the 2nd century BC onwards, the two sites - 30km and 105km from Aurangabad respectively, represent an astonishing collection of Hindu, Bhuddist and Jain temples, with intricate carving and beautiful paintings. After spending the night in Aurangabad, I caught a local bus the next morning to Ellora with an Auzzie couple called Ally and Murray. Ellora contains 34 cave temples ... read more
Photo 14
Photo 17
Photo 19

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