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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Aurangabad » Daulatabad Fort January 26th 2014

Im going to photo drop this one and pick it up tomorrow to tell the story. Computer about to die. If you really care computer going to die... l lots of cool caves, more stairs long drive more photo ops... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Aurangabad » Daulatabad Fort July 21st 2010

It is not just another fort in ruins - this fort was the centre of power in medieval times and no ordinary one. Some ruins themselves are so magnificent today that one can’t help wondering what the fort was like in its glory days. The story of this fort is long one riddled with treachery, greed, religious prejudice and plunder. Obviously, few succeeded in keeping it for long: it changed hands often. Huge tank for elephants, replica of Qutb minar(tower), temples, mosques, fortresses, moats, palaces, caves, canons, dudgeons you have them all in here. With backdrop of clear sky the fort shines despite being in ruins and its mossy walls. Gaudily painted tower (Chand Minar) is no comparison to Qutb minar in carved and engraved red sandstone, but had its utility and historic significance. Complicated design ... read more
Bastion - Daulatabad Fort
Temple Entrance near Hathi Houz
Chand Minar

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