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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves January 14th 2009

Getting to the world heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora caves involved a number of bus and train journeys but Tracy and I were mildly surprised at how well it all came together. Great planing by me! Ajanta caves were carved from a horse-shoe shaped gorge around 200 BC to 650 AD and are covered in beautiful paintings depicted tales of gods and kings. Whist the area was busy everytime we entered a cave a large tour group left and we were able enjoy the atmospheric lighting in peace. The next day we went to Ellora caves which did not have the wall paints associated with Ajanta but were much more sculpturally impressive. Huge multi-storied temples had been dug out of the solid rock cliff-face, all covered in intricately carved tableaus. Both sites were truly impressive. ... read more
The atmospheric insides of Ajanta caves
Posing outside an Ajanta temple cave
Ellora caves

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves December 13th 2008

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves November 6th 2008

Hey everybody!! So check out my Rishikesh blog, it is finally updated... On to the next adventure. A Yoga group member, Amber, and I went to Aurangabad to visit the incredible caves at Ajanta and Ellora. We had to travel to the middle of nowhere to do it, but it was well worth it. Wow- these caves are incredible. And photos barely do them justice. We had to drive 2 hours to these caves, where I felt like i should be fliming an Indiana Jones Movie. At Ajanta, they are all Buddhist, and were built from 400BC to 800 AD or so. I will do a separate entry for the caves at Ellora, which were equally incredible. There was really nothing else to do in this place but see the caves, so we made a whole ... read more
The caves built into cliffs
Massive Buddha

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves October 13th 2008

Apres un bref passage a Ahmedabad dans le Gujarat (sud du Rajasthan), qui ne nous a pas vraiment enchante, nous avons pris la route pour les caves d'Ellora et d'Ajanta dans la Maharastra. Ces caves d'inspiration bouddistes, hindouistes, et jainistes sont un temoignage magnifique de ce qu'il est possible de faire par devouement. Creuses dans des grottes, ce sont de veritables temples que nous avons trouves avec emerveillement. Les sculptures sont parfois incroyablement detaillees et surtout bien conservees et on peut encore meme trouver des peintures sur les plafonds. On a pu admirer d'enormes statues de Shiva et de Bouddha, plus grandes que nous, et c'est bien impressionnant, on se sent tout petit! on a d'ailleurs pris un paquet de photos...... read more
Une grotte bouddhique d'Ajanta
Une des nombreuses representations de Bouddha
seance de meditation

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves September 25th 2008

Wir reissen uns von den Kamasutra Temples los und fahren, nun bereits Standard, mit dem Nachtzug weiter nach Jalgaon (welches sehr seltsam ausgesprochen wird und zu oftmaligem wiederholen unserer gewuenschten Destination fuehrt). Dort suchen wir das Palace Hotel auf, welches hier namentlich Erwaehung finden muss, da es das beste Hotel der Reise ist (wenn auch leicht angehobene Preise seit es LP's "our pick" ist) . wir bekommen sauberen Bettbezug, ein sauberes Bad und der Hotelbesitzer erklaert uns sogar wie man Wasserhaehne bei Klo und Bad auf- und zuzudrehen hat. Er ist ein wirklcih hilfsbereiter Mann und zeichnet uns eine kleine Karte der Umgebung, erklaert uns wie man zu den Caves kommt und gibt uns allerlei hilfreiche Tipps. Nachdem wir doch noch unser Ticket fuer den naechsten Nachtzug kaufen und wieder einmal noch auf unsere confirmation bis ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves August 16th 2008

The ruins of Ajanta and Ellora were on my mind since days…may be since I developed this inclination towards ruins/temples/forts and Mythology… I had written to many of these tour operators in Aurangabad (the nearest city to these sites) for a customized travel plan. Did not want any fancy sites/markets/city tour attached. The focus was very clear. It was an easy flight from Mumbai to Aurangabad…checked into the hotel, and started immediately. Couldn’t wait I guess. It took us around 2hrs and a little more to reach Ajantha - The horse shoe shaped series of Buddhist caves. Along the bottom of the ravine runs the river Waghur, a mountain stream. There are 29 caves (as officially numbered by the Archaeological Survey of India), excavated from the south side of the precipitous scarp made by the cutting ... read more
Ajantha - on our way
Ajantha - buddhist cave
Ajantha - buddhist stupa

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves February 27th 2008

Kao sto smo vec navikli, iako sav normalan svet ide vozovima, ulazimo u autobus do Ajanta pecina. To su pecine gde su napravilil budisti, i tu tako ustekovani zivotarili u jednom predivnom pejzazu a to ce te videti na slici. Najstarije su jos iz drugog veka p.n.e. i unutra su oslkane slicno nasim freskama. Na putu do tamo doziveli smo i ono cega se uvek plasimo dok smo u autobusu, samo u najslabijem obliku. Kamion iz suprotng pravca razbio svoj retrovizor o przor pored Dusanove glave. Srecom je uvukao ruku unutr posto mu je onako, kamiondzijski izgorela ( samo jedna), inace bi se privikavao da pise sa levom. Vreo dan , normaln ceka nas gomila cimaca koji ovoputa prodaju neke kvarcne kristale i to skrivene u unutrasnjost kamenja (neverujem da vam je jasno, ali nastavicu). Normalno ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves September 2nd 2007

Background- Ajanta Caves - in Maharashtra, are rock-cut cave monuments dating from the second century BCE, containing paintings and sculpture considered to be masterpieces of both "Buddhist religious art" and "universal pictorial art".... read more
Buddha statue - Ajanta caves
Inside Ajanta caves
Site of Ajanta caves

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves July 2nd 2007

The amazing and alluring Ajanta Caves (75*40’N, 20*30’E) (no idea what that means) are famous for their murals which are the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting, and I must say a hell of a lot ore enticing than anything I saw in the Museum of Modern Art in Mumbai. These caves were excavated in horse-shoe shaped band of rock scarp, home to lots of lovely squirrels, nearly 76m in height overlooking a narrow stream, which consisted of a dry bed at the time of our visit, known as Waghora, with a very impressive waterfall at one end that actually showed shallow traces of water left in pools. The location of this valley provided a calm and serene environment for the Buddhist monks who retreated at these secluded places during the rainy season, and ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ajanta Caves January 7th 2007

So i left the sandy beaches behind for the sacred sights of inland India, luckily the sun decided to follow!!!!... My trip would take me from Goa inland to Hampi which was my first of many 12 hour overnight journeys during next few days!!! Where i stayed for 2 nights and 3 days, done lots of walking lots of temples and spent lots of time watching the locals and just reading by the river... Then another 12 hours to Pune (poona) where i just got of had brekkie and hopped back on an Eight hour bus and headed for Jalgoan. Found my best little hotel in India so far there, even had Cable TV!!!! and the town was a bustling little place with great street markets... From here i visited the Ajanta Caves then headed to ... read more
Ellora Caves.... View...
Ellora Caves..... Kailasa Temple

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