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Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh August 26th 2018

Road Trip to West MP ~3000KMs Kolkata – Benaras- Orchha- Khajuraho-Panna- Bandhavgarh-Rewa- Benaras-Kolkata 24th MARCH It was 5.30 AM on 24thMarch when I started off for my next driving destination – Madhya Pradesh with my family on my Creta SX plus. We picked up lots of dry foods, juices and water since its end of March and temperature can go up to 40 degre. The first stop was Benaras- the holy city. It took 13.5 hrs as we planned not to take too many halts, so had packed breakfast on the way till Aurangabad. The drive was smooth one except some congestion as we passed Maithon and Nirsa. The hot and fresh food was good choice in Mansarovar, as we entered Aurangabad. The AH1 is normally high in traffic, however, this time it was a moving ... read more
Morning look of the Surya Kaiser palace Varanasi
Shalimar Dhaba at Fatehpur enroute Orchha
Freshly made chapattis, Dal and fresh paneer

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Khajuraho August 25th 2018

After not sleeping on the overnight train from Jodhpur to Agra, it's fair to say that I was really not looking forward to taking another one. However, this one was lovely! I arrived at the train station, did the usual security thing, got on the train, made my bed and settled in for a night sharing a compartment of 6 beds with a family. The only downside was I wasn't sure whether the train stopped at Khajaraho or not: my ticket said I did, all the train apps I had downloaded said it didn't! Not having much choice but to chance it and see what happened, I settled in for a good nights sleep. Waking up 5 or so hours later ready to get off, I noticed we were stopped in the middle of the countryside ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Bandhavgarh January 27th 2018

27th January 2018 Madhya Pradesh Return to India 6 (Click on 'previous' below the panoramas for earlier blogs) 25th January 2018 Looking for Royal Bengal Tigers in Bandhavgarh National Park Continuing the travels of two somewhat elderly brothers, David (of ‘the grey haired nomads’) and the younger, Mike, (aka, ‘keep smiling’). I’m not going to make any promises, but we’re going to look for tigers. The first problem is the arduous journey to get from Rishikesh to the tiger reserve at Banhavgarh. The second problem is that looking for tigers in the wild is rather like looking for a needle in a haystack, as I recall from our last visit in 2013 . So, there’s another strenuous day ahead I’m afraid:... read more
Wheat field
Bringing in the wood for cooking

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Bandhavgarh NP January 22nd 2018

...'In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry' With these words from the 18th-century poet William Blake ringing in our ears ('symmetry' can be made to rhyme with 'eye' if you try!), we set forth from Rishikesh in the northern state of Uttarakhand on a journey of more than 1,000 kms (600 miles) south to Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Our goal: to see a wild tiger (with an 'i', not a 'y'). We'd have been happy to see just one of the 2,000 or so remaining on the Indian subcontinent. It was something that had eluded us five years before, even after 20 hours of safaris in Rajasthan's Ranthambore National Park, that most famous of tiger reserves. Oh, and just in case we should be accused ... read more
The goddess Durga
A morning safari

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Gwalior January 7th 2018

As a couple me and my husband wants to explore places which are exotic and natural therefore for our vacation after a lot of research we chose El Nido in Philippines, we knew that we had to take visa and as a budget traveller we were scared but after seeing the beautiful landscapes we so wanted to go there ,for applying visa we needed everything from hotel bookings to flight and that too in almost 6 months advance ,we took a little risk and after checking the cheapest route from india we booked everything and luckily with the help of a travel agent in Gwalior we got our visa, it was our happiest day and the preparation for vacation started at the same day. As very few Indians go there for vacation therefore i would like ... read more
somewhere in south china sea
Star beach

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Bandhavgarh NP December 16th 2017

A Sarfarmie & A Train Day 16. 16th December 2017 Our last day at Skays Camp. Satyendra & Kay have said that Bill & Shirl can send the kids over, on their own, any time & they will be well looked after. The kids seemed keen too so that’s a possibility for the future if Bill & Shirl need a break. To keep us all occupied Satyendra drove us all (except Mal) to his nearby farm about 5 miles away. On the way we passed many small farms often with kids waving and shouting “hello”. We were on the edge of the reserve here so there were forests on one side & farms or open ground on the other, all very picturesque. When we arrived, we were greeted by 2 dogs (collie style) who seemed very ... read more
Reedies & Mals Huts at Skays Camp
Outdoor Dining Area
Bamboo bike trailer on way to farm

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Bandhavgarh NP December 15th 2017

Safari 2 Day 15. Friday 15th December A lazy start. Breakfast at 8.30, I just had meusli & coffee – how very English of me. Have decided on eating less as am putting on weight with all the pakoras and fried breads between meals (& sometimes with meals). The others decided to walk into the village for the ATM to pay their bills here. I had a good chat with Satyendra & Kay explaining our whole adventure to them, whilst they exlained the huge arguament that had occurred earlier next door – apparently there had been a drunken party in the garden next door (disturbing Mal & Shirl) and afterwards an Uncle had made love to the wife, or some equally disturbing outcome… But more of village gossip later. I finished my blogs of the last ... read more
Owl in Tree
Lagurs near River
2 Tiger Cubs

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Bandhavgarh NP December 14th 2017

Day 13 (1st in Tala) 13th December We arrived tired & grumpy in our posh taxi at about 7am to be met by our host Satyendra who asked if we wanted breakfast. We declined and all went to bed. We all have nice rooms. I awoke around 11am and went to the outside dining area, where the others were already having brunch. There I met Satyendra’s English wife, Kay, who had been on the safari that I had originally booked this morning but was apparently unchangeable (I feel that we should pay extra as they have had to meet the costs for our train debacle). They are both in their early 60’s, so around the same age as us. But what a couple. Satyendra is quite a character, always laughing and joking. Ready with a tall ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Bandhavgarh NP December 14th 2017

2nd day in Tala. 14th December Up at 5.30 and meet others at 6 ready for our morning safari (Mal not coming as she can’t get up in the mornings, due to her insistance on late nights) We drove to Gate 1 (there are 3 or 4 gates), our driver Hadrim (Satyendra’s brother) takes our passports at the check-post, to check it’s us who booked this mornings safari (only about 6 jeeps are allowed in at any time). We get our passports back and pick up a guide and head off into the reserve, just as it’s getting light (6.45). It is a bit cold though although I had a fleece on, so made use of the blankets provided, as did the others. Very soon we saw some sika deer very close to the road, then ... read more
Deer Fighting
2 Sarus Cranes

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh December 10th 2017

Day 9 Sunday 10th December Bhang Lassi & Boat Ride Late start for me as have picked up a chest infection! Both kids have mild Delhi-Belly, Esmee being much chirpier today and with an appetite again, Rocco is eating and complaining occassionally about tummy ache. Shirl has cough with infection, but not often. Mal still has lip problems, cold sore. Bill is escaping - so far…. I sorted out a problem we had (after breakfast) as we are due to leave here on 12th and move to another hotel for 13th, as Agoda said this hotel was fully booked that day. But after a quiet word with the manager he said we could stay an extra night. Its £14 each but saves wasting a day by moving hotels. He also arranged 2 boat rides for us ... read more
Varanasi Sunset
Burning Ghat 2
2nd Candle Float

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