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January 10th 2012
Published: January 15th 2012
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Had a good catch lately?

Along the western coastline of Kerala are hundreds of small fishing villages. The fishermen have a unique process, which involves hauling in massive nets by hand with up to 20+ men on either side pulling it into the beach.

You will also see divers dipping down for crayfish, mussels and other shellfish offshore from the beach and then in the evening the water line is lit up with multitudes 100's of fishing boats’ lanterns – so much so that it looks like a island/city is out at sea.

The fishermen are not only supplying the Varkala cafes and the local market but their catch also goes up north to Mumbai and/or inland to other cities. You will see the some of catch being sold in baskets to the restaurant owners or on the side of the road in Varkala town. The cafes all have a display of the various fish, crabs etc that they will cook up for very inexpensive prices. For example a whole fish cooked as you want with salad, rice or chips is A$5 / 250-300 rupees.

Here are some photos that Dave took of their fishing
Heave HoHeave HoHeave Ho

net started about 1km offshore
practices. All beach going visitors are cheerfully welcomed to help drag in the nets as it comes closer to shore. Then some of the old timer fishermen may hit you up for some cigarettes if you have them.

Additional photos below
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still pullingstill pulling
still pulling

local village in the background
Eagle getting a good feedEagle getting a good feed
Eagle getting a good feed

literally 50 eagles gather to join in the free feed from the fishing net

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