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October 25th 2017
Published: January 22nd 2018
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25th October

Had the most amazing breakfast cooked by the guys who owned the house, was steamed coconut rice powder, sort of like couscous with this chickpea sauce.. Yuuuum!!

The guy said we could get a direct bus to Varkala if we went from?????? Which was about three hours away.

So a jeep picked us up to go to the bus stop, but he offered to take us all the way to the bus station for 500, so we agreed.

Bumpy, windy, chaos roads up and down the mountains, really lovely view tho.

Arrived at ???? and jus missed the bus, the next one was 12.20, we had a couple hours to spare so went to get some food.

Came back to wait for the bus and some matey sort of pushed us onto a bus.. Right bus, right bus.. Wrong bloody bus, cheers mate!! This was only going as far as Trishur, nice bus mind, was similar to the buses back home and only cost us 250.. Couple hours later we reached Trishur, jumped off and literally straight onto the other bus, now this one was proper local, with the low barred windows, again it only costing us 250.. Seven hours later, after being winded every ten minutes by the bumps, Luke shooing a man away from his seat, which was really fucking hilarious, 3 face wipes and still a black face from all the pollution, feeling very sticky and tired we reached Varkala.. Woo.. But it was 11pm and everything was in pitch black.

Good job V gave us her hotspot on the bus so we could book somewhere for the night and told them we'd be arriving late.

After speaking to a couple dodgy looking Tuk Tuk men we found a guy who said he knew the place.. Wrong, of course he didn't know where it was, no one ever does, they take you to the "location" and try and thob you off with somewhere else, ditch you, Luke had to get out and have a wonder around in case it was I behind somewhere and it was.. Finally made it, the owners were waiting up for us too.

Nice big room, it said it fitted four people but the sofa I'm guessing could be used as a bed but it's was a small wicker thing, I wouldn't of even been able to fit/sleep on that, so, me Luke and Joe in the big bed and V in the single.. Cor it was so nice to finally go to sleep!!

26th October

Woo.. Amazing location, right on the cliff where the beach is, loads of eating places and shops.

V couldn't wait to check the beach out, I wasn't fussed to be honest, then she realised that we lived quite close to beaches back home.

The beach was ok, the sea was very rough and wavy tho, so no chance of me getting in that, the water comes quite far in so the sand is pretty wet and you can only sit at certain parts because of cliff slides.. Ohhhh!!

The restaurants along the cliff are really nice, with a great view of the sea, be lush for sunset.

Ate in Abba cafe, really nice hash brown potatoes and a cheese omelette, it seems very westernised here, like a sort of holiday place.

Me and Joe went out for some beers, so again this place is "no alcohol" but you can order beer and it gets served in these clay cups to disguise from the police.. They obvs know what's going on, the restaurants most probably pay them off or something :/

Saw the biggest bats ever flying in the sky, like the size of giant birds, they were insane!!

Decided to head back and next door to us on their veranda were two Indian guys, Freddy and Dominic from Cochin, they were here for a few days.. Next minute the rum came out, then another guy Sijo came out to join, singing Oasis and doing Bollywood dancing moves, was a very funny night, they loved us.. Haha.

27th October

V wanted a massage before heading off tomorrow.. A lady bigged up this whole great experience to her, costing about 3000 rupees, she thought why not treat herself for her last couple days.

So off she went, I wasn't in, but Luke said she came back in a foul mood and her head looked like it had been dipped into a deep fat fryer.. Hahahahaha.. She wasn't happy at all and didn't want to have the second one tomorrow, but I dunno if they'd refund her.. Haha.

Ate the worst food ever today, it was a fish sizzler, it's basically a hot plate with cabbage bowls, the cabbage against the hotplate stunk.. Urrgghh and filled with fish rice and sauce, it was rank, i literally couldn't eat it, so that says a lot!!

28th October

V checked out today, she got the refund on the massage. Was sad to say goodbye, we've had some fun times 😊 See you in Berlin gurl 😍

We checked into the place across the road as ours was booked, it was nice to have a fresh room really and this place was cheaper too, so this is where we're nesting for Lukes birthday.. Woooop!!

I went out for a walk along the cliff, all the same shops along the top, selling same same but different stuff, stopped in one ladies shop to ask how much the shorts were and coz I didn't buy anything, she was so rude to me "no buy, bad luck for you" Corrrr.. Little bitch!!

The other end was really nice, more local, fishing boats, lower rocks, lined with palm trees.

Bought a load (well.. the whole shop) of lime pickle pouches for Lukes birthday present, it's a sort of joke present tho, he loves the stuff.. So I wana try and get a whole bag full.. Haha.

A lady approached me outside her shop.. "Come look" (eye roll) "You can look and no buy" so went in and she was so lovely, she had her two young daughters in there playing and a cat that kept brushing past me, cute! I ended up buying a couple scarfs for 100 rupees each for the beach and i didn't even barter with her Coz she was so nice, I thought she deserved the full price.. Unlike that other little bitch!

The sea is still to rough for me and the sun still to strong it burns me 😞

Met a few people, Shiv, Nitim and Scott and went to this little local place for a dosa, it was super cheap, 55 rupees, omelettes were like 20 rupees 😱

Nitins uncle owns the juice shack where we've been eating and drinking also, turns out Luke and Scott know a few people the same as Scott use to live in Bristol, small world aye.

29th October

Booked a cooking course for me and Luke for his birthday in a little local place called Amanthas, which is jus behind where we're staying.

Bumped into Jack, Ozzy man, so went into Darjeeling for some cocktails, it's so lush, wooden, loads of dream catchers, the view of the sea. We've decided that we'll come here for Lukes birthday.. It's all coming together now for the night out now.. Haha.

30th October

Me and Joe went into town, Joe wanted some new clothes and I wanted to get a pumpkin to carve for tomorrow and see if I can find anymore lime pickle.. Haha.

I really like the town, nice size, very local, bought loads of fruit, a pumpkin, a pineapple and a giant cucumber to carve for Halloween.. Exciting!

Went into this shop that literally sold everything, I bought henna for 12 rupees, earrings for 35 rupees, bindis 10 rupees, it's all so cheap. We needed a knife to chop stuff up, asked where they ever and they gave us a machete or this blade that looked like you'd use in the jungle.. So opted for the blade as the machete looked so bloody dodgy.. Haha.. Only wana cut the fruit.. Haha.

We really wanted champagne or prosecco for tomorrow, but the wine shop didn't have it, so bought some wine and soda.. Can't have it all I guess!! But stocked up on rum and whiskey.

Early night as me and Luke have our cooking course at 8am tomorrow.

31st October

Happy Birthday to the number one Shaven 🎈🎉

Me and Joe woke up and said Happy Birthday to Luke but didn't make a big deal of anything, he got in the shower and I gave Joe the instructions to do whilst we were out cooking.. Blow up all the balloons that Zoe left, there's about 30 of them too.. Haha.. Decorate the room, go get the cake from next door and have Stevie Wander - Happy Birthday playing when we get back.

Off we went to Amanthas.. So the name of the restaurant is the name of her, she's very sweet.

It's a tiny little shack restaurant, with plastic table and chairs out the front, ran by her and her husband, he was serving the customers and we were out the back with her.

The kitchen was dark, with the natural light from the front and back door, a couple of stoves, a hotplate, fridge, blender and a big stone chopping area in the middle.

She got us working straight away, I got given a big bowl of all sorts to chop up, but she was making me chop the beans singly in my hands, was a little awkward Coz I'd normally put the bunch down and chop the ends off all in one go, then cut, but hey, it wasn't my kitchen, so got on with it.

Luke was on the potatoes, then the beetroot.

We were both cooking all the veg, grating the coconut on this metal spike, what we were doing felt like we were her two apprentice, it was very cool and it was jus us in kitchen.

Their little Grandson was at the end of the table starring at us, like he was the boss.. We couldn't even get a smile out of him.. Hahahah.. he was only about five and was proper eyeballing us.. Haha.

We made loads of stuff.. Samba, veg curry, masala potato, dal, this amazing beetroot thing, coconut paste, watched how they make putto, that amazing steamed rice powder with coconut.

Amantha made her Grandson a dosa and put the masala potato in a lunchbox for school.. Omg Cuute!! He probably won't eat it tho, if he knows it's been made by us.. Haha.

He came out in his uniform and she stood him up to do his shoes and feed him, we made a fuss on how smart he looked, he got a bit shy then.. Haha.

Joe had finished the room, him and Shiv came for coffee, Luke was taking out people's food out at this point.. Hahahaha.

The food we made would last all morning for people's orders.

She asked what we wanted for breakfast and we wanted it all.. Obvs!! So we said a thali, I'm sure she was expecting us to jus say a dosa or something.. Coz she looked shocked and said Thali for breakfast.. Hahaha, that would be like us having a roast dinner for breakfast back home.. Haha.

So a thali we had.. It was soooo bloody amazing and we cooked it all.. High Five to us!!!! And that will set us up for the day 😊

Walking back.. Luke stopped to look at this water well, so me and Joe rushed back to get the songs on.. Hahaha.. We were singing and dancing around.. His face when he walked in was great, he didn't expect anything.

Had an afternoon swim, well I paddled, then went for a yoga session, it was really great, at the end I came around to Luke shouting my name, I had only fell asleep in the mediation part.. Omg I was even dreaming.. Hahahaha!!

Carved the fruit and veg.. Wow the pineapple is a great one to do, it lights up like a proper lamp. Nice little decoration outside the room, the crows have been trying to get them tho.. Haha.

After a few rums on the porch we headed out to Darjeeling bar, had a good little crew, Me, Luke, Joe, Shiv, Jack and Jude(from Oz) and Emily and Lottie, who we hung out with in Hampi.. Food never happened, we jus got right on the cocktails, everyone up dancing and having a great time, then the police came in and shut the bar down.. Party poopers aye!! We were all so drunk, Luke was running around with their cane.. Hahahaha.. Dunno what they must of thought of us!!

So we took the party back to our room.. Obvs!!

Smashed through all the other bottles of rum, two minirigs on, loads of dancing, lime pickle everywhere.. And I mean everywhere, me chucking Joes bag in the fan and his shit flying around the room, coz he pissed me off and I'm a little nutter sometimes, 5am and we called it a night!!

1st November

OMG.. How loud were we last night.. And soooooo hungover today. Joe came back and was furious about the bag situation, I found it hilarious, but also felt like I was being a little bitch!

Did not move all day other than going to the juice shack, had an amazing tuna wrap, never ever have I fancied tuna on a hangover before, maybe it's because I'm not eating meat now, my body is craving tuna.. Weird one!!

Got back and cleaned the pit, there was confetti and lime pickle everywhere, it absolutely stank, to the point it was making everyone be sick.. We hate pickle now!!!!

Me and Joe sorted
Amantha restaurant Amantha restaurant Amantha restaurant

Cooking lesson..
things out, we've obviously got with each other on this trip, but I don't want a relationship with him, said we wouldn't get with anyone whilst travelling to not make things wkward.. Tra la la.. it jus seemed like the first girl to pay him attention and he's there, jus made me feel stupid to be honest, that's why I lost my shit, but he said nothing went on, but who knows, fuck it I don't even care now, everyone can do what they want.. We watched Kung Fu Panda and fell asleep.

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The coconut grater

We made all this 😍
Rudie looking like a new born.. HahahaRudie looking like a new born.. Hahaha
Rudie looking like a new born.. Hahaha

Wishing Luke a Happy Birthday

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