Day 3

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December 23rd 2014
Published: December 23rd 2014
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Day 3
An early start again this morning, six o'clock. Today we started off with breakfast of fresh fruit, pancakes, juice and tea in our hotel. The hotel, Tigers roar, is amazing!
We set off with Najim to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. On arrival, we walked up to the ticket box which was engulfed by Indian tourists. We had hoped to get on the 9.30 boat, but Najim informed us that it was already sold out. Therefore, we would have to wait for the 11,30 boat. We all agreed that it was worth the wait!
We had discussed with Kate that today was going to be our lucky day, and in fact, it was. The ticket man was shouting out in Indian, and everyone was replying with what appeared to be how many people are in their group. We joined in, he made eye contact, then we were hurried by all of the wiring Indians..... For the 9.30 boat.... Yes!
Once on the boat, we were delighted to find we had the best seats too!
With life jackets on, although they did give you the feeling of strangulation, off we set.
It as a positive, and really relaxing journey. We didn't see elephants or tigers, but was very happy with the wildlife we did see; various birds, boats, reptiles, deer and boats.
We completed the trip with a cup of tea and a biscuit before meeting back with Najim to return to the hotel.
We were now feeling a bit peckish, and lunch was looming, we agreed to walk up the road to find our own food. Najim doesn't let us walk anywhere!
We found a beautiful spot called The Country Garden where I enjoyed miniature Khatti rolls and a sweet lassi.
After a slow walk back to the hotel, we met with Naj to set off for the Green Park Spice Plantation. We weren't really expecting much from this visit, but it turned out to be really interesting! The guy was so knowledgeable about all of the plants, vegetation and animals there. It was so much more than a spice plantation. It was a total ecological project.
They are in the middle of building little tree houses to be rented out. There is a metal stairway and quaint bridge for access. It will be axing when it is completed. The funniest thing we saw was the most ugliest turkey I have ever seen.
When we returned, Tom and I sat in our favourite spot, the roof top, just chilling and chatting. Tonight we are going back to the same restaurant that we went to last night. I am definitely having the honey chilli chicken. Tom had it last night, we all had a taste, and was so jealous! So tonight, I will have it myself.

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23rd December 2014

Wonderful experience!
I am following again...and living it all with you! Wonderful! Thanks for taking time to complete a log. Stay happy and safe. Angela
25th December 2014

Xmas Day in the Workhouse
LOOKS G8! Have a good one - going to John & Vanesse's Sat night ! Headache Sunday looming!! XX
25th December 2014

Hi Bill
Say hi from me! Tell hem that the neck pillow has been well used every travelling day! Merry Xmas xx

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