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Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam December 11th 2011

Read about the highs and back bending moments for our month long stay at Sivananda Ashram, Neyyar Dam Kerala…. We’ve just completed our four week stay at a traditional yoga ashram while Dave undertook an intensive Teacher Training Course or ‘TTC to deepen his practise. He graduated with flying colours after one tough month with his fellow TTC graduates. We enjoyed although some ups and downs in mood just due to the intensity of this place at times. We’d definitely recommend as a beautiful location and great way to immerse yourself in the full way of yogic life so you can then take what you need (e.g. create and/or deepen your own meditation practise or polish up your asana practise etc) Here are some outtakes of our experience here: Rise and shine its morning time ... read more
Sunrise meditation at lake
Sunset Over the Ashram
Employee of the Month

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam November 13th 2011

Namaste all We'll be staying at Sivananda Ashram** for a month while Dave completes Teaching Training {TT} course (200 hours) Dates: Arrive 12 November - Depart 12 December. We'll have very limited internet/WIFI access during this time in the Ashram. We'd love to hear from you via e-mails as we love receiving and hearing what is happening in your world. Ciao Dave & Robbo x ** Staying in an ashram is not a “vacation”, but a retreat into deeper practice and focused discipline; thus, strict attendance to the schedule is expected. Our schedule will be as follows from 5:20AM and driving until 10 PM. 5:20AM Wake up 6:00 AM Satsang (group meditation, chanting, talk & occasionally a silent walk to the neighbouring lake and mountains in the distance for meditation watching the sun rise) ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam April 3rd 2011

Actually, that should read Lions, Snakes and Crocodiles but when it comes to life threatening creatures who needs to be picky? This was the list of creatures that I was told to look out for if I went swimming or walking around Nayyar Dam. So, no swimming then. Especially as I would have to go in fully clothed (no naked flesh allowed) which might hamper my escape somewhat. Which is a shame because the area is achingly beautiful. Set up in the mountains 40km north of Trivandrum there is a large man made lake (caused by the said dam) from whose edges grows forest clad mountains To get to Neyyar Dam I had to embrace the Indian bus system. Actually not too bad at all (in comparison to the rest of Asia, stagecoach it isn’t!) as ... read more
Teaching the parts of the body
Me and Class 3
Sunrise at the Dam

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam February 28th 2011

Today's routine, needless to say, was much the same as yesterday and I very much doubt it will change until I leave. This mornings Satsang was in the temple rather than the lake and I was less full of beans than yesterday. Yoga was good and breakfast was very welcome, although I avoided the rice and bread as much as I could to avoid the food baby which had often developed after previous meals. From here on in my karma yoga was sweeping the dorm area and emptying the bins. India doesn't have brooms as we know them in England, more a collection of reeds, set at an angle and tied together at one end. I has wondered last night if I would be able to do a week of this routine, as it felt like ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam February 27th 2011

The wake up bell sounded at 5.20am and as I lay there contemplating what I'd let myself in for, a creepy disembodied voice said 'Om. Time to get up'. The voice belonged to one of the teachers with plenty of sleep under my belt I was showered and ready for our silent walk to the lakeside for morning Satsang. The ashram visitors made their way to the lake in almost silence, snaking their way down the paths. We all meditated as the sun rose over the hill tops and it was glorious! We returned to the ashram and had a very welcome cup of chi tea. I was surprised at my lack of grumpiness seeing as I hadn't been fed, but it seemed quite natural and normal not to have eaten. Next was the first yoga ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam February 26th 2011

I was going to make it to the ashram at Neyyardam today, come what may. I headed back to the Kyvalya for breakfast and had scrambled eggs and puttu. Puttu is freshly grated coconut and a soft mashed rice mix that is rolled into a an inch and a half think roll, and from what I could taste steamed. It was quite dry and without the coconut would have been rather tasteless, but it was a welcome change from my staple train diet of biscuits! After booking my three night stay in Mumbai I went back to the hotel to get my things together and make my way to the bus station. Today felt less hurried than yesterday as I was closer to my goal. It was safe to say that Lucky had been half right ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam February 4th 2011

A relaxing, detoxing break to escape the stresses of our everyday lives - or so we were led to believe. Yes we were prepared to do the occasional chore and get up early, even to put up with only 2 vegetarian meals a day (which is a lot coming from us) but we were not exactly prepared for the "cult" side of things... A 3 night minimum stay is imposed and we now understand why - to stop people leaving as soon as they arrive! It's hard to explain what was so awful about this place but having to obtain exit passes to leave, having to pray and chant at 6am and having to sleep on the floor certainly didn't help! Within a matter of hours, we had both decided we wanted to leave but being ... read more
A few yoga poses

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam November 21st 2010

After spending way too long in Varkala living like a beach bum and not practising enough to keep me happy, I decided to make my way to Naayer Dam to the Sivananda ashram. I love it here! I have had so many reports from this place and the general feedback I got was negative. Because I mainly practise Bikram and Ashtanga, everyone said the yoga would be too slow for me, but I really really love it. There is about 4 hrs of practise daily and it’s a hatha class. Within 3 days I’m already sitting in lotus and doing crow, my hips are cracking open and I can hold the headstand easily for 3mins and include the ashtanga forward leg bends. So my conclusion is….. hatha is great also! I am seriously considering doing the ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam February 26th 2010

First train ride on my own was short and sweet, acompanied by Shantiram i relaxed straight into my 45min ride from Valkara to Trivandrum, feeling that things could only get better! Sara a Canidan lady i'd met and not really got on with in Gokarna then bumped into and connected with in Valkara had took my advice and was coming to the Ashram as well so we met at the station & i had one last coffee and cigerrtte before catching a 45min Rickshure to Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram a.k.a Yoga boot camp! I'll start you off with a preview of our daily schedule: 5.30am- Wake up bell!!! 6.ooam- Satsang (Satsang consists of silent meditation, chanting and a talk or reading on the philosophy of yoga and Vedanta. It will help you develop a meditation ... read more
5 point of yoga
Sunrise meditation
Amazing new friends

Asia » India » Kerala » Neyyar Dam October 20th 2009

Following on from my last entry, this next bit is from my first day at the Sivananda ashram in Kerala. A loud gong being pounded over and over woke me at 5.15. It was still dark outside and the ceiling fans were whirring so the power must have come back on at some point. “Om Nama Shivaya! Good morning! Time to wake up!” Neesha’s voice boomed through the dorm as she went around clicking on lights and turning off ceiling fans. I saw her poking her head underneath people’s mosquito nets and singing “Om Nama Shivaya!” individually to each person and I jumped out of bed quickly before she got to me. I stumbled down to the trough sinks at the end of the dorm, to clean my teeth. A big line of ants was crawling ... read more

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