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February 5th 2010
Published: February 7th 2010
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Got rickshaw to train station, yet another heart in throat experience. Bought ticket to Kollam easy enough and realised we had another hour to wait which turned into 2hrs as the train was delayed? cancelled? who knows. Talked to a couple who had just done pretty much the same trip as us but North to South so it was interesting to see what they thought of places we had yet to come. Train was rammed when it arrived- full people hanging out of doorways scenario in some of the carriages. Managed to get on and grab a seat, it was only about 25mins to Kollam. Kollam immediately looked different to the sleepy, fishing village we were imaging and more like a bustling, traffic infested town. A rickshaw ride later and we were in a huge hotel room. We immediately went on a mozzy massacre.

When going out for tea we soon(?) realised, after checking out about 7 restaurants that all the eaty places here only seem to serve snacks so we had poori potato then went to supermarket. Went for a walk down to the jetty to buy a canor cruise for the backwaters for the next day. People seem very friendly and helpful here though a little intrigued by us and all the kids say hello to you and giggle which is sweet. Nothing really to on a night here so settled down for the night pretty early.


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