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November 15th 2016
Published: November 20th 2016
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As you may have noticed, Kyle joined us in India after we had been here a little while. It is not because we forgot him at home like an international version of Home Alone. Kyle arriving late was all part of the plan.

One reason Kyle was late is because it is hard to pull him away from practicing law, but another reason is that he had an important date in New York City.

Kyle and his dad ran in the New York City Marathon!

This was one of those Bucket List items I guess I will never understand. People who run marathons pay someone a lot of money so they can run on streets that are normally free for running. They wake up really early to run a really long time. And all they have to show for it is a cup of water, a bruised banana and a garish t-shirt.

Like I said, doesn't sound fun to me. But I guess Bucket List items do not need to make sense to anyone else.

Kyle was selected via lottery to qualify for the NYC race. He spent months training by running long distances in the Midwest heat. And he finished the race. Impressive by all accounts.

Once Kyle finished the race, he hopped on a flight to Delhi and began his vacation. The race was over and so was his plan for marathon action for awhile.

What a surprise when we woke up in the Fort Kochi district to find a major marathon being ran right in front of our hotel!

The Spice Coast Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier and a big enough deal that 30 members of the 50 States Marathon Club from USA were running in the race.

How excited were the race volunteers and the hotel staff when they found out Kyle had just ran the NYC Marathon?? He was like a little celebrity in India!

The hotel owner was running in the marathon and one of the race organizers was stationed in front of our hotel.

They wanted to know every detail about Kyle's running, races he had competed in and his parents involvement in the racing community.

Kyle made fast friends in Kochi and he had instant street cred.

In fact, Kyle invited the race organizer to come to KC and offered him a place to stay if his running group ever runs the KC Marathon...funny thing is, he offered his parents' house as the place for them to stay!!

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21st November 2016

Proper Recognition!
Good on ya, Kyle. And congratulations. I get a sense that your wife and father-in-law may not have paid you due honor for your completion of the New York Marathon. I'm sorry that you had to go all the way to India to receive the acknowledgement that you deserved. Shame on Roy and Valeri. Shame. Shame. Shame.
21st November 2016

David's comment about Kyle running the marathon...
I don't know why you would assume that Kyle doesn't get any respect in this group??!! Dad said to tell you, it is not like only 3 people ran the marathon...thousands of people ran the race. Kyle is not that special! :)
21st November 2016

Congrats Kyle!
And of course you cannot have visitors! Where would the accessories sleep?

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