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July 7th 2009
Published: July 7th 2009
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Hi all, Ben here. We wanted to take some time to make a final post about this year's trip. It's been tough the last week but we didn't want it to be Mission: Phil's Health. We wanted to leave you with some of the lessons we learned.
One important lesson is how, despite culture, sin is common to man. The most important thing in life is staying faithful. I want everyone here to do well with their jobs, homes, family, etc... But it would be meaningless without eternal life. So I will pray for everyone's lives but only after I've prayed for their faithful perseverance. And I ask them to pray for mine as well. In the lesson on Sunday I mentioned that the death of a disciple is one of the only things that can bring real joy to God. I had to do a lot of explaining but everything else we do to try and please God comes with no eternal guarantee. Sure God may be fired up about a great worship service, but that has no lasting value. Only when we are taken out of this life will we be really free from Satan's schemes, all temptation, and sin. In some way that makes me fear death (others and my own) a lot less. It also reinforces the importance of staying faithful. I want to see the Indian disciples again and again but I care more about seeing them in heaven.

Hey Fam - it’s Mitch here! We’ve have quite a trip. Your prayers have been a real help; India is quite a culture shocking experience. I can certainly say that I’ve learned a lot and am very glad that the trip worked out for Laurel and me. I’ve been consistently awed by Phil and his “human bible” ability. We just mention a scripture and he’s been right there with the book and chapter, sometimes even the verse! It’s truly inspiring. I’ve been enthused by Ben’s sharing about humility, it’s certainly something that I/we all need to work on as we grow. Debbie is amazing with her openness, I’ve been encouraged by her sharing and willingness to help out. Lastly, I can’t say enough good things about our brothers and sisters here, their work is amazing and the impact that they are having on the people here is inspiring. I believe that I learned the most about SERVICE from them. They are always willing to help us. They’ve sat with us for days at the hospital, taken super long train rides & totally gone out of their way to make sure that we are taken care of, it’s been an amazing experience. I hope and pray that GOD has it in his plan to take us back to India. The friends we’ve made during our short trip will be friends for a lifetime. We’re looking forward to see you all soon and sharing our stories in person! Love, Mitch

Hello Detroit, Laurel here for one final post from India before we begin our final trek home. It may be easy to be negative with all of the emotional stress and struggle we have been though this past week, but once focused on God things are given perspective. IT has been an incredible blessing to be able to travel to India. There have been constant reminders of what an amazing gift we have in the Kingdom, that no matter where we travel in the world we have family everywhere we go. My final thought is for all of us to pray unceasingly for our family here. The India churches, like our own Detroit church, have had many difficulties to face and have experienced "growing pains" as well. I also hope that everyone can remain faithful to supporting special missions because there is such an incredible need here. No matter how hard of times we fall on in America, no matter how much we loose - jobs, money, houses, etc. . . .Nothing could ever bring a person down to the level of poverty we have seen first hand here in some of our Indian Family's homes. Nothing!!!! We have seen homes that have a family of 5 living in a space equivalent to a garden shed. No matter how hard we think we have it, absolutely nothing can compare to that.
Thank you for all of your love and support while we have been away.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.
Y.S.i.C - Laurel


7th July 2009

Final Posting
Thank you mission team for your encouraging messages and especially Phil's perseverance! I believe that God intends for the hammer blows of life to make us stronger, this is not always easy to do. The apostle Paul knew about this. He wrote "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain: (Phil.1:21). Our destiny is the pursuit of God's presence and become more like Jesus Christ. Mission team you are a great example of this pursuit and we are not only encouraged by your perseverance but the perseverance of the disciples in India. Melvin and I thank you for you loving example of faith and pray for your safe travel back home to your families and that Phil will be strengthened. Love Y.S.I.C

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