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July 6th 2009
Published: July 6th 2009
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What a wild and boring day! I really wanted Mitch, Laurel, and Deb to visit the HOPE home for elderly women since it is something that has really meant a lot to me in the past trips. So I stayed with Phil from early morning until just now. Short version: we'll all be home Wednesday night! Long version: the MRI and EEG were this morning and I got to talk to the neurologist here at Lakeshore Hospital. Most of the day was a lot of waiting. Waiting for the tests and then waiting for the test results. Phil was coming off some of the meds and started getting real antsy! People kept chuckling because every 5 minutes he was trying to sit up in bed or on the stretcher. Most of the day he just felt real lonely so I was glad that I got to go with him for all the tests and sit with him. Then after lunchtime, Dr. Ashok came to the hospital from Chennai! He is the guy that runs HOPE for most (or all) of India and Phil got to meet him at the AIDS home and the HOPE school. He really cheered Phil up and sat and talked with him for a while. Then, in about 10 minutes, our entire day/week/mission trip changed. Ashok and I got to talk with the neurologist after he was able to look at the test results. What Phil suffered was not really a stroke. He has "something" (maybe some blood) in the top left part of his brain. The seizures were scary but not something that would threaten his life and the neurologist felt fine with getting Phil back to America. They started a 3-injection series of medicine that would end tomorrow evening in time to be discharged (not against physician recommendation) and make a flight to Chennai. Dr. Ashok will fly with us to Chennai where we will prayerfully meet up with Bruce St. Amour to escort Phil back home. Please pray that everything works out for Bruce to get here okay.
The one little bit of humor was when I got Phil to laugh because I told him so many people compare him to Paul but he failed in one area...Paul was content with his house arrest ministry! Ashok then told him to think of his heart monitors like Paul's chains! Phil loved it.
I love India but I will love reuniting Phil with his family even more. I don't want us to give up over here, the work is too important. Phil will help me convince any doubters 😊
Love you all and can't wait to see you!


6th July 2009

That is amazing! I will see you all very soon, travel safe!
6th July 2009

Thank you Ben
The desiples in GR are all thankful to you in supporting and chearing up our brother. You and the mission team are true desiples. Safr trip home -- God be with you Hal
6th July 2009

God provides
Great news. God has provided a way. We will keep on praying. I like the analogy of 'heart monitors being like Paul's chains'. Wishing Phil a speedy recovery and safe journey home.
6th July 2009

So incredibly happy to hear that news! We will all be excited to welcome the team home!
6th July 2009

Phil coming home
This is such good news. We will be praying for everyone's safe trip, and for Phil's strength during his travels. We love Mr. Phil and are so thankful he has great brothers and sisters taking care of him! Love, Frank,Tonia Sullivan and girls
6th July 2009

Ben, I'm so grateful there is more clarity with Phil's medical condition. I'm so grateful how you and the rest of the team is lifting up his spirit. You all are inspiring us to rely on God and not our health and also to rely on each other sacrficially. Christy
6th July 2009

Praise God for answering our prayers
I am so happy that Phil is O.K.! I was really sad that Phil might be going to heaven before I got the chance to tell him how much I love and appreciate him. I am so fired up that He is coming home. Thank You so much, God, for answering our prayers!
7th July 2009

hurry home
We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival at home in detroit. You all have been amazing in your care and devotion for my father and I wanted to express my personal gratitude and again on behalf of my entire family. We love the way you have all been "like Jesus" on this amazing mission trip. You will have stories to share and many "God moments" to retell. I know that India has been blessed by your presence and all who have participated in the blog have been touched by the journey. I know you probably feel a great sense of relief that dad is going to make the trip home with you even if aprehensively. We are so grateful to Dr Ashok and to Dr Bruce for escorting dad to assure a medically safe trip home. We are also grateful to Ron and Hal from the GR church who made it possible for dad and Dr Bruce to ride in 1st class for most of the journey home. The out pouring of love and support and prayers from all over the world has been inspiring and we as a family feel very indebted to you all. God Bless and Keep you on your journey home. Love Wendy on behalf of the entire Phil and Pat Morr family
7th July 2009

Dear Ben and the rest of the mission team: You continue to be in our prayers constantly. You all have been an incredible inspiration to all of us! Thank you for your love and devotion to living out the gospel. We are praying for safe travel home for you all. Your Sister and Brother in Christ, Mike and Michelle Dishaw
7th July 2009

Quite the Mission...
You are all incredibly brave and faithful to go on a mission trip so far away from home, and to see all that you have accomplished is simply incredible. Phil is my Hero, the way that he never lets down for even a moment, always faithful and with the greatest of spirtual fervor. Thank you all for a job well done! You are in our prayers, and have a safe trip home. Rodney

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