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January 16th 2006
Published: March 2nd 2006
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So...we arrived in Cochin from the houseboat by train...but there's only one storey to tell.....We starred in a Bollywood TV production (yep on)

So, Cochin is a lovely town - well at least Fort Cochin is, which is the old trading port at the end of the Island. A marvellously preserved town, stuffed full of old colonial buildings, and mercifully, very little Indian traffic and general hubub. The old sea wall is stuffed with Chinese fishing nets and you can by the fish fresh from the sea and have it cooked then and there. We did !! 2 quid for a plate of Tiger Prawns.

The town also has an Old Jewish quarter, with the Indian Pepper 'Stock Market'. We barged in to have a look - but it was all computerised - very disappointing !!


So we took a boat over to Bolgatty Island to take a look at the Old Palace Hotel. When we arrived we noticed a film crew and so we wandered over. After a few minutes, one of the guys came over and asked if we'd like to be in it !!

Too bloody right !!

Anyway, it turns out the production was a comedy, that is to be screened this sunday. We played the part of reporters, waiting to interview the local politician, who then does a runner and we had to run after him. What a laugh....we had no idea what to do...just following the lead of the others...Lou kept laughing and was told off (chuckle). They were all great fun - and we are now famous and expect to get mobbed in the street on Monday.

Top that for a story !

Ciao for now darlings....

Brad and Angelina


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Special Tea..Special Tea..
Special Tea..

or beer to me and you
Lunch step 1Lunch step 1
Lunch step 1 the prawns
Lunch step 2Lunch step 2
Lunch step 2

find a suitable "You buy we Fry"
Lunch step 3Lunch step 3
Lunch step 3

get them cooked
Lunch step 4Lunch step 4
Lunch step 4

get stuffed

21st January 2006

Some Honest Pictures of India
For a change I see someone putting some honest pictures of India.not the usual beggers,cows and snake charmers!!! hope you have a nice time in India
24th January 2006

.... and sure enough, the TV program called 'Cinemala' was aired on Asianet last Sunday at 8.30pm - 'Benny Hill' Hindi style! And so 4 starlets were born (well 2 of us were reborn - the re-runs of 'A place in the Sun' and 'Escape to the Country' aren’t doing much to prop up flagging TV careers!). Glad to hear you're having a ball. South India was beautiful – will send info/pics as soon as we’ve caught up on sleep! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Jo&Prit

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