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Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur December 23rd 2014

After my ayurvedic treatment we were ready to travel around for the next 3 weeks. Our original plan was to take a train from Aleppey north to Mangalore and then a bus to the pilgrimage town of Udupi. But after 3 weeks of being kind of away from the real world doing the treatment and living in a remote fishing village in Kerala, I simply could not face the "hardcore" travelling in India which would have meant to take a crowded train for 10 hours and a bus for 1,5 hours - only to stay for 2 nights and then another 6 hours through curvy mountain roads to reach our preebooked lodge in the Western Ghats for christmas. So we decided spontaneously to travel the lazy way (which still was not really lazy). We loved Kannur ... read more
Markus in his temple outfit
Kerala's northern backwaters
Nina doing yoga on the beach

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur January 9th 2014

A train trip in India - this was on our bucket list since very long. So it was no question - to our second destination on our trip we go by train. We had ignored all warnings to make reservation for trains 2 month in advance. The day before we wanted to travel we simply walked into an agency in Fort Kochi and we were lucky. We got a second class non AC ticket for the next day to Kannur! Wow, travelling can sometimes be so easy. We were happy to leave Kochi. We liked the city, but our homestay was really awful and we were looking forward to a nice guesthouse. And again, how lucky we were - we got a room in our first choice guesthouse. In the morning we took a taxi to ... read more
the lagoon at Thottada Beach
random family at a train station

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur November 2nd 2012

When we want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of this routine and mundane life... we all think we need to take a holiday. And then go ahead and plan the most hectic, touristic, sight seeing filled holiday that can ever be.. and we think we had that break. Think about it... we wanted to get away from the stress and we add more stress to the already stressful existence by including a hectic holiday break. When I take a break its normally to soothe and calm my mind... to do nothing but just laze and not think of the time, or agenda or but go deep within me and seek me and find me and be happy with me. This is what meditation is all about and this is when we ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur February 10th 2012

Today has been very relaxed. First thing we went to St Angelo's Fort and I got to go for my first tuk tuk ride! We spent a while wondering round the fort, I got to look at lots of birds again and lots of school children came to say hello and take my photo. Another tuk tuk ride back to the hotel and I've spent the rest of the day swimming, splashing mummy and daddy and sleeping. Mia, the little girl I met yesterday, came and had a splash with me too!... read more
At the fort
A few of the school kids saying hello to me
Jumping in!

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur February 9th 2012

It's been a long day. We got up early today and got a taxi all the way from Mysore to Kannur - again I was carsick when going down the hills :-( We got to see more elephants cared for by the government and mummy thought she saw a wild one too but that was actually just wild boar! We are staying in a hotel in Kannur right next to the sea and it's got a swimming pool! I had so much fun splashing about and kicking my legs - some people that work in the hotel came out to see me, they thought I was funny. The best bit was when i kept splashing daddy and then he made silly noises. It was hilarious! It's a good hotel. I really like the food, the waiters ... read more
Swimming with daddy
A sea-eagle

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur January 4th 2012

Lots to tell but I'm kinda falling behind on this blog thing! Luckily I've taken some notes to write a quick overview about the last week of volunteering. After a quick weekend trip to Wayanad (beautiful but lots of bus rides, not very relaxing though we did see elephants!) we were back to work and finished most of the projects we started; the one that was the most fun was the painting of an ABC mural (see photo). Hopefully the kids will enjoy our art skills, or lack there of! We got to do a few cool "cultural outings" during our last week; only a quick hike from our house we were able to see "tody" collection which is the collecting of a certain part of the coconut that is fermented and then turned into alcohol...quite ... read more
painting ABC's

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur December 26th 2011

12/6/11 First day of some physical labor! We are working for a few hours a day at the school for mentally-disabled children; the building is already constructed and we are priming/painting/creating colorful pictures/etc. While most of the group is doing this a few others prepare lesson plans and substitute teach at the "normal school". On Friday I will be teaching Literature to a class of 10-20 8th graders...I'm nervous! Today we had our first lecture in Ayurveda and we will be having a lesson or practical each day. So far it is fascinating and the professor is extremely knowledgable and informative. The school where we are receiving our lessons is quite renowned for Ayurveda and some of the practicals we will be doing are the same as doctors-in-training. Not sure how I feel about this but ... read more
me, Jae Qun and our 8th grade class
lost on a beach with our rickshaw
finally made it...Ezhara beach

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur December 15th 2011

12/6/11 Today was a busy and exhausting day; we woke up at 7 and left for breakfast at 8, from there we went to all three of the schools we will be working at; a school for blind children, a school for the mentally disabled, and what they call the "normal" school which is a school run by nuns but is a secular school that accepts all children regardless of their religion. Of course all of the kids at each school are so cute and amazing; we were greeted by songs from many of the kids and we shared some songs from our cultures as well. Our walk from school to school is quite a hike and we walk on the small brim of a busy highway and try to not get hit by cars and ... read more
some of the cuties at one of the schools
one of the schools we work with
wearing a scarf in 95 degree heat

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur December 5th 2011

I hopped a 90 min flight from Mumbai to Kohizikode (Calicut) in the state of Kerala. Kerala is the most educated state in the region so to be honest I expected to have more of my western standards met here of all places...not really the case, for example see pic of toilet at Calicut airport. Even though I was starving I figured i would first hire a cab and try to get to my destination rather than hangout and eat in Calicut. I had researched enough to know that a cab should be about a 75 minute drive from the airport to Kannur, however it feels a bit longer when you apparently drag-racing. The route there is one road that is a 2 way "highway" but the cabbie spent most of our journey either in the ... read more
my night alone in Kannur
attack of the killer mosquitos

Asia » India » Kerala » Kannur March 22nd 2011

We got up early to get the bus to Kannur. Suneer took us to the bus station and made sure that we got on the right bus. 5 ½ hours on the bus, included on this trip were 5 hair pin turns (I know this because they were sign posted). I’ve never seen an Indian bus driver be that cautious or a bus load of Indian people be that silent, it was a good thing that he was being cautious because if he hadn’t been we would have driven off the side of a very high mountain. We arrived in Kannur safe and sound and took an auto out to our accommodation Costa Malabari recommended by Nicola. We arrived in time for lunch and a delicious fruit salad. All of our meals were included this gave ... read more
The hot coals into which the crazy man would jump
Theyyam crowd
Being pulled face first out of the hot coals

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