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June 1st 2007
Published: June 1st 2007
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Thursday 17th I went with Antony and his friends to see some property that was being bought and was to be surveyed. After two hours driving we arrived at the property. To me it was a jungle of coconuts, bananas, mangos and other fruits. Of more interest to me was a small lake that attracted many birds.
Friday 18th May I had an early morning bath in the loch outside the house I’m living in. I decided to shave off my beard while sitting up to my waist in the water as I shaved I was surrounded by small fish having a feast on my facial hair. After some time I took an auto into Angamaly got two pairs of trousers shorted at the great cost of 20 Indian rupees about 00.25 UKP’s the cost of living here is very cheap. I all so met Ruby’s brother and his brother-in-law we had a coffee together, Oh why can I not have a coffee with ruby? I also got information for an honeymoon, air-conditioned car with driver/guide for 5 star hotels for 7 nights all for £600 UKP sounds interesting however, I can not make arrangements for anything as I am waiting for paperwork to arrive from the UK I‘m very frustrated.
Saturday 18th My paperwork should arrive today but not before 17:00 it is going to be a long, long day and worse if it does arrive today a long, long weekend. Well the post did not come today I have to wait until Monday.
Tuesday 22nd May Starting to panic no paperwork from Glasgow, I have phoned an Indian friend living in Glasgow to go and get my certificates and post them to Nixy’s husband Paul as he is coming here next week.
Wednesday 23nd May The panic is increasing money I was transferring from the UK has left my account and as yet not arrived India no certificates and no money What can I do?

It is a exquisite evening with a beautiful sunset, the sky is rose red the breeze is warm. Although it is breaking UK water safety rules after all I’m in India where safety is unknown I go for a swim in the dark. The water is warn, smooth like oil I can relax and temporary forget my worries and concerns, there is a half moon, I can see the north star then the plough appears and Orin’s belt. It is a wonderful feeling swimming on by back, feeling the warm oily water on my skin, looking at the stars, watching bats skimming along the surface of the water I am at peace with the world. After an hour I finely come out the water to face the wrath .of Nixy’s father he is very angry at my swimming in the dark “He feels responsible for my safety and swimming in a quarry in the dark is an no, no I have to promise not to do this dangerous act again. I feel ashamed however, I really feel part of this family now.
Monday 28th Nixy’s husband Paul arrives from the UK he has my paper work I feel like kissing him I’m so excited, I want to take my certificates to Ruby’s priest. I phone him he say’s “relax you can see me tomorrow at 7:00 o’clock , you will be alright. Relax how can I relax it will be 33 hours before I can see him! I have an appointment with a dentist at 16:30 he arrives at 17:00 and he spent hour and a half inside my mouth. I get out at 18:30 the priest is a 45 minutes journey by bone shaken Auto cab the driver gets me to the priest’s office 10 minuets late and I have to pee! I’m frantic looking for a toilet then to find the priests office I’m now 15 minuets late “What will he think of me?” I get to his office he is not in it “Have I missed him?” No he comes in 30 minuets late totally unconcerned I’m ready for an nervous breakdown. He slowly scrutinises my documents the minuets slowly tick by time stop’s. I’m convinced he is not satisfied with my documents. He picks up the phone and starts chatting to someone I’m ready to start screaming, he casually says to me “what would be a suitable date for your engagement?” I can not takes this in and stammers “As soon as possible” “Would Saturday the 2nd of June at 1300 be OK? “Yes I blurt out” “What about the wedding?” he asks “when do you wont to be married? “Wednesday” I stammer” “I can not give you Wednesday” he slowly says as he looks in his diary. Time stands still again my nerves are breaking point. Suddenly he says what about Thursday 7th June 10:00 O’ yes, yes I say I have to restrain my self as I want to throw my arms round him and kiss him.
Nexy‘s father, two of her brothers and I adjourn to Ruby‘s family house where we had a wonderful repast of fish fry, beef and chicken curries and rice all cooked by my soon to be wife Ruby. It was getting late we had to go home. Nixy’s father and I get into the auto and I see Ruby squeezing between the auto and a bush she wanted to shake hands with me, without her neighbours’ seeing her cavorting in public with a unmarried man. I am elated.

The Longie

The longie the Karla national dress wore by men it is a simple peace of cloth worn round the waist and when unfolded extends down to the ankles. Simple peace of cloth that takes a life time to learn to wear properly I provide great merriment is Nixy’s mother .when I wear the longie as I never get it right and I have to use a belt to keep the longie in place., Kerala men never use a belt and the longie always stays in place. Men continually adjust their longie if the longie is long it can be folded to make it short and cool in the hot weather, they can open and close the longie without exposing anything , and they seem to use the longie as worry beads when in thought they keep adjust the longie. I shocked both Nixy and her Mum. I wanted to go into town wearing a coloured longie shock horror “You can not wear a coloured longie in town you can only wear a white longie” “OK I will wear trousers”
Friday 1st June Tomorrow at 13:30 24 hours from now I will be getting engaged to Ruby so may get to see her for some time. After the engagement I will not see her until Thursday the 7th June when we get married and I can mingle with her as the registrar said. Wish me luck.


1st June 2007

I wish you all the luck in the world. Take Care Dermot
4th June 2007

Thanks Tam
Hope you come to my wedding reception to be held in Collins after some time at Collins
12th June 2007

Hi Big Buddy
12th June 2007

If we are Lucky
I will bing her for tea and if we are LUCKY a biscuit

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