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June 20th 2008
Published: July 3rd 2008
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Bidar is remote, hovering in the north eastern corner of Karnataka, but closer to Hyderabad than it's own state's big cities. When I say close, I mean a hot three hour drive. I think we must have passed through a time warp on our way there because this city, despite being full of monuments and character, hadn't aquired the tourist savvy touts, auto wallahs or hysterical children i tend to associate with towns like Hampi and Badami. In fact there was an ambiguous comment in the Footprint guide suggesting Bidar had problems with being 'backwards.' (I don't know what that implies, but the people we met in Bidar were gentle and sweet, the atmosphere pleasant.) What we did find there was a town like no other. There was the great red walled fort, with its various grand gateways and ruins contained within, then the old town, in which some of the little houses and shops looked to be set in 15th century ruins. Whole streets had the odd appearance of having been smashed open with a bulldozer. It was like, the interiors of houses having been exposed to the street this way, families had retreated into the second layer of the building, leaving a weird, ruinous feel to the roads. Doors were painted pastel colours in a way that looked almost Mexican. There was a Lord-of-the-Rings-esque watchtower in the centre of this old town, and to its north stood the Kwaja Mahmud Gawan Madrasa - a great living ruin, where locals were gathering for afternoon prayers. This old town was also enclosed within a wall, like the fort, and outside of this wall was the remainder of 'modern', dusty Bidar, clinging to the south and west, with the usual clammer of traffic and roadside fruit markets. A few kilometres out of town, at Ashtur, the road suddenly weaves through impressive, ruinous stone tombs. These are of the Bahmani rulers who built Bidar Fort. We walked amongst the tombs and almost had a run in with some feisty water buffalo who seriously considered charging us (see photo; these guys were mean looking. Check out the funky firebrand tail on the adult male!) Bidar was a real highlight of our journey so far. You could just walk around for hours if the sun wasn't so fierce. That places as evocative as this exist is exciting. The landscapes of Bidar are fantastical. It's my kind of place.

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11th July 2008

Dear mam, I am so glad that you have been visited bidar, and you liked it, thanks for that, it is my home town where I brought up but not i am stay in Hyderabad. bidar is having verygood tourist place but because of non-advertisement of those historical places and monuments, people are not aware of it. Thankyou so much. Please visit again. bye
12th July 2008

Naveen, thanks for your message. What a great place to grow up (of course, Hyderabad is fantastic too.) I hope I'm lucky enough to visit Bidar again some day.
5th August 2008

Hello LuBarnham, This is Pavan from Bidar, i'm proud of u for Highlighting Bidar to this world, Some people here in India, particularly in our Karnataka state, dont know even Where is Bidar. When this is the condition means, how one can know the rich Heritage existing in Bidar. Due to regional Imbalance, our Province was out of scope in the area of development. Due to lack of political interest our province is Step-Mom Treated every time when there a talk about development of our city. Thanks for exploring our city and its rich cultural existence, It will one or the otherway help in bringing some greater number oftourists to our city. thanks a lot..
13th August 2008

its my pleasure, bidar is a great place.
29th August 2008

thanks a lot mam 4 appreciating beauty of bdr whic it really deserves....... im sanjay dixit currently studyin in bangalore it was heart breakin to see a foreighner write so beautifully about my place thanks a lot .....straight from heart
1st September 2008

thanks sanjay :)
14th January 2009

Hello :)
It was my hard luck that i saw ur blog so late :(.. It gives me immense pleasure to write to u . I m local from bidar pursuing my masters in USA , I have been born and brought in Bidar, The experience of urs wat u have shared here is very true and best. Bidar is not projected on the tourism scale where it really belongs, The city holds many amazing structures with a lot of histroy behind it .but there r no guides to explain all to thr ppl lik u who come all the way down here to witness the place. I wld like to know frm which country do u ppl hail from. and also tell me abt any places to visit in ur country thanx a ton fr ur sweet and heartly writing. Regards, Shashi ,,, :)
3rd April 2009

Thanks 4 d info
Hi LuBarnham..When i was thinking of visiting Bidar and started googling about it..i came to know lot of information abt bidar from your blog...Thanks a lot for visiting and sharing the experiences....Regards,Kishore
9th April 2009

hi kishore thanks for reading my blog, so glad it was a little helpful.
13th August 2009

Dr Shashi, I'm sorry this response is so late, i am not sure if you'll ever read this, but thanks for your message and thoughts. I too am surprised that Bidar features so little on India's well established tourist circuits. There are so many little visited gems that foreigners miss, i feel lucky to have seen a place like Bidar and was amazed that it was so quiet. My husband and i are English, and you asked about recommendations of places to visit in our country - i'd say the Lake District, Stonehenge, Oxford, London and my homeland of Yorkshire, which has beautiful landscapes. Many good wished, Lu.
15th November 2009

Bidar fort is very wounderful place in karanataka.this palace is builded some years ago.
17th February 2010

Thanks Zia, for your comments and for reading my blog. I really hope I do get a chance to return to Bidar some day. It's very interesting to hear that it has changed a lot since I visited in 2008. Best wishes to you - Lu
8th March 2010

BIDAR is one of the important historic place the history of karnataka evevr produce.Getting the honour of being the capital of Badamis in the late 18th century.
10th March 2010

old memory
i am study bidar poly tecnic collage guru nanak dev .i am feel lucky to visit bidar again
26th March 2010

Dear LuBarnham.. Howdy.. thanks for such a nice post. An artist knows an art. Bidar is wonderful place to take birth, live and enjoy, i tell you. I hope Sleeping ASI recognises this and places it on top destinations to visit. A commissioner deputed to bidar, is making all efforts to make bidar more wonderful. Hence would like you to visit again. I elevated after reading ur post, i am gonna refer this to my friends so that they know abt my place.
27th March 2010

Thanks Bidarian/Imran, for your kind words. I'd love to visit Bidar again, and spend even more time there. There were many things we didn't have time to see, and it's always nice to get more of a chance to soak up the atmosphere. It sounds as though lots of changes will be made, and perhaps soon more tourists will discover Bidar. Best wishes and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Lu.
8th April 2010

very good
when i got to know that we are making a trip to bidar i felt it would be reallyb bad trip but it was the best trip i had ever had.
14th June 2010
Bidar Fort

excellent photos nice seen
excellent photos nice seen
21st June 2010

Bidar tourism
Hi Ma'am this is Naveen, i was your first commenter to your blog that you have visited Bidar, which i was writen comment in 2008. Now again I come back to comment something. Now bidar has became developed city with all the travelling mediium upgraded. Now bidar having wide roads. You can travell by train, and also by Air too. We have Good hotels too. Visted. happy to see you again. Naveen
28th June 2010

I have watched the place.. It's awesome and not only the fort, the city has one of the biggest Gurudwaras in the country Check out once!!!
28th June 2010

Thanks, Naveen, for posting again. I'm very interested to see the changes in Bidar. I am sure it is still as charming and interesting as ever, also. Best wishes.
28th June 2010

Thanks Ravi, i will be sure to look for the Gurudwara next time, must have missed it on our last visit! Best wishes.
27th July 2010

19th August 2010

hi im shantayya swamy bidar
3rd October 2010
Bahmani Tomb, Ashtur

Its Awesome
I love Bidar forts,, we should be Proud to be Born in this state,,,,,,,,,..............
3rd October 2010
Bahmani Tomb, Ashtur

i like photo
i am from bidar i like all the photo
10th February 2011
Bidar Fort

I think Bidar is the one of Historical place in india i love bidar such a good town

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