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November 23rd 2005
Published: March 3rd 2006
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After the very Israeli-touristic bubble of Hampi, it was time for me to feel the 'real' India again and I went to Mysore.
That is what I have figured out, many people travel to India since it is exotic, interesting and of course cheap. But then, since India is very tough and difficult to travel, they seek for the touristic bubbles places which Hampi, Goa, Pushkar etc are several of them.
Mysore is a small city, about 750,000 people. It is a very pleasent city, the men there don't hassle too much.
The highlight of that city is the fruits and vegtables market. It is a very lively market, lots of people, very colourful. Most of the people concentrate at the flowers area where they buy flowers to decorate their gods, for wedding and for other ceremonies.
Another attraction in Mysore is a magnificent palace.
After spending about 3 days in Mysore I went with a Canadian guy, only technically Jewish, as he claimed, to explore the Tibetan settelments near Mysore. It apperas that most Tibetians in India live in this area and not in Dharamsala area as common to think.
As soon as we arrived to the village, a monk dressed western guy approached to us and offered us his assitnace. We happily agreed. He took us to his monestrey where he offered us to stay at the guest house. He is a Swiss guy, very nice, smart, intelectual and intelegent. He lives there already 2 year, studying to be a Budhist monk. It seems that it was a long time since he had met wetsren people since he was very eager to host us and speak with us. He was indeed our benefector for that day. More then the veal wanted to nurse, the cow wanted to nurse.
He guided us all day, showing us the temples and monestries in the area, cooked for us Dinner and breakfast. It was a very interesting day.
The temples over here are much more beutiful then the ones I have visited in Dhramsala vicinity.
All the way (3 hours) from Mysore to there, I was wondering about the sex life of the monks. I mean, I know that they shouldn't but maybe they have other methods...?
However, I did not have the courage to ask the Swiss guy about it. Eventually, the Canadian guy brought this subject up. The answer: no sex, no masterbating. This Swiss guy has lots of humour and self irony.
On the next day we have returned to Mysore. I continued from there to Ooti (where I am now) which is a hill station in Tamil Nadu state.

Bye, Sharon

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