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Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore November 16th 2016

We left Orange County in Coorg and drove over 4 hours to Soans Farm near Moodibidri where pineapple juice flows like water. I know it sounds like we are doing a fruit tour of India, but really it is just ironic that we landed at two plantations within a few days! We had to leave our comfortable spot nestled in coffee country very early in the morning because we we had to drive through an area that was dealing with some disruptive protesting. There were people angry with the government and planned a protest that last year involved someone getting killed. So, they were being very cautious moving the tourists out of the area. We ended up being stopped at too many check points to count and witnessed a huge police presence, but other than that ... read more
Our Cottage at Soans
Harvest Time
Old Warehouse at Soans

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore November 2nd 2016

Geo: 12.8694, 74.8426... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore February 6th 2013

Friday 1 February – Saturday 2 February There is not really much to say about the 1st and 2nd of February except that we are all really sad to have come to the end of this fantastic experience. We have been back in Mangalore, definitely my favourite place in India. We flew to Mumbai to get our flight to Heathrow and have noticed the biggest slum I have ever seen directly beside the runway in Mumbai, covering three sides of the airport perimeter. We didn’t see anything like this in Karnataka. We can see kids playing cricket, houses stacked on top of each other, yet most of them have satellite dishes, and I’m wondering how they ever have any privacy or ever protect their belongings? As our flight is delayed by two hours, due to a ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 29th 2013

Providing training to farmers is often referred to as “extension services” and is often done through the same measures such as workshops, seminars and on-farm demonstrations. This is often carried out in India with public funds directly through Government staff, where the project I currently manage Many people have asked me if there is a need to educate farmers in the UK when we have much higher rate of literacy and general increased level of awareness. Both UK and India need to communicate ideas and new technologies to farmers and it’s not always easy . After talking with many different agriculturalists here in India I have found many similarities, despite the very different climate and geography. In the UK our average farm size is approx. 50ha which is much larger than India’s 2ha. Even with these ... read more
Karnataka Milk Federation
University of Agricultural Science (Bangalore)

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 28th 2013

Shimoga proved interesting, especially Wednesday, when we visited seven different places. The morning began with an elephant ride. Our hosts had heard that we hadn't been able to ride an elephant at the Dubare Camp, so kindly added an extra trip to make up for it. Elephants seem very tall from the ground, but once you climb the ladder and are placed on the howdah, it doesn't seem so bad and the animals move so gently, it's almost as if they want to look after you and give you a comfortable ride. The summer palace was another interesting place to visit, with beautiful carved stone pieces, brought from many places,which were really attractive works of art. Then there was the tiger and lion safari. Again, we had failed to see tigers earlier on our tour, so ... read more
Affordable housing project funded by Rotary

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 26th 2013

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 January 2013 It’s fair to say that we have been ‘Indianised’. When we first arrived in Mangalore everything was a shock to us. The food, the traffic, the noise and the litter. Now, we are back in the city and everything just feels like home. We don’t notice the noise or the litter anymore, the traffic feels calmer and we can’t wait to eat the Mangalore food and see some of our old friends! We are back in Mangalore for the district conference. Although we got to relax and meet friends at the venue on Friday night, today was time for serious work as we had to present our experiences to over 3000 people. First though, we were able to listen to the rest of the guests and keynote speakers. Our ... read more
Banana bun
Three wise men?
Dancing Queens

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 16th 2013

Upon arrival in Mangalore we are taken on a city tour and learn about the temple which Mangalore derives it’s name from – Mangaluru Temple and we learn a lot about the Hindu Gods. There are so many to pray to for different traits that it gets a little confusing at times, but the temples are very tranquil places and we spend some time sitting and reflecting on life before leaving each one (usually through the door backwards so you don’t turn your back on the Gods). We are also taken to the impressive 1000 pillar temple which is contructed completely of granite. Devdas (our GSE Coordinator here in Karnataka) and his wife Reika host us for lunch (along with Devdas’s Mum and Dad) in their apartment and put on a wonderful spread of food. They ... read more
Devdas Kamath and family
7to7 coffee branding
Death by butter!!!

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 10th 2013

10 January 2013 The traditional industries of Mangalore are clay tiles, cashew nuts and beady (not sure if that’s the correct spelling!) which we are told is a form of cigarette, rolled in a leaf. Apparently many of the men in the families used to spend their weekly wages on alcohol so the woman would roll beady at home to sell and support the family while she cared for the children. Today we are visiting a tile factory and cashew factory to learn more about them. Ramkrishna has been looking after us for the past few days and we visit his family tile factory, UMA Tile Company, which opened in 1947. Ram used to work here when he was younger during his school holidays. He knows the business inside out and runs it now with his ... read more
UMA Tile Company
Working the kiln
Cashew factory

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 9th 2013

Didn’t think I could top the brownie last night but today Rupal gave me some of her aunts home made mint chocolates and then made her own brownie for desert tonight! Yum! Our schedule today said that we were heading to a Jain temple at Moodabidri but the unexpected (or now expected!) happened again and we landed at a Rotary meeting in the town. The people welcomed us warmly with flowers and then told us the plan for the day; a pineapple farm, a wood factory, lunch and then a herbal medicine centre. The pineapple farm has a long history and the family owners also grow lots of other plants and fruits on their land, as well as having a beautiful guest house. Farmers here really have to think of innovative ways to use their land ... read more
Workers carving the wood
Bat it like Botham

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore January 8th 2013

8 January 2013 I’m learning lots about life in India, including the frequent power cuts. We have another while I’m in the shower this morning! The family are keen to learn lots about like in the UK too including jobs, the recession, minimum wage, cost of living, lifestyle, hobbies and family circumstances. Much of this is very new to them. The economy in India is booming and people here are not worried about jobs. From what people are telling me, the Government here don’t seem to be supporting some of the things you would think they would, like rubbish collection. The Government used to collect road tax annually but now ask for 15 years worth in one go to help fund projects. It is ironic really because on our travels we have seen countless half built ... read more
Shopping Mall
The lovely Rupal and Punit

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