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February 26th 2008
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We spent a week in Hampi, doing nothing, relaxing

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Enjoying the sunset...Enjoying the sunset...
Enjoying the sunset...

...on the top of the world!
But who put those stones around????But who put those stones around????
But who put those stones around????

Big question...Hampi is simply in the middle of huge rocks forming hills and mountains all around...it looks like they were put there by some giant... or something!
Our guesthouse in HampiOur guesthouse in Hampi
Our guesthouse in Hampi

And the temple in the background

And the size difference between men's creations and nature's creations
3 languages3 languages
3 languages

Everytime in the city's they use -Hindi (wich most educated Indian person can read -the dialect spoken in that area - and english No excuse to miss something!
Coconut tree climbingCoconut tree climbing
Coconut tree climbing

This is amazing the man has no protection and is climbing bear hand and feet with a huge knife in his hand!

26th February 2008

Veinards !
Helloooooooooooo!! Bande de petits veinards! Les photos sont très sympas ! (commentaire de la mort qui tue!) Profitez en à fond les manettes et faites nous rêver..... et n'oubliez pas le plus important......"Where is Brian.... He's in the Kitchen....".... "And my taylor is rich" Biiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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