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January 1st 2007
Published: January 21st 2007
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" If dreams were made out of stone, it would be Hampi" - not my line but I liked it and it sums it up nicely.

So, we left Goa on New Year's Eve and headed to the famous boulder city of Hampi - the captital of the largest empire in India back in the 14th century and famed for its beautiful palaces and temples which now lie abandoned amidst a landscape of basically giant boulders.

I have never seen anything like it in my life. The buidings are all still in good order but they are deserted and there are just bolders everywhere, as far as the eye can see, and no-one really knows how they got there - we assumed probably the ice age?? It is quite incredibible. It looks like some giant has just trampled on the place and left it like it.

We spent a few days cycling around the ruins which was fun, although suprise, suprise I did fall off, or rather get knocked off by Simon - I suppose having a few cuts and bruises is all part of the travelling experience :] and the rest just lazing around once again admiring
Sunset over the paddy fieldsSunset over the paddy fieldsSunset over the paddy fields

The view from our hut
the surreal landscape.

Our accommodation overlooked a paddy field which was also pretty idyllic and great for the sunset as you can see. Hampi definitely gave us the India rush back (and also all the emotion that this country evokes) and we will now spend the rest of our time travelling south through Karnataka and Kerala before say goodbye.

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The remains of an old bridgeThe remains of an old bridge
The remains of an old bridge

contrasted against the landscape

13th February 2007

Greetings from Birmingham
Following your journey with interest. You most certainly wouldn't want to be in Brum at the moment - we've just thawed out 4 inches of snow - and as usual everything came to a grinding halt. Dean (Marlene's son) and his family are in Australia at the moment. Looks like everyone's having fun globetrotting! Love from all your Brummie family. xxxx

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