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January 26th 2007
Published: January 26th 2007
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Hi Guys..
So tam and I took the slightly (by an hour) delayed train from the train station in Goa to Gokarna. The Train station in Goa looked more like a house and when the autorickshaw driver droped us off we though that we were in the wrong place.
We took the very packed train sitting on benches with the other passengers. It was a really beautiful train ride. The landscapes in the south are so green and lush. I read most of the way while tamara enjoyed the view.

On arrival in Gokarna we realised that the distance to the beach where we wanted to stay was quite long and that the bus was arleady full. We jumped into a autorickshaw which took us down the bumpy roads. We stoped at some point and realised that every tourist has to be declared when entering Gokarna. We had to fill in the most ridiculous questionaire including questions like the size and weight of our bags which of course we made up.

After finally finishing the form we jumped back into the auto rickshaw which took us to Kudle beach (or to the path that leads to Kudle). We put on our backpacks and headed down the path. We arrived after about a ten minute walk on to the stuning beach and began our search for accomodation. We asked at the first place whether they had any rooms or huts available, but they did not. We continued walking in the heat. We asked at the next place whether they had any and they did. They showed us to a very claustrophobic beach shack which did not have its own toilet and shower. I decided to leave tam there to have a drink with the bags rather than us both walking down the beach with all our things.

I continued the search for en-suite accomodation with no luck. So we decided to spend the night in the place where tam was waiting fo me. We put our things in the room and went to the restaurant for dinner. We met some very nice people. One english guy and one slightly insane american who was telling tamara and me about this running club he is part of who seem, as I understand it, to peform odd Sado-masochistic rituals after the runs (slightly frightened of him).

After dinner we headed off to bed where unfortunately I couldn't sleep due to the mini rock hard bed and the rather claustrophobic room. So I got up at 6:30 am just as it started to get a bit brighter and read my book in the restaurant as the young boy who works here swept the floor.

In the end we've decide to take an extra shack at the grand total of 75 rupees (80 pence) a night. Anyways Tam just got up so I thinks were going to head to breakfast but I miss you all

Oh before I forget my phone has no credit so you cant call me, but I can recieve texts so keep em comin.
Miss you all

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2nd February 2007

I love that food, restaurants and eating feature in each of your blogs! I have decided that food is definitely not good for me after almost burning my place down cooking pasta after a slightly drunken and undignified night. Are there any photo's on this thing that i just cant find? (please excuse my ignorance, i am computer illiterate). If not - post some! If yes - please direct. Lots of love - take care xxxxxxxxxxx

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