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February 28th 2018
Published: April 3rd 2019
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2nd Feb

James had messaged to say, he'd met Hana, they're staying in the same hostel as each other.. What are the chances of them two meeting each other and hanging out, literally chalk and cheese.. hahaha, wanted us to check trains for him.. hahaha.. Like we cant jus check trains for him, he'd have to go there himself and ask and book with his passport etc and then its luck if you actually get one.. hahaha.. In a world of his own that one. Anyways him and Hana are gona head up to Gokarna to meet us 😊 Nice.

Checked out, tuk to the hospital, got my ticket and went straight into the right department. Whilst waiting, we were sat in the same room as a little baby having an injection, ohh he was crying, it was so sad. Then it was my turn, all over and done with before we knew it. No stress on this one, thank goodness 😊 My next and final jab i'll be in Thailand for Camilla's wedding, but i will give myself plenty of time to sort that one out.

Took a tuk back, grabbed our bags and some food from Catamaran to take with us on the train.. Omgggg.. We couldn't find a tuk to take us to the station, so walked out onto the main road, coz it was pushing on time now, managed to get to the station with about five minutes to spare.. Always a bloody rush.. hahahaha!! But we made it 😊

Me and Cal were booked into different carriages, coz that was all that was available, so went to checked them both out. The carriages actually have doors, shut windows and are properly divided, because they're aircon carriages, less crowded, cleaner and have blankets and pillows. My carriage had a group of guys all sat over the beds, listening to music on their phones, they all seemed sound, but we said lets check out Cals before we decide to stay in till we sleep, lol. Put my bags under the bed and went to see what Cals was like.

No one was really in his carriage right now, other than an older couple on one bed, eating food. Cal had one of the top beds and there was no one on the top opposite, the isle one, this is a good bed, probably
Little crew :)Little crew :)Little crew :)

Walk to Paradise beach
the best one to have i reckon, coz you can actually sit up on it, so we decided we'd stay on this one till it got owned.. haha.

We played about 100 games of shithead.. haha and i taught Cal to play rummy, he was actually winning all of the games too.. Jammy!! Ate our sarnies a bit early really and became hungry, there wasn't any yodeling crisp snack men about either.. Jus.. Cutlets.. Veg Cutlets.. The mans voice was really funny, had us in stitches 😊

The ticket man came along and we were basically sat on a mans bed, who was a few rows down, obvs didn't realize, but he said we could have the bed, he didn't need it.. Ohh winner, now we're in the same carrage 😊

A man came along taking food orders, don't normally get food from the train, been warned to stay away from it, but we were starving, all we wanted was a biriyani, but the guy said.. no.. veg chapati, we jus said yes, dunno what we're getting, but its free, so lets jus see. It arrived and it was a chicken curry with chapati, great, so dunked the chapati in the sauce, both didn't eat a lot of it of really, then the guy came back and charged us for it, about 300 rupees each.. whaaaaaat!!

Set Cals alarm for 2.30am, the train's suppose to arrive into Kumta at 3am, bedded down for a couple hours. Some matey was kicking off about bloody blankets.. Gosh!!

3rd Feb

Woke up and Cals maps'me (this is what everyone seems to go by on their phone, its a map, you download it, it's actually great, coz it works offline) basically said we hadn't moved from the stop where we had slept, we thought great, its delayed, can get another couple hours sleep in and should arrive at Kumta at a better time, in daylight.

I fell back to sleep. Cal wakes me up again and said he thinks we've missed the stop. Because we've gone out of the Kerala state into Karnataka, the map has froze.. Ohhhhhh great. The train is pitch black mind, no one awake, obvs and it had a very eerie feel to it.. WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE RIGHT NOW!!

Then i spot a phone light in the distance, so
Train to KumtaTrain to KumtaTrain to Kumta

Nicest train carriage so far
rushed down to was a man in a bottom bed, i asked him if he knew where we were.. hahahhaaha. He said we're near Canacona, which is in the Goa state. Ok thank you i said and rushed back and said to Cal i reckon we should get off here, i recognised that station name and i know its down from Madgaon, which i've gone from before and i know from Madgaon station, there is a train at 13.30, which would pass through Canacona to go to Gokarna Road station, not Kumta, lets get off here, if there isn't a train, then at least we know we can take the one that leaves Madgaon station at 13.30, so should get to us here about an hour later. Its about 5am now mind.. hahahahaha!!

The train pulls up and the station is small and full of parents dropping kids off, obvs going on some sort of school trip, but it's a Saturday, who knows? We rushed over to the paying desk and asked if there was a train anytime soon to Gokarna Road or Kumta.. Yessss one expected at 5.30am to Gokarna Road.. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!! Good job we got off at
Train to KumtaTrain to KumtaTrain to Kumta

Thought we were getting free food, did't we :/
this station, coz if we stayed on to Madgaon, which would be the main station, we'd have miss this one and would of had to wait for the one at 13.30.

Ok, so this actually works out better because we've had extra sleep, it's becoming daylight and this train takes us into Gokarna Road, which is where Om beach literally is, well a tuk ride away. Kumta, we'd of arrived early hours of the morning, in the pitch black, Kumta station is in the middle of no where too and would of had to take a taxi of one hour to Om beach.. Win Win apart from freaking out that we might of been near Mumbai.. hahahaha.

The train arrived, it was a small train, we jumped on, was a big open carriage, got a seat as there was no one on it, the kids had gone onto other carriages, some on this one. Arrived into Gokarna Road for about 7am, only four hours after we'd suppose to, but it all worked out fiiiiineeee 😊 😊 😊 😊

Took the tuk down the bumpy back roads, around the back of Om Shree and walked through to the beach, Cal liked the beach, i literally don't know anyone who hasn't.

Sangam was all shut up, there was a big blanket up over the reception. So we sat on a table to wait for Surish to wake up 😊 The curtain went down and Surish was standing there.. Heey 😊 He said 'Soooo you're back then' with his smirky grin on his face.. hahaha. I asked if there was a room for us please.. 'No room today, try tomorrow' Ohhhh Waaaaaaat!! This is the only place i wana stay. So we left our bags and walked the beach to find somewhere. Om Shree, Sunset and Nirvana were full.. Oh gosh, all the others had rooms, but we ended up taking a room in Om Sagar, which is next to Sangam, jus more convenient, if we wana move.

Small family run place, the restaurant grounds is sand, go around the back of the restaurant, to the jungle bit to the rooms, one room which is made out of palm tree leaves and bamboo, then a row of four doors, which leads into little concrete rooms, the outside porch area is sand. Its very dark, basic, but its fine
Shantidham Cafe Shantidham Cafe Shantidham Cafe

How bloody lush is that :)
for us for one or two nights, till we can move next door and we're only paying 400 rupees between us, so cheap 😊 They do nice juice here too, coz i'd always come in for a juice to use their wifi, as its much faster than Sangams.. haha.

Went into Sangam for breakfast then back for a nap till around midday 😊 Nice chilled day on the beach, sunbathed and swan 😊

James messaged to say, him and Hana have managed to get a train, how they've got one, i don't know.. Jammy!! They want us to reserve a room for them 😊

I haven't drank since getting my rabies injections, jus haven't been feeling it and also, not sure if i could drink with it either, but i don't need my next one for a couple weeks now, so looking forward to actually having a beer tonight.

We have a little outside shower which is cute, looking up at the sky through the palm trees whilst washing my hair 😊

Got ready and went for some food and drinks in Ganesh, the fish thali there is THE BEST!!!! Then beers over at the sunset bar. Playing cards, i looked out towards the jungle part and saw a light in the sky, bare in mind the beach area is dark and the only light is from each guesthouse, which lets out literally nothing, as i said to Cal, i wonder what that light in the sky is from, coz surely there isn't an airport anywhere close by, as he looked it disappeared. OMGGGGG DID I JUS SEE A UFO hahahahahaha, i was in shock :o Something we will never know aye!!!!

4th Feb

So i've woke with a dodgy tummy today, its defo the food from that train.. Urgh!! Gosh, its like one thing after another at the moment!!

Went into Sangam for 10am, walked up to reception and Surish said in his sloooow voice.. Yess there is room for you Kristy 😊 😊 Yaaaay and we have Lior's old room.. Omgggg amazing, jus what we wanted too!!

Had breakfast and grabbed our bags from next door. There wasn't any room in Sangam for Hana and James, so we've reserved them a room in Om Segar, they're turning up tomorrow morning, thought it was today.

Walking through the
Om BeachOm BeachOm Beach

Walk to Paradise beach
trees, bushes towards Joe and Tomers old bit, which is pretty much opposite ours and there is nothing going on, no one there.. haha.. This was like the watering hole from about 8am. Was odd to see it all so quiet, i'm sure Surish is pleased tho mind.. hahaha!! Our room is so nice, its such a better layout, much more room, little porch, with a hammock, backs onto the beach, so you can hear the waves crashing, perfect!! If i was ever to stay here again and there is a massive chance i'll be back one day, i'd request this room, for sure, i've done the rounds on rooms here now haven't i.. haha.

I heard Ambs voice, so went to find her.. 'Heeeey Guuuuys' 😊 Her, Arch and a couple others i didn't know outside (Owens old room) Ambs has it now.. 'Omgggg you're back' Had a little catch up, whats been going down, the goss of the camp.. hahahaha, bloody hell, so much has happened.. hahahaha!! Walking back over to ours and overheard Arch say.. 'ahh its so nice having Kirst back' Aww how lush is that 😊 Back with the Om Beach Fam 😊

Me and Cal went into town, i really want to learn the dapo (everyone has them on Om Beach, its a piece of cloth, which is star shape and you spin it on your finger and chuck it to each other) and a straw hat they sell in the town, one of the reasons i came back actually.. haha. Found both and bought some juggling balls too, stocked up on some rum on route back and went to the really lovely restaurant on the cliff for some drinks and watched the sunset, which was so beaut 😊

Had a couple beers back at Sangam and hit the sack.

5th Feb

Me and Cal are gona trek over to Paradise beach today 😊 Whilst having breakfast, we had a message from James to say they'd arrived and checked into Om Sagar. So asked if they wanted to come with us, surprised they agreed coz thought they might of been knackered from the train. So they joined us in Sangam. Mad seeing them both together and its mad that we're all together now. Stopped off at Ganesh, to get a falafel laffa to take with us, coz there

Paradise Beach
isn't any options of food really.

Off we walked in behind dolphin shanti, through the trees and up the rocks, then out onto the bit where you can view the two 'Om' beach coves, such a bloody lush view 😊 James is calling me Stacey bloody Dooley.. hahaha.. Coz i'm leading the way 😊 'Go on Stace'.. His voice man, cracks me up.. haha. Reached half moon beach, then up over the rocks onto Paradise beach. These little kids were selling water on this little stand, there were three of them, between five and ten and one of them was smoking, he was only about seven :o I said.. 'Omg are you smoking' and he hid it behind his back, then took a drag and blew it at us, so James pulled out his vape and you know how much smoke comes out of one of those, scared the little shits, it was like a bloody dragon.. hahahaha.

There were a couple people in tents, not many (people jus bring their tents or hammocks over here and stay for a couple nights) Its like the film The Beach 😊 Its like paradise, hence the name, so bloody beautiful.

We were so hot from the walk, put all of our bags down and got straight into the sea.. It was lush 😊 The water drops down quite a bit, but it was so lovely in there 😊 Got out and had a bit of a sunbath, nice fresh coconut and ate our laffa's, then a bloody cow came over, obvs wanting food, James trying to move it away, which was really fucking funny!! He is jus funny, everything he does or says is funny, i jus laugh at him 😊 Ended up taking the scraps of bread over to the cows.

We stayed till around five and decided to take a boat back, was lush on the boat coz you get to see the whole of the beach 😊

Back at the room, music on, getting ready had a couple of rums, James and Han joined us. So Owen had said previously that Dolphin Shanti do the best fish curry, so thought we'd check it out 😊 Headed out to the beach with the minirig on, over to Dolphin Shanti. So no one was in here and there was no fish curry, but the guy said if we want fish, he will get fish for us tomorrow, so that's cool. We basically took over the place with the music, singing, we were pretty drunk mind, dunno what the owners must of thought of us, they were like a little family.. Classic Brit abroad moment.. hahaha.

We ended up staying out on the beach till early hours, with some rum and tunes 😊 Good night 😊

6th Feb

Chilled day on the beach, we were having a swim and over from us were a group of Indian girls, paddling, laying down in the sea, next minute they started screaming from the sea and pointing towards the beach, two cows had gone over and started eating stuff from their bags.. hahahahaha.. but they didn't get out they were stood there screaming, next minute James gets out of the sea to sort it out, slapping the cows on the butt to move them on.. Honestly its was fucking hilarious!! Why is he so funny!!

Mike the Ozzy guy was getting a tattoo done by Ayesha, shes from Nepal, super cool and doing some really good work on his leg, Cal likes my band on my arm, so booked her to do a couple bands around his ankle tomorrow.. Eekkkk.. Getton Cal 😊

Was planning to go back down to Cochin, to meet back up with Matty, to swap over the minirigs and it's super cheap to fly to Thailand from there.. But plans can change jus like that.. We're all gona go to Hampi together instead 😊

Getting ready to go for food, James and Hana turn up at our bungalow, dressed as pirates and hand over a bottle of sailor jerrys.. haha.. More bloody rum!! Had some drinks a little dance in the bungalow. The guy from dolphin shanti said he'd get fish in for us for tonight, so i'd feel terrible, if he did and we didn't go back, we said we'd walk over, if he didn't we'd go to Ganesh for a fish thali instead 😊 Was about to head out and Ambs came over, she was upset, set me off 😞 Soooo much has gone on and shes basically having to leave Sangam tomorrow.. Ahhhh Sad 😞 😞 I calmed her down and we headed over to Dolphin Shanti for food.

They had fish curry, it

Dolphin Shanti
wasn't no Ganesh fish thali mind, it was jus ok 😊 Then went over to Om Shree for drinks and dessert, pineapple fritter and ice cream, delish 😊

Me and James ended up having a massive bloody argument over the Dismaland exhibition.. Gosh!! It was so petty but got pretty heated.. I couldn't be fucked arguing with him and said i was going back. Cal came with me and we jus hung outside Arches room (my old room) with everyone.

7th February

Me and James have made up, i explained what i was trying to say and he said he saw my point now, obvs both of us like the last word.. hahaha, but its all cool, we're mates again 😊

Basically Mike has been letting Ayesha stay in his room for free, shes been doing her tats from here, Suresh has kicked off about it and has now thrown them both out.. Corr he is proper cracking the whip this time round isn't he.. Everyone is going!! Sort of glad we're heading off tomorrow really, coz the vibe here has be a bit down the last couple days.

So Mike leaves his bag at ours and goes off to find him and Ayesha a room somewhere. Me, Ayesha, Cal, Han and James all locked in mine and Cals bungalow, ska music blaring, so Cal could have his tattoo done, without Surish hearing the tattoo gun.. hahahaha!! Else we'd be getting thrown out too.. hahaha!!

There isn't much light when the door and window is shut, Ayesha had a head torch on, lol.

I grabbed my smaller backpack from the floor, so she could sit on the chair there.. As i picked it up about 100 MASSIVE FUCKING ANTS FELL OUT OF IT!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGG.. It was like something out of a horror film honestly, we all freaked out, i held my bag up and they were all scuttling around my feet.. WTF!!

Literally on tip toes, had to get the little broom and sweep them all into the bathroom and wash them all down the drain!! Gosh!! My bag must of had something sweet on it, probably the bloody rum had spilt!!

Two and half hours later she finished.. Me and Cal have matching tats now.. haha!!

It started to rain.. Haven't had rain here yet, was quite nice, jus all sat outside Arches.

Booked a bus for Hampi to leave tomorrow evening. Food in Ganesh. Me and Cal went out to watch the fireworks around midnight.. They were amazing, looked proper magical 😊

8th February

Woke for sunrise, but it was quite overcast.. There's a new little puppy hanging around the beach and the Sangam dogs seem to like him. Normally they're very territorial, even with the cows, they chase them off.. haha.

Its our last day today, we leave later for Hampi. Settled our bill, was a bit worried coz Ambs sister got quoted 1200 rupee for a room a couple days ago, but Surish actually gave it to us for 800.. Bloody winning with that!!

Beers on the beach, music on, i had henna by Regina, all the beach seller were giving me free gifts, necklace, ankle bracelet, they are the sweetest, but to be fair they've had enough out of me over the times, lol!!

Then out of Sangam runs Shani.. Kriiiisty.. Omgggg my girl!! She looked amazing!! When i left last time, she was so sad about Joe, i was soo happy to see her smiling, we had loads of hugs and a good catch up, she had jus come from Hampi and now that's where i was going, she could make me stay, but it is defo feels like the right time to leave Om beach!! She wanted a room at Sangam but 'there is no room in the inn' Surish cracking that whip again, there's defo room, coz me, Cal, Ams and Mike have all checked out now.

I know from before, he doesn't like anyone staying for over two weeks.. Groups form and start to take over the place.. haha.

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4th April 2019

Living the life
So many beaches, so little time.
5th April 2019

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