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February 18th 2018
Published: December 16th 2018
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Gokarna townGokarna townGokarna town

Love sitting in the streets and capturing these images

3rd Jan

Ashwin checked trains for me, there is a train station close to here, but it only goes to Gokarna on certain days, not today, but there's one from Madgon station, which leaves at 1pm. Leo, who checked into my room yesterday, came out and said, he's gona get the train with me, coz it's going his route, he's going down to Bangalore.

Fuck.. We better get a move on then, we've literally got an hour to sort everything. Booked the taxi for 11am, packed, whilst Leo went to get his money exchanged, i ordered in the egg Biryani, to take away.. Egg Biryani is life.. hahaha!!

Said our good byessss.. Omgggg Sad!! I've literally had the best time here, this last week 😊 Will miss this place for sure, so many rule braking, funny, crazy moments and convo's, i couldn't possibly write about.. hahahaha. Will keep those in my written diary.. hahaha 😉 😉

Spoke to Matty, said i was heading down to Gok, he's off to Arambol for a couple days, to meet up with another friend from home, then is going to head down to Gokarna after.. Yaay 😊 So hopefully we cross paths again 😊

The traffic was saaaavage, like, if we miss this train, we'd be a little stranded till tomorrow.. haha!!

Arrived at the train station, it was 13.10, sooooo hoping that the train is delayed.. Rushed into the paying bit and the women said the train is at 13.35, with a 20 minute delay still.. Woooop!! This was the time i got it the last time, so i take it, this is the only time to travel down to Gok then 😊 Ticket was only 30 rupees, how cheap is that 😊 Leo ditched the idea of going to Bangalore for now and decided to come to Gokarna for a few days, to break the trip up. Jumped on the train, view down was lush.

Leo loved it, he's very sweet, young guy from France, travelling on his own 😊 We got chatting to a guy, he was from the Tamil Nadu area, so obvs has a long way to go on the train then 😊 He was saying to us in broken English.. 'Fight fight'.. '16 17 18' With his fingers up on his head like horns, pretending to charge at us.. haha.. We were all laughing, he kept repeating 'Fight.. 16 17 18' So we said 'what like a human fight?' 'No no' he said and put his fingers up to his head again, okaaaay, so maybe its some sort of animal fight on the 16th 17th 18th in Tamil Nadu area, so we said we'd look it up when we some get wifi.. haha, he was quite funny, very sweet. The train stopped and he rushed off the train, we could see him out of the window, rushing around on the platform, looking for something, like what is he doing? He quickly got back on the train and sat back down with us.. I asked if he was ok, he put his hand to mouth and mumbled something about food. So i asked if he was hungry and he nodded.. I had the rest of my egg Biriyani in my bag, so offered it to him, it had a plastic fork in the bag and he scoffed it down, not sure if he's ever used a fork before mind.. haha.. He kept saying 'thank you thank you'.. aww bless 😊 we arrived at Gokarna town station about 16.30.. As we were getting ready
Wakey WakeyWakey WakeyWakey Wakey

Gokarna town market
to get off the train, he took a selfie with us and wrote down his number in my diary 😊 aww 😊

Leo sparked up a bidi outside, its basically a dried out leaf rolled up, with a little tie bit around it, it seems to be what all the older Indian men smoke here, really strong smell, i quite like the smell actually. Got chatting to an English couple, the woman loves the bidi's too, so Leo offered her one, they were also heading to Om beach, so we said we'd share a taxi with them 😊

Walked down the steps to be greeted by beautiful Om beach.. Leo liked the look of this beach, i don't know anyone who hasn't yet 😊 Off we walked over the first cove, then on over to Sangam 😊

Back again 😊 😊

Spoke to Surish and he said all rooms were full, but there is a small room free, we could take that until a bigger room comes available, so we took it 😊 Like he never knows when people are checking out until the day, so you basically have to ask every day if there is any
On the train to GokarnaOn the train to GokarnaOn the train to Gokarna

Egg biryani.. Amazing!!
space, was lucky to get this small room really.

The room is the small ones which are in a line back behind the one I've stayed the last two times, it was small, basic and really dark, coz it has this tiny window, with jus a mattress on top a concrete base, its fine for one or two nights, but defo wana move once ones available. I didn't want to unpack, in case we could move in the morning.

The showers are outside in the jungle for this, you look up whilst showering and you're under the palm trees, it's really lush 😊

We had a couple beers whilst watching the sun set, then an early night 😊

4th Jan

Nice lay, had breakfast and got told we can change rooms.. Yaaaay!! Surish said it's room 13.. Ahhhh unlucky for some, but when we went to check it out, it was the lush room me and Luke hung out in last time (with matey who did the pizza van at the festivals back home) Well happy with that 😊 It's set back from the beach, so you can hear the waves crashing.. Ahh

Watch this little guy from by veranda
its so lush being back here 😊

Literally didn't go to the beach in Vagator, other than that morning to watch the sunrise.. haha. So it was jus nice to chill and get some sunbathing done 😊 Leo is heading off later tomorrow. I said he should check out the town before leaving, there's a food market today, so we got ready and took a tuk tuk into town.

Leo carelessly walks around, with his phone hanging out of his pocket, I'm like put it away.. Then he exchanged more money and was counting it out in the street, like 100 Euros.. I'm like Leoooo, put it away.. hahaha.. Corr he's making me feel on edge.. hahaha!!

Stopped off to buy some mandarins, as i stepped away from the stall, the bag broke and my mandarins rolled all down the road, me chasing them, picking them up, i looked up and seen who i thought was one of my old school friends Eloise whizz past on a scooter.. How strange, so thought i'd send her a message when i got back to Om, to see if she's here.

Bought a few bits, went to get a tuk tuk back and only bumped into Eloise didn't i.. OMGGGG.. Maaaate!! Like we both haven't seen each other in about 10 years, what are the chances aye!! Said we're staying at Om beach, so she said she'd come down to chill and have a catch up. She's here in India for a couple weeks with her friend 😊

Met them both back at Sangam and they were able to check in for the night, into one of the smaller rooms, we spent the eve watching the sunset, feeding the cows ( I write cows now like its jus the norm to feed them on the beach.. Imagine having loads of cows on Exmouth beach.. Everyone would be going nuts.. Probably even be on the news.. Haha. But yeh, that's life now I guess ) eating, drinking beer, having such a good catch up. She's staying in an apartment for a month in Goa, but taking the scooter around and jus crashing for a night some places if she likes them 😊

Eloise's favourite Hindu God is Kali Maa and one of the beach sellers said that there is temple of her's here in Gokarna, so she was
Gokarna town marketGokarna town marketGokarna town market

Alice sent me a video of these chili mounds and some matey was raking them up and loads of rats were jumping out of them.. Yiiiikeess
really excited about that and is gona check it out tomorrow before riding back to Goa.

5th Jan

Sat having breakfast with everyone and in walks Felix and his girlfriend, who i met in Agonda, so random. He wanted a room, Geraldine had recommended Sangam to him, but there wasn't anything free, so i said leave your bags here and walk the beach, to look for some accommodation which is free, nothing worse than having to walk the beach with your backpacks on. They managed to get a room next door, so said we'd go for food later 😊

Said goodbye to El, so lush seeing her, you know when you haven't seen someone for such a long time and the convo could be awkward, it didn't feel like i haven't seen her 10 years ago, was mad, had so much to talk about 😊 She bought loads of beads from one of the sellers, about 10, they were loving her.. haha 😊

Leo was getting some last minute sunbathing in before leaving, i looked out and he was bright red, so i shouted.. 'do you have sun cream on Leo'.. 'No Kirsty' (in his french accent).. 'Omgggg, You're gona burn'.. 'But i want to burn'.. 'Ummmm, no you don't mate, come inside and put some factor 30 on'.. hahaha.. Swear i sound like his Mother, nagging him the last couple days.. haha 😊

Me and Leo got one of the beach sellers to make us a hair braid, Leo put his in, I didn't want mine in right now, my hair is a bit of a bush right now. Haha.

Leo left for Mysore.. Aww he was such a little cutie, loved his bidi's.. haha. I met the Germans for food, but i was feeling so exhausted, i jus wanted to get to bed. Felix was a bit shocked that i didn't want to drink beer.. haha.

6th Jan

Was nice to wake up with out anyone else in the room for a change.

Matty got in contact and said he was coming to Om beach, him and his friend Toe want a room here, the two girls next to me have jus checked out, so i asked Surish and he said they could have their room.

They arrived about 5.30pm, jus as the sun was
Gokarna townGokarna townGokarna town

Buying my mandarin supplie, dropped them, that's when I spotted Eloise :)
going down.. Yaaaay we're neighbours!!

We were suppose to meet the Germans, but not sure where they've got to? So went on to Ganash for food and had a couple drinks. Toe went to bed. Me Matty went for a walk along the beach. We came across a guy (Indian guy) who had dug a big trench in the sand, with candles all along the top, big blanket in the middle and music playing. He was like.. 'Sit down fuckers'.. Kept calling us fuckers.. Motherfuckers.. hahahaha.. Said he was from 'The West-Side Motherfuckers' meaning Mumbai.. (Obviously).. hahaha. He was so random, said he was waiting for his girlfriend, who obviously wasn't turning up, coz we sat with him having a beer for a while. Then he started ringing her, but not speaking to her and shes on the other end saying 'Hello Hello' she sounded Irish.. Then he was putting the phone up to us to speak to her, was jus very random.

We left not long after that.. haha.

7th Jan

Chilled day on the beach and in my hammock. Met a few people around Sangam today, Owen, very sweet guy from Chester, the Ozzy matey opposite me, he's got really long curly blonde hair, looks kind of like a bush action man, walks around with this big hat and these bright orange speedo's on, so sticks out like a sore thumb here. We were watching the sunset out on the beach and he came out of the water, a group of Indian guys surrounded him and they all broke out into a dance, like some sort of tribal dance, it was hilarious, one of the beys was so excited dancing and kept letting out this scream, dropping his towel each time.. hahahaha. They were at this dance for a good half hour mind, then of course they all wanted selfies with them.. hahaha.

I love this time of day here, its so chill, everyone is out having beers watching the sun go down, juggling and doing dapo, the beys who work at Sangam come out to play frizby, they are bloody awesome at it too 😊

We went for food and found a beach fire, everyone around it were British, which is rare 😊 Drinking chatting with everyone, we have a couple of minirigs, so plugged them in and everyone was loving it 😊 Toe wanted to go back, so me and Matty walked her back, then headed back to the fire till late. We ended up swimming in the sea, it was pitch black and we could actually see the plankton.. Omgggg, it was amazing, like proper magical, we moved our hands around and it jus lite up 😊 I've never seen this before, everyone here last time said they had seen it, so I'm glad i got the chance, it very hit and miss 😊

8th Jan

There's quite a big group of us hanging out now, it's a mix of British and Israelis, everyone from Sangam and Om Sree Ganesh, which is a couple doors up from us, but we all sit outside Sangam. Me Alex and Owen, went to find this restaurant that we've heard about, which is up in the cliffs, hidden away, we set off down the beach, over the next cove, up half of the steps, then in around the cliff, came to this sort of dirt track to Shantidham restaurant.. Omgggg this location is an absolute beaut!!!! Little restaurant, set back into the cliff with a lush view of the sea, no one here, aww what a dream 😊 We had a delicious veg curry.

I didn't feel like drinking with everyone, so chilled night for me, i watched a film on Matty's laptop, Manchester by the sea, weird film, jus felt really long to get into, then once it had finish i still didn't really get it.

9th Jan

Me and Matty have been spending a lot of time together now he's here at Om, well every day in fact, it's sort of like a little holiday romance i guess . It's nice, i like him 😊 He went off with Toe for the day and i hung out with Owen.

Omgggg.. I actually got three cows to sit down with me on the beach, i did lure them in with some fruit mind, but they NEVER sit down with anyone.. How cute 😊

Owen's bungalow is a small one without a porch, he has a hammock that he brought with him, so we did a bit of DIY and put up, hung it from one of my posts over to Bears post opposite.. Job done!! We had a couple beers, chilling in our hammocks with Ross From Friends playing. Love Owen, he's so much fun to hang out with 😊 The Irish lads came down, then Joe and Lior, bloody love Lior, he's such a happy chappy, jokes and calls Joe his father, it quite funny.. hahaha!! Formed a bit of a party.. haha. Lior got loads of fireworks in to set off on the beach.. a man with a mission, but we were to fucked/wonky to go out and watch.. hahahahaha. Literally the best night, we had everyone here.

10th Jan

Such a good group of people here, i love it, each time has been soooo different. I think this time is my fav, its like we've formed an Om beach family 😊 😊 Solo travelling at its best, im very happy i made the decision to come back down here 😊 😊

Standard beach day outside Sangam, swimming, sunbathing, juggling, dapo, music, beers, playing cards. I only bumped into Sinead who i spent New Years with in Goa, so she joined us for the day, she's staying in Gokarna town and thought she check out the beach.. Aww 😊

Yesterday me and Owen planned for today to hike over to Paradise beach to camp for the night, but last night was such a mental one, i wasn't really up for the walk. So he checked out of his bungalow and left his stuff at mine and headed over to Paradise for a couple nights with Alex 😊 He left his yew kulai here too.. I've been having a little go the last couple days, i'm not great, not great at all tbh, but its got such a good sound to it, what a cool thing to carry around to learn.

11th Jan

Owen and Alex ended up coming back today and managed to get their bungalows back. Me and Alex headed into town, i really wanted a pair of linen striped trousers that Owen has, he paid about 150 rupees for his, one lady charging loads for them, 500 rupees, i offered her 150, she was like 'im the only one who sells these'.. hmm i dont think so, so went to ask in other shops, but when they pulled out the specific colour i wanted, they were all the bagging baba ones, adamant i wasn't going back to
Om beachOm beachOm beach

When you get the cows to sit with you.. This never happens mind 😱😍
her shop.. haha, but i had to.. hahahaha, but got her down to 250, so not so bad.

Got back, got on the beers, me and Owen put our matching trousers on and a bindi, like little twins.. haha. Everyone went out to the beach as Lior had fireworks again, but we were having to much fun in here. Missed them again.. hahahaha!!

It got really late and i was soooo hungry, so me and Matty went out to see if we could find someone to rustle us up an omelette, dunno what we were thinking, know one is gona be up to cook at this time, it was early hours, but you know when you're drunk, you think anything is possible.. Well it wasn't, didn't get an omelette and ended up swimming in the bloody sea instead. Got back to the bungalow and a girl Sara (who Matty knew.. Eyeroll) was stood on her own by our bungalow hula hooping.. She couldn't even do it, i was like.. 'What are you doing', 'It's like 4 in the morning', no one else was around.. Swear she fancies Matty.. And she was shit at hula hooping too.. haha.
Om beachOm beachOm beach

When you get the cows to sit down with you.. This never happens mind 💁🏽😱

12th Jan

Owen left today.. Saaaad!!

Omgggg.. Flash back from last night, i lent into the reception area of Sangam and took a strip of 10 packets of crisps.. And wrote an IOU note.. hahahahaha.. Omgggg i hope Surish doesn't shout at me. So off i went out to deal with the consequences, he was fine, laughed about it and put it on my tab.. haha. On the way back, we passed Archie and he said.. 'You two were on a right mission to get an omelette last night' hahahaha, he was saying, 'you aint getting one at this time', then i said to him that i was gona go into the kitchen and cook myself one.. hahaha.. Fuck sake. Such a menace.

We were so hungover today, spent the whole day ordering pizza to the bungalow and watching the series of 'Stranger Things'

13th Jan

It's Matty's last day today, so we went for a little ride on the scooter. Said our goodbyes, he left with a couple others from Sangam onto Hampi. Was actually sad for him to leave, but who knows, may see each other again, he's from England, we've

Mine and Owens handy work..
already met up in like three different place in India and the size of this place is huge in comparison to England.. haha.

First night in ages I've had a bungalow to myself, wasn't really up for doing anything, so i had an early night.

14th Jan

Felt a little bit sad this morning, waking up and Matty not being here 😞 Had breakfast over at Joe's, everyone was onit already.. Standard.. hahaha!!

We'd been drinking all day and were gona head out to this psytrance party in the jungle, but people were coming back and saying about police shutting it down, so me Lior, Joe, Shani, Tomer and Haya went out to the beach with some music to make a fire.. The fire didn't happen, but the candles did the trick. Went back into Lior's room for a bit, but the couple next door were moaning and saying we were being loud, so headed back out to the beach, it was late and dark and as i stepped out of Sangam to the beach, a dog was there and i stood on the dog.. Obvs not seeing it, being dark, the dog jumped up and bit the back of my leg and ripping my trousers.. Shelly took me into her room to clean my leg, i was being dramatic rolling around on Thaila's bed.. shouting out 'Omgggg my leg is gona fall off' hahahaha. 'If i die, i wana be burnt and my ashes thrown in the sea, in paradise' then Thalia goes.. Omgggg i wana be buried in paradise too.. hahaha.

Anyways, after a dramatic half hour, i was fine, we went back out to the beach. Me and Lior laid cuddling for a good seven hours, jus chatting about everything, it was so nice.. Ohh, i love Lior so much 😊 The sun came up, we saw people walking the beach with their backpacks from that early hours train that gets into Gok.. The family of cows sneaking in the gate of Sangam and the baby being left outside on its own, pasing around, screaming like a right loon.. hahaha. Then one of the guys letting it in so it could find its family.. hahaha.

We stayed on the beach till about 11am, we were all like, fuuuucccckkkk we should really be getting back in.. hahaha.

15th Jan


Lush food - Amazing views
slept from 12 till about 3, got up, got myself a leomana and sat over at Joe's, we all felt savage, we'd basically done an all nighter.. haha and jus kept laughing about last night, fuck sake!! Havent felt like this in a while :/

Sat out on the beach and Lior comes strolling over, absolutley fucked, covered in paint.. hahahaha, he still hadn't slept and been on a wander.. hahaha, Menace!!

We had a much needed early night about 9 😊

16th Jan

Me and Lior ended up kissing.. Shock, was bound to happen.. haha. Aww he's soo sweet tho 😊

Shower, breakfast, sunbathed, standard day at Om.. haha.

I had said to Fredy (who me, Luke and Joe hung out with down at Varkala and Allepy) that i was coming down to Cochin, they live about an hour from Cochin.

Even though i've been down to Kerala, there still is a lot i havent seen, skipped Cochin last time, so thought id go check it out. I say check it out like its jus down the road, but im gona have to take a night train of about 11/12 hours.. haha. So Fredy is basically arranging for him Dominic and Akhil (all the guys we met before) to pick me up from Aluva station, which is about an hour from Cochin to take me on a little road trip to Munnar for a couple of days, how nice is that.

Today i've managed to get a train for tomorrow, booked it in Nirvana. It's a bit of a mission trying to get a train sometimes, you basically have to go in every day, its pot luck, unless you book months in advance. David (one of the isreali beys) is getting the train with me, which is great, coz we're having to go from Kumta, i've been into that station before and its in the middle of no where and the train is at 9.30 at night, do not fancy being there on my own, thanks. We wanted it from Gok town as its jus up the road, but thats only on certain days, which would mean staying at Om beach another week, but its time to move on, i've been here 2 weeks now, was only popping down to chill and its turned into a two week bloody bender.. hahaha. You jus get stuck here.. hahahaha!! It's so lush.

So David is heading towards Munnar too, shame he cant come in the car really, but there isn't any room, with everyones luggage.

After booking the train, me and David stood watching this tiny Indian man, honestly he was so small and skinny, climb the trees and get down any loose coconuts down, dropping them down, making a massive thud, corr, would literally knock you right out or even kill you if you aware. He had the best tekkers, honeslty, climbing up the trees, hacking off the coconuts with a massive machette.

Over at Joe's, he mentioned it was Archies birthday, Arch hadn't mentioned it and was out sunbathing, so i went to get some paper, Joe had some coloured pens and we made him a birthday card, got everyone to sign it, cute 😊 I went to get my minirig, so we could play a bit of Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday, opened the case and Matty has only left with my minirig, hasnt he. His is in my case!! At least i have one, but yeh a bit annoying!!

Anyways Lior went to get Arch from the beach.. he walks in around to Joes and we have it on and we're all singing.. Happy Birthday to ya.. Happy Biiiirthdaaaay (best birthday song ever) Ahh he loved it, looked like he was gona cry, bless 😊 He said it's the best card he's ever had 😊

I missioned into town and back to get cash out in about half hour.. haha, chilled night 😊

17th Jan

Last Day 😞 😞 😞 😞

Surish has let me have my room for the day, my train is'nt till 9.30pm and thats from Kumta. I'm sharing a taxi tonight with David and a couple who we met whilst booking the train, Alex and David, the taxi is 1000rups, coz it's like an hour away, so thats great, can split it between four of us. I've let everyone use my room today. Im pretty much packed, last day on the beach, beers, sunset, said goodbye to everyone.. Omgggg Saaaad!!!! Literally gona miss everyone soooo much. We've got such a good group here this time 😊

Taxi came at 7.45pm, i messaged Fredy from my ipad to say i was leaving, see them tomorrow and

Regina & Debbie
to track my train for delays, as i have no phone, literally winging this one.. hahaha!!

Arrived at the station, shock the train was delayed, by two hours, so glad im not on my own right now tbh.. haha, coz Kumta station is tiny and literally in the middle of no where, you stick out like a sore thump and theres loads of stray dogs, proper growlers!! But the cutest little puppie, who was sitting on my feet.. awwww 😊

Mad it was about 11pm and there was a girl pushing who looked like her Grandad in a wheelchair through the station, she must of only been about 7/8 and then set up a little bed for them, so sad 😞 They wernt begging, i didnt have anything on me other than crisps, so i offered her my crisps, i dunno even if she'd like them, but she excepted them 😊

Train arrived about midnight, me and David were in the same carage, but Alex and David were in another, so quickly said goodbye and got on the train, in pitch black trying to get ourselves sorted for the nights sleep, i was on the top bed i was shattered, i went straight to sleep.

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Beers outside Sangam
Little proLittle pro
Little pro

Om beach
Outside JoesOutside Joes
Outside Joes

Wish I took more pictures :(


Outside Archies
Happy Birthday mateHappy Birthday mate
Happy Birthday mate

My handmade card.. He loved it :)
The girls :)The girls :)
The girls :)

Om beach

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