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January 29th 2018
Published: July 6th 2018
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12th Dec

We were flying at 5am, so had a taxi booked for 2am.. Omgggg saying bye to Sunny was really emotional, i actually felt like crying, we've had such a laugh.. None stop laughing travelling together. It went from me chatting to him in Jodphur, to him mentioning he was doing a road trip in his car, to me basically inviting myself and Luke to join him without any choice.. hahahaha. We went from, Puskar, Jaiphur, Agra, Delhi, Mussoorie, Landor, Rishikesh, Delhi.

The far north west wasn't even on our minds and its been one of the most amazing parts and travelling with someone who's from India, with all his knowledge was great, I'm sure he got fed up with my silly questions tho.. hahaha!! Will miss you Sunny!! Thanks for the best time. xxxx

As i stepped into the airport i came over all faint, i dunno what it is with airports, i instantly feel weird in my chest and head, someone said, maybe its anxiety, but i'm not scared of flying, i actually really like flying. Checked in, my bag was bang on 15kgs.. Woooo 😊 And so was Ronja's, fuck
Food stopFood stopFood stop

Goa - Madgon station
knows how, coz her bag is massive!!!! Her and G have all their hiking gear with them!!

Went through customs, as my hand luggage bag was going through the scanner, a man took it to one side and said 'You have knife in bag' i was like WTFFFFFF!! He said 'Remove' so i said, i honestly don't know where this knife is, it was in my top zip bit and was a bloody pen knife wasn't it, he removed it and flipped it up saying 'This is not allowed' Omgggg.. Keep it. Fuck Sakes!! hahahaha!!

I sat next to Ronja and she gave me some calms, drops to put under my tongue and these glucose tablets, i felt better, i jus shut my eyes and slept through it.

Two and a half hours later we arrive into Goa.. Woooo.. Get us to the beach.. Well, If only it was that easy.. haha.

Had to take two local buses to get to a rail station that we thought could get us to Gokarna. Arriving there to find it closed, its about 30 degrees mind and we're running around double bagged, a local women said we had to
Fruit for me.. hahahaFruit for me.. hahahaFruit for me.. hahaha

Goa - Madgon station
go to Madgon Station and can take a direct train from there. So jumped on a bus, then another bus and finally reached the station, bought a ticket, which cost us 30p, but it wasn't till 13.25, so had a good couple of hours to wait.

The station was so busy, people sitting all over the floor, people begging, so we sat outside over the road at a food stand, loads of stray dogs barking, gypsy girls walking around begging, i like their distinctive look, they're quite inspirational with what they wear i reckon, they pile on the jewellery, really cool stuff, would look great at a festival back home 😊 The food place was so grubby, i really couldn't eat from it, everyone else did though.. haha, i went off to find some fruit, i swear fruit literally saves my life sometimes. Banana's and mandarins.. hahaha!!

The train was delayed, so sat around for a while longer. Finally turned up, nice train ride down tho as it was only about two and a half hours, amazing scenery of the backwaters.

Pulled up to Gokarna Road Station and jumped into a tuk tuk, to Om beach. The sights you see driving these roads are so nice, proper chilled village life, always groups of women though, women with massive piles of hay or grass, carrying it on their heads.. Proper strong these women!! We asked the guy to take us the back road round, wasn't really feeling up to walking the steps and beach after this long day. The back road behind the beach is small and all the trees are growing everywhere and it's so bumping, like your tuk tuk flies everywhere, its actually quite dangerous to be honest.. Most of the tuk tuk drivers try and avoid it or make you pay more money, which is far enough. Geraldine was like.. 'Are you guys kidnapping me' hahahaha!!

Pulled up behind Sangam, chickens running around everywhere, walked over the rocks in the small water stream part and up to Nebs place, then onto reception to see Suris ( who runs Sangam).. He had booked us into our old room number 10, Geraldine and Ronja next door.. Omgggg it felt like we had come home, was an amazing feeling, but i felt so exhausted. Proper mission day!! and i had come on my period, everyone was going out for food and drinks, but i jus wanted to shower and nap, so said to go a head without me.

13th Dec

16 hours i slept for.. hahahaha!! Literally needed that!! Fully recharged, out for breakfast, omelette, fruit and a limonana, my fav, its lemon, ginger and mint jiuce, its soo refreshing.

Lush day of relaxing, sunbathing and swimming 'om my fav beach' 😊 😊 It's the most amazing feeling to be back here, life here is simple, you have your bungalow, the restaurant, the beach and the sea, all within about 2 minute walk.. haha.

All the beach sellers coming up to us.. Welcome back 😊 Cute, there's only about 12 of them, but Luke hasn't got any patience with them.. hahaha. I like them, Ravy with the limp, who's Mum tattooed him as a baby, Debbie the badass, Rejina the cute other lady 😊 I've probably mentioned before, but they all live in the same rural village, about an hours walk from here, they come here and walk this tiny beach for about 8 hours a day selling beads, they grew up with basic to nothing schooling because the area is so poor, so this is basically their only job opportunity in life, to provide for their family, so fair play to them for getting out there and working it, rather than beg!! They don't want you to feel sorry for them, they jus want a chat to make their day more interesting. I love listening to their life stories. I look at what I've jus been doing over the last month since leaving Om the last time, travelling around the north, then to come back here, where they're still doing the same, day to day, never even stepped outside of Gokarna, coz they cant, never had the opportunity and probably never will.. I'm feeling quite privileged and grateful of life right now, being able to see and do what i do so willingly.. So yeh i like to make an effort to chat to them if they want to, rather than shooing them away!!

Me, Geraldine and Ronja decided to take the trek over to paradise beach, suppose to take a bout an hour. Luke wasn't up for it. Set off, walked to the end of the beach and in the back part at dolphin shanti guest house, through the trees, up to the top of the cliff, we came out to a lush view point of Om beach, could see both coves.

Headed back into the trees, along the cliff front, then down, we arrived at half moon beach, to no one on it, it was a really beautiful little cove beach, with a little deserted building at the back bit from the sand, so went over to check it out, coz looked like people had been here, maybe before people may had stayed here? Then a man walked out of this building, western guy, old, long hair, robe on, looked like he had been washed up and had been living here for about 20 years.. hahaha, it was quite freaky, he didn't say anything to us and we didn't to him, so walked back out to the beach and headed over to the way for paradise beach.

So back up the cliff, through the trees, then down the rocky cliff, we reached paradise beach.. Woooo 😊 Took us about 40 minutes 😊 Had a little walk around, there was loads of graff sprayed with the name Sabaf, wonder what that means? Or some matey has literally tagged the fuck out of his name here.. hahaha!! We couldn't hang around to long coz the sun was going down and we didn't want to leave to late and have to walk back through that forest in the dark, so took some pictures and headed back 😊

Got back over to half moon beach and came across a couple of Indian guys, we had seen them earlier at Om beach, dragging their bicycles over the sand with a small speaker blaring out music, we thought, how random, but we weren't that close to speak to them. So stopped to chat here, they were having a little chai stop, cute 😊 They're basically riding their bikes from Mumbai to Bangalore.. WOW!! Everyone knows how crazy, busy the roads are in India, so to be riding them, that's pretty hardcore, in the heat too and Mumbai to Bangalore, that's so far, like nearly 1000KM. Fair play!! They had us singing 'We Will Rock You' on the mic, was really funny, they walked back with us as they had left their bikes at Om beach, so they could trek over to half moon beach😊

14th Dec - 18th


Max and Matt who we met in Jodphur and Pushkar came down to stay, so each sharing rooms with us 😊

We spent the next few days.. Swimming, sunbathing, walking the beach, eating fruit on the beach, sitting with the dogs, spotting dolphins, chatting with the beach sellers, drinking looaaddss of rum (old monk) hanging out with Dor, the Israeli beaut who was here last time, he's come back also 😊 😊 music/partying on our porch (standard 😉 ) eating puri baji, eating dosa, eating the hottest dhal (my mistake) eating thali, drinking limonana, drinking chai, watching cows run the beach, buying more bracelets.. haha, hammock chills, watching the locals next door prep their food, watching them catch chickens and put them in cage to be taken to be sold, Me and Max getting shouted at by the police for being up on the rocks (danger rocks apparently) watching sunsets, Luke getting bit so many times by the mozzies.. haha, Gokarna town street art, falling out with Neb coz he started on Geraldine :/ eating lush food in Ganash, playing loads of shithead and rummy, hanging out with the English couple who runs a pizza van at the festivals back home..


Geraldine and Ronja were only suppose to stay here for one or two days, but they ended up staying five, G said the place reminded her of home, Honduras and she was so happy that we had brought her here 😊 She didn't want to leave, but had to move on, see what I've said before, its so easy to get stuck here.. haha. They've headed to Agonda, so we will meet up with them there 😊

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Half Moon BeachHalf Moon Beach
Half Moon Beach

The little building the guy came out of.. Weird!!
Paradise Beach..Paradise Beach..
Paradise Beach..

Sabbaf Graff??
We will Rock You..We will Rock You..
We will Rock You..

The guys who were cycling Mumbai - Bangalore
Walking backWalking back
Walking back

The guys who were cycling Mumbai - Bangalore

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