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January 23rd 2018
Published: February 24th 2018
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Om beach - Sunset my fav time of day, everyone comes out onto the beach and plays frisbee

6th November

Was packing my backpack and Freddy came in, I had tampons all over the bed and he asked what they were, lol.. So I explained and he said in some Hindu temples if the women is on her period she cannot enter the temple.. That's jus insane, like its a natural thing to happen, I'm pretty sure given the choice, no women would want a period each month, madness that!!

Went over to catamaran for the last time for breakfast, then set off to the train station.

An old lady at the station said I had a nice smile, sweet 😊

So we've booked the basic three tier sleeper, suppose to be 14 hours, will arrive into Kumta at 3am tomorrow. When you get on the train, the middle bed is put down, so everyone sits on the bottom, you have jus random people sitting on your seat/bed.

A lady with a sleeping baby was sat on mine, I sat opposite and said she could stay there, she nodded and smiled at me. You jus look at people on trains and wonder what their stories are, like with her.. Where is she going, she had a small backpack, a baby, very young, pretty, curly hair, red/blue dress, red shall, sandstone ring, gold bracelets, red velvet bindi in the middle of her head, nice earring and red nail varnish.

Her daughter had a frilly dress on, little ankle bracelets on each ankles, the cute shaky bell ones.

The Mum sits with her legs up while the baby sleeps behind.

She finally wakes up and her Mum emptied pomegranates into a small tub for her to snack on, cute little thing, short curly hair, she must of been about 1/2, I smiled at her and she offered me some pomegranates.. Cute!!

I have a sat man next to me listening to Punjab music on his phone, Lukes sat on the seat by the isle/windows chatting to a guy who is a nurse, day time trains aye, I'm jus writing and taking it all in 😊

So I ask the baby if she wants to draw with my pen, she was scribbling all in my book, it was really sweet, then I was drawing around her hand and helping her draw around mine, she was loving it.. Then Luke said why don't I get that bag of toys out of my bag, which my Mum had given me to give to the kids, but I keep forgetting I have them.. Ok so she didn't jus want one thing she wanted everything from the bag, little hand clapping things, whistles, frogs, cars, even the small pack of playing cards, she made me take every card out one by one, pass it to her then she passed it to her Mum, she was entertaining the whole carriage for hours, it was time for them to get off the train, the baby kicked off Coz she wanted the whole bag.. Whoops, I said she could have all of them, it's fine.. Hahaaha, her Mum said.. No Mam to many.. We settled it by given her two hand clappy things.. Little missy wasn't she, so I still have this whole bag of toys now -2 things.. And won't be getting the whole bag out again.. Hahahahaha. Funny tho.

Joe has not said a word to me all day, so if that's the way he wants to be then fine, Coz I can be a stubborn bitch too!!!!

7th November

Set the alarm for 2am and checked on delays, the train was gona be delayed about five hours, so would reach Kumta at around 8am, which was perfect, that ment we didn't have to hang around at the train station early hours, so I went back to sleep till sunrise.. Wow the sunrise was incredible, looked really rural, like the outback of Oz, got loads of nice pics from the train.

19 hours later we arrived into Kumta station, it had a real outback feel to it, small station, couple of Tuk Turks out the front, then had little doors on them, lol. Took one to the bus station which was literally down the road, could of walked, but it was only 10 rupees each, lol. We're now in the state of Karnataka.

We managed to get straight on the bus, which was great, it was early morning, so it kept stopping to let school kids on and off, they all dress so smart for school, bless. Looking out the window, instantly felt like we were in a different state, there were cows everywhere again.. Haha and it felt very Indian, very local.

A praying mantis was above Joe.. We watched it climb everywhere, then Joe opened the window and it got out.. Haha.

One hour later we reached Gokarna bus station, then a Tuk Tuk to Om beach.. I've never even googled the place to see what it's like, so really didn't know what to expect, we had no accommodation booked, Ash and Lauren had jus left from here and said you basically have a few guesthouse and you have to ask them individually.

Got dropped off at the top of the steps, walked down with all our luggage and was greeted by a lush cove beach.. Om My Gosh.. (See what I did there 😉 It was lush, lined with palm trees, little rocks in the sea, NO ONE ONIT.. AND FLAT SEA.. Woooo.. I can defo swim here!!

There was a guest house jus off the steps, so sat and had a dosa and went to check where the accommodation was, asked a fisherman, who said we had to walk to the second cove and there's about 10 guesthouse in amongst the tress.

The first was was nice, but wanted to check a few more before agreeing.. Third one was Sangam, a guy walked us through the back jungle to the bungalow, number 10.. 800 for three of us.. Omg I love it.. Big room, big bed, like all three of us could fit in the bed, we won't need the spare mattress, bathroom attached.. Really lovely gardens, a few bungalows scattered amongst it, little family house opposite our room.

Everyone in the guest house are amazing, so friendly.

8th - 13th November

Everyday pretty much rolled into one here.. Hanging out with Neb, jus really loved listening to his stories, he's from Belgium and has a really posh English accent, lol. Fun veranda times with Luke, Joe, Dor, Tal & Jordan from Isreal, drinking, smoking, eating so much pizza.. Haha.. The party porch!!

I had to get a frog and a cockroach out of Tals room, bare in mind I HATE cockroaches!! They're the things I'm scared of the most!!

Visiting the town, which was really small and local.

Seeing soaking wet Buffaloes walking through the town.

Ladies carrying huge sticks on their heads, like two metres long, huge bundles of them.

Sunbathing on the best beach I've seen in India

Looks like the outback of Oz
so far.


Spotting more Dolphins.

Watching cows walk the beach, then into Sangam restaurant.. Haha.

Eating delicious food in Sangam and Ganesh.

Watching the most amazing sunsets and everyone out playing frisbee.

Chatting to the beach sellers, their stories, Ravi, has a fork tattoo in between his eyes, his Mum did it when he was a baby, said he was a bad child and also scratched his arm with the ink when he cried as a baby to tell him to shut up.. Savage.

Then you have Devi, she's the badass one on the beach.. Walks past you.. Heey sexy lady, no money no honey.. She's got all the chat.. Haha.

They basically live in a village about one hour away, then walks the beach all day selling bracelets, beads and stones. Quite sad really as this is their only opportunity in life for work, but they do it to provide for their families.

Hammock chills, watching ants take web into leaves, which they're forming some sort of cocoon.

Getting stung by a bee.

Watching the guys at Sangam take the wax out of the beehive and put it into wooden squares, then back into the hive. Watching them out fishing with a net in the sea.

Having a dragon fly, hornet, spider, frogs, geekos, moth, cockroach, all in your room in one day.. Fair to say, I'm not that scared of bugs anymore.. Hahaha.

The rum run, in the most bizarre place, dark room, full of men, screaming dog in there.. Literally would not of gone in there on my own that's for sure.

Stray dogs, four of them, which are pretty much adopted into Sangam, all they do is itch and nibble on their backs, Coz of the mites, don't know why they jus don't lay out in the sea, that would get rid of them, one of them which Neb loves, says it's his dog.. Haha.. But she has a prolapse virgina.. Looks ranks, really sad tho!! She has a son, who is a little menace.

Writing Happy Birthday in the sand for my Dads Birthday card on funky pigeon.. Haha.

More hammock chills, watching the child in the house opposite our room get a new bike and all of them having a go on it, was really cute, but it had all the plastic still over it and still did a week later.. Haha. Also watching the women at that house prep the food in the afternoon, while their newborn baby swung in the hammock.. Cute.

I gave that house the bag of toys and the Aleuts we're loving it more than the boy.. Haha.

So the plan was to spend two days here, then head to Arambol for two days, before heading to Mumbai, but we ended up staying here for eight days.

The beginning of the week me and Joe didn't speak for a few days, but towards the end of the week we did and finishing at Om beach on a high and as friends.

Me and Luke are heading to Mumbai on the night train which we booked in Nirvana at Om beach and Joe is staying here as his visa runs out in two weeks and doesn't fancy leaving here for Mumbai.

Actually really sad to leave this place, it's so easy to get stuck here, it's very easy living and very fucking beautiful 😊 😊

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One of many.. I actually got them to send me this pic :)
First coveFirst cove
First cove

Om beach

3rd March 2018
The beys from Sangam fishing

Local fishing
I'm always fascinated with local fisherman. It is generally the same but very different.
30th July 2018
The beys from Sangam fishing

They have great skills :)

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