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Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg July 10th 2019

url= be a tremendous and exciting experience. However, jet lag and lack of sleep are notorious for destroying a number of company and recreation journeys for the first few days. Nothing can disturb your sleep schedule like boarding an airplane and going to a foreign country – even if it’s enjoyable. People are not machines; therefore, sleep is vital to our health and wellness. A sleep study demonstrates shocking proof that the effects of sleep deprivation may lead to damaging physical and mental health. Therefore, it is essential for tourists to have adequate sleep before and while traveling to prevent some serious mistakes that may cost them their health... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg May 29th 2018

The Ecotourism practices at Coorg tourist attractions are highly substantial specifically at Nisargadham and Dubare Elephant Camp. The people involved in managing these places are doing commendable job. To exemplify local people are fully involved in the tourism activities which are listed below: At Nisarghadham: Local people are given commercial spaces to put up their stalls of chocolates, apparels, handicrafts, dry fruits, spices, food, wines, etc. Some are deployed for the upkeep of the area. Some take care of the adventure activities at the spot. Cottages made of bamboos for accommodations are taken care by the local people. At Dubare Elephant Camp: Local people take care of the transportation activity from the parking area to the camp site, they are involved in the activities like bathing, feeding and training of elephants. The crossing of river to ... read more
Dubare Coorg

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg November 15th 2016

We left the dusty, dry desert of Rajasthan and flew 1,125 miles south to Bangaluru. From Jaipur to Bangaluru, our flight took a little over 2 and a half hours. Once we arrived in Bangaluru, we drove over 6 and a half hours to reach Coorg, India. The roads were rough and winding along our drive and every village had speed bumps so it was difficult to move at a very fast speed. We are officially in the southern part of India. This is apparent to us because: * The landscape has changed dramatically. It looks more lush and more tropical. There are flowers, crops and fruit trees everywhere you look. The horizon is dotted with palm trees. * The locals have slightly darker skin coloring than those in the northern parts of India. *There seems ... read more
Roughing It in Coorg
Our Back Yard
View From Breakfast Table

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg December 27th 2014

Leaving Kannur in the direction of Madikeri, I (Nina) had to face a special challenge. After having changed my ayurvedic medicine the evening before (as prescribed by the doctors), I had quite a strong diarrhea. As I felt healthy and ok, I did not pay much attention to it, but a 6 hour bus journey was not really what I was looking for. Anyway, we were lucky. Being the first ones on the bus, we were sitting in prime position in the front row with a perfect view. After 1 hour of travelling, we realised that theses seats were essential for a good journey. The driver was driving like crazy and the road was really curvy. The result: we were nearly the only one not feeling sick and not in need of some sickness bags. Instead ... read more
Bylakuppe - in the smaller temple
hiking in Coorg
Coorg flower

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg October 8th 2014

By Vishnu. Have you ever Coorghed? If you haven’t, do it now. It doesn’t matter whom you go with- its a place of Liveliness, happiness and craziness. Very recently, I (Vishnu) traveled to Coorgh with six of my besties in Innova. Due to the long weekend (October 2nd to October 6th, 2014), Coorgh would obviously be crowded, but my experience was amazing nonetheless. It all started on October 2nd. I started with six of my friends from Bangalore (they deserve to be named here- Harsha, Varma, Roopesh, Chaitanya, Anil and Muni.) Our trip started at around 11 in the morning after a small McDonald’s brunch on the way to Mysore. We reached Mysore at around 3'o clock (we underestimated the traffic, because of the long weekend.) We also had lunch at Parklane hotel in Mysore; they ... read more
Deer Sightings
Early morning View
White Water Rafting.

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg August 22nd 2014

Januaray 2007. This was my first trip after moving to Bangalore. Varun and Pawan, my colleagues had just bought their bikes and had been looking to go on a long pleasure ride. So on one fine Friday night we along with Imon decided to set out for Coorg the next morning. We memorized the route to Coorg via Mysore through google maps. Smartphones with 3G connections were not quite there then. Hitting the highway next morning was quite a good feeling. It was a trip where I was kind of leading the pack of four boys on bikes and thus got a feeling of having finally entered adulthood from the protected years of college life. We headed south-west of Bangalore on Mysore Road which happened to be one of the best highways at that time. We ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg November 16th 2013

Coorg Travel-log (21/10/13 to 24/10/13) by Aravind Prelude It’s after more than 12 years that I am at writing a travel-log again. Not that, in 12 years we haven’t travelled, but for one reason or other, it simply didn’t happen. I dedicate this to the dearest family! When I make a comparison between ‘the then’ and ‘now’, I realise that slowly I have distanced myself from making detailed planning and preparation for the trip. As for everything else, this approach has its positives and negatives. Many of them revealed themselves during the trip. We hope to learn from these experiences and get better for next trip, which of course will be next year. We have forced ourselves to... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg January 13th 2013

13 January 2013 Our final day in Kushalnagar and it starts early in my home, with loud music, as it is Sunday, the traditional day of worship. I enjoy a traditional Kerala dish for breakfast, rice with green bean curry and then rice with banana and sugar. The bananas here are delicious. It is followed by a dosa and coconut milk chutney. Enjoying this food a lot! Jeny is at mass this morning so I don’t get a chance to say goodbye and Preeth is ill unfortunately. We are taken to visit two of the towns 18 Buddhist temples. The Tibetans were gifted some land here after their escape in 1959 and they have a community of around 30,000, including 10,500 monks. The temples are beautiful and even though they are a tourist attraction, they are ... read more
At the temple
Mysore Palace
Well deserved refreshments

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg January 12th 2013

12 January 2013 Our first and only full day in Kushalnagar and we have a busy schedule. First stop is the Dubare Elephant Camp. The twenty elephants here are owned by the Karnataka Forestry Department and used to help move wood in the forest. After the initial excitement of seeing a forty year old daddy elephant and a two year old baby (too cute!), we are a bit shocked to see that they are chained together and struggle to walk far. Their eyes are also watering which makes them look so sad. They each seem to be assigned a handler; some are just young boys with sticks which have a metal hook on one end. They use these to drive the elephants and move them down towards the river. Some sit on the back of the ... read more
Cooling down
Photo of the day - Jefy posing
Coffee factory

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg January 11th 2013

11 January 2013 Apparently I have an amazing knack for falling asleep almost anywhere! I slept for most of the ten hour flight from Heathrow to Bangalore, I got a good hour or so at the airport with my head in my lap, I catch 40 winks after lunchtime most days when we are travelling from place to place and today I have managed to curl up like a cat on the bus and have a couple of hours sleep on our long and bumpy (Indian roads are amazing!) journey from Mangalore to Kushalnagar. I had a few tears again while saying goodbye to the Banker family in Mangalore. I managed to join Punit’s mum and dad for breakfast and they gave me a beautiful gift to send me on my way. Everybody is just so ... read more
My home for two days
Lovely south Indian cuisine

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