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October 1st 2006
Published: October 1st 2006
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last dinner w/ yoga crew last dinner w/ yoga crew last dinner w/ yoga crew

this is on our lovely roof w/ our crooked table
There is a neighborhood dog that i have befriended. Actually there's 3 of them, Burt, Ernie, and Jerry (i named them). I think i am the only person who's actually had the balls to pet them (although i only do this when i know i can wash my hands immediately afterwards) and they took a liking to me. But Ernie, my best bud, is jealous and he won't let any of the other dogs get near me when it's petting time. So over the past couple of weeks the others have sort of disappeared. But Ernie walks me to and from class, and whenever he sees me out and about he'll accompany me. See we have this bond. Ernie has an itchy butt. He's always trying to get at it with his teeth and will sometimes pummel me with his behind to try to get me to scratch it. Seeing as i've suffered from the same problem over the years, i glady oblige him. I scratch his rear end (not the hole) but the top of the tail and his back and i give him dog massages after yoga. I feed him my leftover bread. He loves me and i love him, and this love stems from a mutual understanding of anal itching.....it's a beautiful thing.

I went to the movies today. It is a holiday this weekend and i have 2 days off from class, so i decided to be a big fat american. My movie selections were not stellar......it was between "Snakes on a Plane" and "John Tucker must Die." Since "snakes" was on too late i opted for the latter. It was a dumb movie, which i expected, but i was entertained by the experience none the less. The movie theatre here is like the airport. You have to be frisked and swiped down with one of those metal detector things before you can enter. The popcorn stand sells popcorn, warm fountain pepsi, refrigerated candy bars, chicken sandwhiches, nachos, cake, and tea. Random. They actually slice your cake from a whole refrigerated one. I thought it was amusing. The seats are assigned, and the theatre has a weird smell. Instead of strip lights to illuminate the stairs, they have really long glow sticks that snap into each stair. They play the movie SO LOUD. I had to stick toilet paper in my ears it was so loud.
You know at the beginning of movies when they show the green or black screen that says something to the effect of "all rights reserved...copyright Fox pictures....blah blah whatever?" Well instead of the black screen, it was actually someone filming a piece of paper that had all that content on it....very funny. The movie was again, horribly lame, but i laughed a couple of times and it was mind numbing entertainment.....all i could really ask for on a day off.

All my roomies completed their yoga training, so i am now inhabiting a 7 bedroom place alone. I was very sad to see them all go, and the house is very quiet. We had a lovely dinner on the roof on their last night here. They're all heading to Mysore to do more yoga and enjoy the holiday festivities. Tomorrow is a holiday and i think i will go and take pictures, so there will probably be a follow up blog. Miss You guys!

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cause i scratched his butt

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