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July 8th 2010
Published: July 8th 2010
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In common usage "chaos" means "a state of disorder". For sure I'm not the first one to use this word in association to India's every day life. You see so many in all possible walks of life you come to think of your own culture as dull and homogeneous. Having Brazil for the melting pot it is, Brazilians cannot be narrowed down to one particular face or color or type. On the other hand, you can easily portray the typical Indian woman in her black long hair and saree or a fellow Indian man boasting his full moustache.

I cannot express my sincere respect to the drivers around here. No lights, no post signs, narrow roads and streets found in poor conditions and very heavy traffic: the byproduct could only be chaos and disaster. However, I could never notice one single moment when drivers cursed each other or had any competing attitude in traffic. In fact, I couldn't notice one single sign of frustration in their faces. Honking horns is part of driving procedure. I got to think that honking the horns is the most effective way of one telling the other "look, i have my own space, you keep yours". This is actually beautiful when you come to think that tollerance is exercised on a daily basis.

This is just random thought as week goes by at work. I'm posting some videos of the traffic on the way to/from work. In addition to that, some highlight pictures of the week. 😊


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