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September 24th 2008
Published: December 14th 2008
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I bit into a soft Podi Tossed Idly bemused, I've been living in Bangalore for close to three years and this was the first time that I was eating at a South Indian restaurant. That works because when you live in South India, you end up eating at an Adigas or a Shanthi Sagar when you want some quality and affordable South Indian food.

This time however, I was in the mood to try a 'real' restaurant, replete with waiters and their menus and bottled or 'normal' water. So we entered Southindies on 100 ft road in Indira Nagar. The interiors are nice and comfortable. It provides a unique ambience to the place. We saw an interesting cross-section of society eating there. From a family of four to businessmen discussion work to a young couple to us. The restaurant serves authentic and traditional south indian food from all 4 south indian states. The menu consisted of starters, main course dishes and desserts from all four states. It even had pictures and descriptions in English of the dishes. I ordered mostly by pointing at what I wanted on the menu and hoping that it wouldn't be too spicy for my sensitive taste buds.

The Podi Idlys were very good. And very filling. Along with these we decided to try Kuzhi Paniyaram. We had both the idlys and the Paniyaram balls with the assortment of chutneys served. The chutneys were the traditional and ubiquitous coconut and a spicier tomato chutney. Along with these we had the option of pudina chutney. I preferred the tomato chutney to the rest. It sort of neutralized the spicy shock of the Podi Idlys and provided a taste to the Paniyaram balls. Everything in this restaurant is served on a banana leaf on a plate.

We ordered Chama Dumpa Pulusu and Basala Belae, Neer Dosa and lots of steamed rice for our main course. Neer Dosa is a dosa made of rice and is very thin. The Chama Dumpa Pulusu and Basala Belae can be had with the rice. When we had initially placed our order we had thought that it might not suffice for the two of us, however, we were unable to finish the entire meal. So all in all it was a very filling meal as well.

Since we were so full, we were not in favor of dessert. However, being a fan of filter coffee, I had to try it out here. The coffee was good, although it could've been sweeter.

Also, the restaurant is a little on the expensive side, however, since it offers a variety of foods, it is well worth it. While you wait for your order you can take a look at the little pamphlets placed at the tables which contain tidbits of information about South India, particularly Bangalore. When we were there we got small handouts which contained questions to test our knowledge about South India. Unfortunately I was only able to answer one of the questions, but I did take the handout home to google the rest of the questions.

This place is highly recommended if you're looking to taste variety and quality. And you get to increase your knowledge about the South as well!


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