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April 3rd 2007
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Me and some of the foster children.Me and some of the foster children.Me and some of the foster children.

Shaker isn't a foster child but he always seems to be around and as you can see loves having his photo taken.
Hi everyone just thought I'd publish a little update for you all.

Things are great here in Bangalore and I'm enjoying it very much. Been too busy to go away at weekends but have plans for the next 3 weekends so things should be a little more interesting for you all.

Have got very attached to the foster children and for the last 3 weeks we have had DVD nights on Saturday which eveyone enjoys very much, so much so that I feel guilty about going away, but the school holidays have started so it's okay for us to shift the night to mid-week so they won't miss out.

Thought I would also send you some photos of where I work and of the masks the children made last week. I had to plan an activity for 80 children ranging from 3 years to 6 years so carnival masks it was and they all looked amazing as you can see from the photos.

The area I live in has a huge contrast of rich and poor, one photo was taken from the balcony of the apartment in which I live. This shack is about 3m x
The ACCESS building.The ACCESS building.The ACCESS building.

This is where I work, this is the office and the foster children live in 2 rooms upstairs. To the left there is a covered area where the nursey children have their lessons.
3m (roughly 9ft x 9ft), but a whole family live in it along with the family of huge rats that we see running in and out of their holes, we saw one the other day and from nose to tip of tail it must have been almost 80cm long, it was MAHOSIVE.

Oh well guys that's almost it for now, but I wanted to introduce you to Timmy's new friend, Marvin. Marvin came all the way from England, pack in teabags, how cute. They have now become the best of friends hahahahaha.

lots of love Babe, Timmy and Marvin xxxxxxx

Additional photos below
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The HUB of ACCESS - kitchen.The HUB of ACCESS - kitchen.
The HUB of ACCESS - kitchen.

There is a small kitchen inside the building witha fridge and stove and a preparation area, but when the cooks are feeding 300 children its easier to cook outside. And the food is sooooo good and hot hahahahaa
The Jackfruit.The Jackfruit.
The Jackfruit.

This is a Jackfruit, they can grow to almost 50cms, thats roughly the size of the one in this photo. They look like alien pods growing from the tree, forget area 57 (or whtever it was) just come to Bangalore and you'll see aliens growing on the tree AHHHHHHHHHHH
The MasksThe Masks
The Masks

so what do you think? Don't the masks look amazing and the children had so much fun making them.
The MasksThe Masks
The Masks

If you go down to Bengamin Nursery School today, you better watch out!!!!! Even I couldn't resist making a mask hahahaha
Hibiscus in disguise.Hibiscus in disguise.
Hibiscus in disguise.

This little girl is really cute, her name isn't really Hibiscus but she often comes to school with a Hibiscus in her hair so it's now her pet name.
Bedsit, no bathroom or running water and the kitchen is outside!!!Bedsit, no bathroom or running water and the kitchen is outside!!!
Bedsit, no bathroom or running water and the kitchen is outside!!!

A family of about 5 live here along with a family of rats. The contrast here is gigantic. Shacks along side really nice apartment blocks, where's the justice in that?
Timmy and MarvinTimmy and Marvin
Timmy and Marvin

Best of Friends xx

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