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December 9th 2012
Published: December 9th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Bored, bored, bored. It’s 12:35pm and I have been up for about 2 hours, having killed as much of the morning as possible lying in. Once I had awoken I had a breakfast of tea and cake and then returned to the warmth of my bed to watch C+L, not wanting to put the heater on yet for fear of using up the gas too quickly. And here I am still, freezing in my pyjamas, typing this entry. My plans for today are:

1.Write this entry.

2.Do some yogalates using the DVD that I have brought with me and the exercise mat which I have fashioned out of a piece of foam carpet underlay which I bought the other day for 220R.

3.Shower, using my new products purchased yesterday (ooh, exciting!)

4.Re-watch an episode or two of Lost which I started the other day but will view again in French in order to start brushing up on my language skills for my second placement (which starts in April and will hopefully be in The Democratic Republic of Congo).

5.When the curfew eases head into the office to do some emailing. Pray god someone has emailed me since Friday.

6.Go to Hat Trick Bakery for dinner; hopefully no cockroaches in the rice this time.

7.Return to this room and to bed to probably read or watch more DVDs.

8.Maybe do some dusting.

9.Do all of the above on my own.

Things cannot continue this way. I need socialisation! I need a life!!!

The problem is that there is not much that I can do about it until the elections are over. With curfews in place I simply have to stay in my room, and with tensions generally high in the region even on non-curfew days venturing out to explore Srinagar and the surrounding area is not a sensible option. However, come January – snowfall permitting, of course – I will be getting out of room 203 on the weekends on a more regular basis. That’s assuming that I haven’t gone stir crazy and been placed in a loony bin by that time.

So, this entry is short today, it’s emptiness reflecting the emptiness in my head which in turn reflects the emptiness in my life this frosty Sunday. I guess I’ll move on to activity no.2 and just hope that by aligning my chakras I can somehow release the negative energy flowing within me...


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