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Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City February 21st 2018

Since the reception on Wednesday didn't start until the evening, and there were no more rituals and ceremonies, I had a free day. One of my other friends (Neha) is also from Jammu, and she was originally planning to come up from Delhi to attend the reception, but was unfortunately unable to make it. She offered to have her cousins show me around town and visit the monkey temple (I told anyone who'd listen that I Must See Monkeys during my trip), but I was so zonked from staying up all night that I slept most of the day, then just stayed in my room until I was picked up for the reception. I was shocked to learn that Shashank and Rupal had to stay up all night (playing games and conversing with family after I ... read more
The goods!
Punch and Pizza

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City February 19th 2018

My train ride from Suratgarh to Jammu was uneventful. I had an upper side bunk, and slept or attempted to sleep the entire way. I'd never ridden in a train before, and I assumed it would be like the metro where the station stops are clearly labeled from the inside and you can tell where you are all the time. That wasn't the case here, and since I also didn't have a window, and kept my curtain closed most of the time, I didn't really know where I was for most of the journey. At some point in the last hour or two of the ride, I lost my cell signal, so I wasn't sure how I was going to communicate my arrival, and just hoped that I'd pick up a signal or a WiFi connection ... read more
My mehndi
Turban wrapping!
Turban complete

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City November 24th 2012

Anirudha and Tejas had already deposited the bikes at the Bandra Terminus. Having anticipated the meager opportunity of bathing in Ladakh, we showered to the heart’s content, put on the cleanest clothes, handed over the house keys to the neighbor and gathering our bags climbed down the stairs with mixed feelings. Excitement, dilemma, unease, recklessness and sense of adventure, everything had grasped our tiny minds when we were marching towards Bandra. The first thing that we did when we met our fellow riders at the train station was to mentally inspect their luggage and resolve if that would fit on the bike and if ours was heavier and/or heftier than theirs. Ours definitely was! Anyways, we treated our tummies under the pretex of passing the time until the train arrives and then with an air of ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City » Patnitop November 13th 2011

Generally people from India visit Bangkok only for two purposes, which are shopping and go go bars, but believe me there are other exciting things to see in Thailand. Before my visit to Bangkok, even my perception about the place was same like everyone, as this is the picture of the place we have in mind. I started my trip with a perplexed mind, thinking that it is not a safe place to visit (as mentioned in many travel blogs), however I wasn’t nervous, coz I have been living in New Delhi for almost a decade, n I knew that If I could survive there, then I can survive anywhere in the world, I would say it’s a blessing in disguise for being an Indian sometime. So before the beginning of my trip, I started looking ... read more
The Tiffany show
pretty ladyboy
photo frame

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City August 31st 2011

Apart from the sensual overload of sights, smells, noise and people, probably the first thing a foreigner notices on arrival in India is the pollution and litter. Even amongst the decrepit housing, animals wandering the streets and the unwholesome smells, it is often the litter and garbage that stands out most notably. In his 2003 publication ‘Rewriting Indian History’, Francois Gautier put forward the theory that, as a spiritual leader of the world, India and its inhabitants have a reputation for being more introspective and inward-looking than other peoples, which is why the beautiful country has such little regard for its environment. Internal happiness aside, trash has created utter turmoil in India’s external surroundings. Deforestation levels are indeed unsustainable in many parts of the country although, admittedly, Indian landscapes are in far less danger than the ... read more
Outside a Jammu public garden
Unusually clean Public Loo??
Jaipur Animal Scavenge

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City September 26th 2010

I must admit that I did not want to leave McLeod. Now I’m glad I did as I would have missed out on meeting the most genuine family on earth. So I got on the bus to Jammu being the only tourist going there. Most would have probably stayed behind considering the resent protests in Srinagar, but Jammu was safe. I should tell you why I went to Jammu. After I introduced myself to my roommate, Bindu, we were talking about which place I should visit next. Many other Indians told me: ‘I should not waste any time anywhere else in India and head straight to Kerala, 'the place for gods’. (That's how Indians call it apparently). But Bindu said: ‘You should come to Jammu and visit us. She also mentioned that there would be ... read more
Dancing and singing for the bride
Food made day before an indian wedding
Sanjit's mum, Bindu and I

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City » Patnitop April 24th 2010

We were in Jammu and wanted to get away from the heat, up to the old British hill station of Dalhousie. According to the Lonely Planet there was one bus a day; our hotel manager told us that it left at 8.00 a.m.. Just to be on the safe side we got to the bus station at 6.30 a.m., and were confronted by a hellish scene of total chaos. Hundreds of people milling about in all directions, ankle deep in rubbish, struggling with all kinds of oversized and bizarre luggage. Vendors, touts, hustlers, and beggars, all plying their various trades. Here and there a large pile of rags, which turned out, on closer inspection, to be a person asleep on the floor, surrounded by their worldly possessions. Dozens of buses of all kinds, colours, and states ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City September 25th 2007

Well folks, if anyone is reading this then there will be a temporary pause to this blog as I am sick of getting virus on to my camera card every time I plug it into a PC to upload photos, three in three days on three cameras. Hopefully I will resume when a secure connection can be found. Travel in India is still happening and a real eye opener for me. We are headed south now away from the cooler mountains and into the stifling plains and then the Desert areas.... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City June 8th 2007

As I tipped one of the managers of the houseboat as I left (with all the money I had on me) he counted it out, smiled sadly and said "i am sorry the service was not good enough". But no matter. I was leaving Srinagar, I was leaving the vicious circle of guided tours and touts, I had no hotel booked in Jammu, no-one to meet me at the station and take me somewhere expensive. THings were going to change. The bus journey fro Srinagar to Jammu is not something I want to remember, beyond it being 12 hours of my life I wish had never happened. Particular low-lights include throwing up out of the back window, and forcibly removing my neighbours hand from my thigh, 3 times (after which I changed seats). The lonely planet ... read more
Golden temple
Golden temple
Golden temple

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City October 30th 2006

My trip began through a continent of predominantly Spanish-speaking, meat-eating, Christian converts, with wine tours through Argentina and Brazilian Carnaval - cocktails on sun-soaked beaches, wild nights dancing, hairless bodies barely covered by insy winsy bikinis, kisses exchanged freely as the wind... Like a camelion, I have had to change my colours completely. Now, I'm in culturally, linguistically and religiously as-diverse-as-you-can-get India, where male-female contact in public is frowned upon, where I'm covered from head to ankle (literally, when entering temples) and living with a Sikh family who believe not a single hair should be removed or cut as it is sacred and provides spiritual strength, who are vegetarian, and who do not smoke or drink a drop of alcohol. Sometimes I just sit, eyes open wide, and wonder how on earth I have managed to ... read more
Om and I on the perilous road from Leh to Srinagar
Holdups are sometimes encountered!
Looking out the window of the uncle's hotel, Patnitop

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