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January 2nd 2018
Published: January 3rd 2018
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Time to leave the bright, crisp clear air of Shimla and descend to the smog of New Delhi. As we came up on the Toy Train ( The Shivalik deluxe Express, the only express thing being that it didn't stop at the myriad of small stations, not the 15 miles an hour top speed it managed), we decided to return on the bus, and pushed the boat out and went for the super deluxe Volvo a/c ( cost all of £10 for the 9 hour trip). First they handed water out, and then the sick bags, seems it's a very bendy mountain road, occasionally we would meet up with the narrow gauge railway, seeing it bend around the mountain side, but unfortunately didn't see any trains on it. Not long after we set off, they fired up the video machine and we got Bollywood at full blast. Pretty sure they were all knock off tapes as they seemed to all stick when it got to the pertinent point of the story, though as we hadn't a clue about the story I'm not sure.

Actually it was very comfortable, and when it stopped after 4 hours the other passengers were nice enough to explain it would stop for 30 mins, as we didn't understand a word the driver said.

The scariest bit was then the Tuk Tuk ride from the bus drop off point to the hotel in Delhi rush hour. Up no entry roads, u turn onto a duel carriage way, and speeding down tiny narrow alley ways. The pot holes could swallow an elephant, remind me never to moan about uk roads again. Turned out our driver didn't really know where he was going, kept stopping to ask for directions, even though I was telling him from the back as I had running - but then I'm a women and they would never listen to a woman giving them directions.


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