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July 7th 2011
Published: July 7th 2011
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This week has been the beginning of a new adventure in India for me, one where I do not just have to think of myself, but also of others. I have led a group of 7 friends and fellow students out to Mcleod to volunteer at the school that I work for and even in just one short week, it has been an eventful experience.

It has been much harder than I had anticipated. Mainly because I'm trying to maintain my busy life that I had before they came, at the same time as trying my best to look after them. I can only spread myself so thin! I thought it would be easy, but it really isn't. For this reason, I'm so glad that there are seven of them, as this means that they can use each other as support, rather than always looking to me. Thankfully this has been exactly what they have done thus far.

I couldn't have asked for a better group to join me out here. Despite the fact that they have all fallen victim to Delhi belly and an array of other illnesses, within a matter of days and had major delays on their flights, etc, they are all in high spirits and loving the life that I had been so enthusiastic about with them before they arrived.

Speaking of the Delhi belly that has so mercilessly taken a hold of them, it shockingly led to many injections and drips. A simple trip to the hospital to get some prescriptions for medications was what I expecting. Instead, my friend who had been bitten by a bug was given two injections and a prescription and my friend with Delhi belly was put on a drip and given two injections and two prescriptions. Insane! Talk about an over reaction... what we thought would be a 1 hour trip turned into a day long adventure. Only in India... It's crazy ways are exactly why I love it though!

Apart from the volunteers arriving, life here has been as normal though. I'm still bumping into friends from last year for the first time and experiencing new parts of Mcleod that I had not done last year, so it is still as exciting as ever. Many things feel different, but equally, many feel the same. Already I am dreading the moment I have to leave. The day I will yet again leave some of the most important people in my life behind. However, it will not be for long. As many of you may know, I have decided to come back next year with a student visa and stay for one year. Already, I cannot wait. The thought of seeing Mcleod in all seasons, and really settling here, calling it my home, is my idea of heaven right now!

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