Am I in India or in Tel-Aviv???

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September 18th 2005
Published: September 18th 2005
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A name for a laundry shop in India!!!A name for a laundry shop in India!!!A name for a laundry shop in India!!!

Yes this picture was not taken in Israel...
Is there some cosmic hole here, throwing you back to Israel once you step out of this bus that took you to McLeod Ganj?
Wherever you go in McLeod you see Israelis, you hear Hebrew. The merchants in the shops and in the market will say some words in Hebrew as soon as they hear us talking Hebrew. Some restaurants offer menus in Hebrew. There are many adds in Hebrew in the streets, advertising courses or restaurants. And if in McLeod you feel that maybe 50% of the tourists are Israeli, it gets worse when you go to the villages of Bhagsu and Dharamkot. In Bhagsu it’s 95% Israeli. Sometime you see more Hebrew signs that English. Dharamkot is an Israeli village per se. You can probably live there quiet happily without a word in English (and neither in Hindu of course).
We wondered whether there are places like that for other nationalities. Is there a place of the British community in India? The Irish? The German? Or is that only the Israelis that like to be together all the time?
And in the same issue, we wondered how a nation of immigrants from so many different countries became so distinct and easy to identify? With some exceptions (including us girls, that nobody identifies before we start talking Hebrew), all Israelis are so easy to locate from far away. Is that the look? The clothes? The long hair on most guys? I still don’t have an answer, but the fact is we are hardly ever wrong.
There are also the upsides of the phenomenon. Daphna already met 6 people that she knew from home, including our reform rabbi’s daughter (“our” is not so true, I don’t have a rabbi). Go so far away from home to meet a friend from elementary school? Funny, indeed.


4th July 2010
A name for a laundry shop in India!!!

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