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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali June 13th 2018

GETTING THERE FROM KULLU AIRPORT We could have taken an 8-hour death bus from Chandigarh on one of the most dangerous roads in the world, but we opted for a semi-sketchy, 30-minute flight to Kullu, and then an hour and a half taxi to Manali. The landing at Kullu Airport is apparently a challenging one, but the weather cooperated. Kullu itself seemed like an interesting town that wouldn't be terrible to get stuck in for a night, but it was easy to prepay a taxi to Manali with set prices from the taxi union. The pre-monsoon road construction and general traffic turned the trip from an hour and a half to two, then three, then four hours. At this point, traffic had been at a standstill for an hour, so we got out and walked the ... read more
The Manali Waterworks
Caption contest?

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali February 1st 2018

It takes about 8 hours to reach Manali from Dharmsala. All wrapped up in my sleeping bag, I am trying to find comfort and warmth. Arrived in Manali, I get a delicious sandwich with eggs, a welcoming chai tea and a well deserved rest. Today is all about exploring the prety town Manali. The hippies villages are surrounded by beautiful highs, picks and valleys. A lot of adventurers come for trekking, skiing, rafting and climbing. My Idea is to go snowboarding. Is it possible? Yes, it is! I see for the first time beautiful strong Yaks walking past. The long haired so called bovine referred as Bos grunniens, is found throughout the Himalayan region, the Tibet plateau and as far as Mongolia and Russia. The presence of the yak and his guide attracted my intention, and ... read more
The Yak and my guide
The ski station
Ski lifts

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali October 22nd 2017

Another sunrise well worth the early start today with clear blue skies. After breakfast we set off to Nagar, south of our home to visit the Roerich museum. The Roerich family were Russian and came to the area early last century. They had studied in Russia, Europe and the United States before doing a long overland trek to get here. The father and one son were prolific artists with a striking modern style. The family was very interested in religions, archeology, science and, well, pretty much everything. They established a centre of research and promoted worldwide the principle of achieving peace through sharing and preserving culture. After a stop or two on the way back for photos and a handcraft exhibition (got suckered there - it was just a shop) we were back in New Manali ... read more
The real thing
Ear cleaning anyone?
Procession of the god

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali October 21st 2017

The lizards love the slate on the verandah in the morning sun. I counted at least seven there this morning. They seem to have quite a pecking order as to who has what spot. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes AND omelette we trotted down the hill and meet our driver to go to Solang, a few miles further up the valley. The road to the right headed to the high passes that lead to Lei and Ladakh - an adventure for another trip. They are currently building a tunnel which will reduce the 3-4 hour road trip to more like 45 minutes. Solang has one of the first ski fields in ... read more
Mandala at Solang
Harvesting for winter
Prayer flags over the Beas river

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali October 20th 2017

Today was all about getting to know Koshla and Manali (the local village and area) and the families of our hosts Yoga and Dugli. We are staying in a traditional home that our travel expert organiser Robin helped build. It is made of local stone and pine. We have a separate bathroom with all the mod cons like electricity and a proper toilet.Sunny (their son), wife Sanita and cute 5 year old son Saransh live in the house right next door, where we eat. And a brand new puppy arrived today so there was great excitement all round.... read more
Pine trees at the temple
Marigolds in the market
Little cowherd

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali August 20th 2017

Enriching, revealing, fulfilling, rejuvenating – the list of adjectives can grow rightly long when it comes to describing road trip experiences. While they say, it’s the journey and not alone the destination which matters, how wonderful does it get when on the last day of your trip, you are absolutely sure that you are going to go back for more! Considering my inclination to not spend any long weekend lazing in the cocoon of my house, I consider myself a travel enthusiast with an avid interest in road trips, preferably the ones where in I drive through and through. So this one in Aug’17 was no different – I know it’s the not so friendly rainy season, but did that stop me from venturing out yet again to the hills? Having a fair amount of ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali July 5th 2017

Buses in India. Let's just say that if you experience riding a bus in Himachal Pradesh, will never be able to watch the movie SPEED (Starring Sandra Bullock and Keeanu Reeves) with the same eyes EVER AGAIN. Going to the Himalayan Mountains is for sure a MUST while vacationing in India, however going by the local bus companies may not be the wisest. Although I will tip my hat at an Himachal bus driver because these guys are professionals at what they do: driving insanely fast on twisty turny roads, and only six inches of space between your buses wheels and a certain death off the cliff face alongside you. My first trip to one of the hill stations while in HP had me death gripping the seat in front of me (and unadmittedly squeeling ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali May 27th 2015

Apologies for the delay but we've moved blog webpages few month ago and forgot to update this you have loads to read, if you can be bothered!... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali April 1st 2015

The Himalayan Foothills. Oft spoke about as a sort of spiritual mecca, as if this land, this place, this range of magnificent rock formation emanates a certain vibration. Perhaps it does. I am not to dispel such theories if they exist. Only that, one's soul is omnipresent and that vastness of space is with us wherever we may go. Including this journey to the Himalayas, a journey that took me over 2,000 kilometres, across six states and via seven modes of transport. Took us, I should say; for my co-author and I both decided to leave the distracting circumstances of the world aside for five days and focus. The book, the novel, is always our point of focus but here in Himachal, we wanted to soak ourselves in its mystery, its magic and let the story ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali December 17th 2013

I and my family visited Manali n Shimla for spending Christmas holidays.... read more

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