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July 5th 2017
Published: April 15th 2013
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Buses in India.

Let's just say that if you experience riding a bus in Himachal Pradesh, will never be able to watch the movie SPEED (Starring Sandra Bullock and Keeanu Reeves) with the same eyes EVER AGAIN.

Going to the Himalayan Mountains is for sure a MUST while vacationing in India, however going by the local bus companies may not be the wisest. Although I will tip my hat at an Himachal bus driver because these guys are professionals at what they do: driving insanely fast on twisty turny roads, and only six inches of space between your buses wheels and a certain death off the cliff face alongside you.

My first trip to one of the hill stations while in HP had me death gripping the seat in front of me (and unadmittedly squeeling and screaming on every turn-slash-near-death-experience) while the sleeping Indians beside me glanced at me occasionally in annoyance at my noise.

And even now, after one year of living in India I am still not quite able to rest my eyes during these frightful escapades.

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