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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dalhousie October 23rd 2011

This_is_just_so_typical-the_key_board_space_bar_dosen't_work!! Back_in_Dehli_between_trips._I.booked_in_some_ urban_adventure_day_trips_to_fill_in_the_time,but_we_are_really_over_looking_at_temples_and_forts_so_our_nine_hour_tour_today_became_three_hours. Checked_out_how_to_watch_the_rughby_which_is_about_to_start_so_I-Hope_it_works.Go_the_All_Blacks. Change_hotels_tomorrow_to_start_next_trip. Was_told_today_that_there_are_1.3_million_beggers_ in_Kalcatta_alone.It_has_been_made_illegal_to-give_money-to-try-and-stop-it. Poverty-is-everywhere.-There_is_tent_slums_outside_the_hotel. Power_goes_off_all_the_time_as_well... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dalhousie May 29th 2011

Ravish and JP got up at 5:30am went out to kiss some misses and returned at 6:30am. Then all of us went for a walk to the Jogi para Market place. Then we went to Tsuglagkhang compex and visited Tsuglagkhang temple, Namgyal gompa and Kalachakra temple and saw the official residence of Dalai Lama. At the complex we met two tibetians who recognized us to be Kannadigas and started talking to us in Kannada and were very happy to see us. Their names were Goha and Normpu who we were told that lived in Kushalnagar, Mysore and Bangalore earlier. After visiting the temple at the entrance of the temple there were a couple of tibetian women who were making fresh momos. We ate fresh alu and Chinese cabbage momos which were served piping hot with a ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dalhousie June 21st 2009

Amritsar has been the highlight of our trip so far but sadly it was time to leave this fascinating city. Our next stop was Dalhousie, another hill station in the foothills of the Lower Himalayan Mountains. There was a train part of the way and then a local bus up the mountain (in total it takes 6 hours to reach Dalhousie from Amritsar) or local bus all the way. Being a pilgrim city it became nearly impossible to get a ticket out - the whole situation wasn't helped of course by it being school holidays in Punjab! In the end after a couple of hours of hassling we decided to hire a taxi to leave the city. Two minutes later it was organized - about $AUD60 for the six hour trip and it proved to be ... read more
Cheery waves from an overloaded auto rickshaw
Three wheeled transport on the way to Dalhousie
The view from our bedroom in Dalhousie

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dalhousie April 2nd 2007

We are now in Dalhousie and I am on one of the slowest computers of all time, so I think there will be no photos this time, which is a shame! (Perhaps I'll try and add them later.) I really liked Dharamsala. It was far too touristy, but it was interesting seeing the Tibetan community in exile. We made it to the Tibetan Museum on Sunday as it was closed on Sat, what with it being the fourth Saturday and all... It was incredibly informative and moving (of course I cried!), reading the history of the Chinese invasion and the treatment of Tibetans now (seeing the torture weapons used), and how the Chinese are trying to obliterate their very culture. It reminded me of why I always said I wouldn't go to China. It's a shame ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Dalhousie November 18th 2006

And this is how it all started….. One rainy Saturday, I and Dimple, my wife, were sitting at home sipping beer we realized that we had a long weekend break coming up. As always, the first thought that came to our mind was making our weekend getaway plan. Out came Outlook’s 52 weekend breaks from Delhi. And soon afterwards, the locations were decided. We selected Dalhousie & Mcloedganj since we had not visited that valley before. After the selection of the location, what remained to be decided was the mode of transport and the Chosen Couple to travel with us. We got into our regular fight over the mode of travel first, using public transport like trains and taxis or our car. As always, I had to deliver and emotional speech to convince Dimple that this ... read more
On way to Dalhousie
On Mall Road
The Main Market

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