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January 28th 2009
Published: January 28th 2009
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Happy Australia Day and Happy Independence day

A selection of photos from the past couple of weeks
Hope you like

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Vardi (Indian for Farm)Vardi (Indian for Farm)
Vardi (Indian for Farm)

Interesting farm that actually cycled through manure from Gir cattle into worming compost farm to fertilise their Anolli plantation which in return halved their irrigation.
Holy Cow!Holy Cow!
Holy Cow!

Cow with tika. Dharnsura street
Rotti for the holy cow!Rotti for the holy cow!
Rotti for the holy cow!

What an experience to give a rotti to this cow. I always thought they scavenged and it was all words without actions. These people came out onto the street from their homes and fed a rotti and then touched the cows head for blessing
Dharnsura cotton vardiDharnsura cotton vardi
Dharnsura cotton vardi

Storing cotton bolls in the ceiling!!
Uttaryan Kite festivalUttaryan Kite festival
Uttaryan Kite festival

Vadodara 14 January 09
Ahmedabad Dog catcher!Ahmedabad Dog catcher!
Ahmedabad Dog catcher!

Yes I saw a dog being dragged along by the dog catcher. They definitely need more of those...on every street corner thanks.
Honest to goodnessHonest to goodness
Honest to goodness

Ahmedabad and anything goes... After long travels the food outlet Honest seemed a good place for a BURGER! If you see a very bright orange palm tree also, then I know I am not on drugs!!!
Choice is Choice!!Choice is Choice!!
Choice is Choice!!

After so much Gujarati food it was great to hit Choice in Ahmedabad for a tasty (and yes spicy) club sandwich.
Men and MenndhiMen and Menndhi
Men and Menndhi

I just loved this. They were so quick too.
Bio Gas outfitBio Gas outfit
Bio Gas outfit

Very impressive set up on a family vardi. Cow manure is the source of energy. Poured into the back of this old outdoor toilet building it ferments further filling up the tank beside. Compost is deposited over a couple of metres and the gaseous product is piped back to the house fueling the stove and hot water.
What a frail looking woman. How the eyes can deceive.What a frail looking woman. How the eyes can deceive.
What a frail looking woman. How the eyes can deceive.

Sonnelben's mamma. I cried when I realised who this old lady was.

22nd November 2009

biodynamic farm
I wonder if you can tell me where this farm is in gugarat? I have been looking for a biodynamic farm in gugarat and thought this may be the one. First photo you have displayed Cheers wendy
7th February 2010

Met u in Marketing
HI, Hope u remember. WE met I worked for AGL electricity. Back in India U looking great in the saree :)

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