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February 16th 2018
Published: February 16th 2018
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Ganesha, one of the 33 million hindu godsGanesha, one of the 33 million hindu godsGanesha, one of the 33 million hindu gods

I laughed one day when one of the staff told me "India too much god"
A few days ago, it was Shivaratri, another special day in the Hindi tradition. Kids had no school and I found out that most staff members were fasting that day, so I decided to join them. However, I soon found out that it wasn't a complete fast. In the morning, we had our very sweet chai, which is almost like a meal!
After chai, I joined the boys and staff on a beautiful walk to a nearby village where we went to small temples. The temples were interesting, but the real treat was just once again to witness "normal life", totally out of the beaten track. I would have liked to take some pictures, but my hands were quite busy holding small hands!
Once we were back at the home, it was the girls' turn to go to another temple in another village and I went along. They figured I was very tired after the first walk (hum, maybe a 3 km walk!), so I was invited to sit in a rickshaw driven by our cook who invited me to his home while the girls were walking. He almost apologized that he only had a small house, but I was thrilled to see how and where the people I have been spending more than 2 months with live. Yes, simple house, but so welcoming. Then we joined the girls at the temple where locals were asking where I was from and wanted to offer me something to eat or drink. Then we walked around the village. It was a delightful morning.
Back at the home, children had a very nice lunch, and for us who were fasting, we also had a very nice, but different lunch. Wheat was not permitted, so we had rava, potatoes and sweet potatoes in different formats. I laughed with staff, saying this was the best "fast food" I ever had!
The rest of the day was just like a normal day, except that staff (and I) didn't eat supper. I went to bed a little hungry but thought it was very good to be reminded that not everybody goes to bed with a full belly.

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