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February 21st 2006
Published: March 5th 2006
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The Cricket teamThe Cricket teamThe Cricket team

A couple of the guys I played cricket with. A couple of the muslims guys (not seen here) acted like they were never allowed in photos but I'm not sure why.
After another night sleeping while traveling (this time 14hrs on a bus) I arrived here early in the morning. It's a random and typical Indian city which doesn't recieve many tourists. Apparently Mahatma Gandi's asram is here but I don't feel interested in that right now.

I checked my backpack into the station locker room and headed for the city centre where there is a big open area that could loosely be called a park.

When I arrived there was several cricket games being played and as I walked into the park I was quickly accosted by some bloke about my age who jumped off a moving bike and basically said 'I'm going to buy another cricket ball, when I get back you're playing so wait here'.

A little confused I took a seat and went through the usual rig moral questions with all the other people who would be playing. They ranged in age from about 15 to middle aged on duty police officers!

After a few minutes he came back and I was given the bat then ushered towards the stumps. I know very little about cricket and have perhaps only played it once when
Ahmedabad train station lobbyAhmedabad train station lobbyAhmedabad train station lobby

Pretty much every major station in India looks the same and has the same chaos ruling inside.
I was 12 at school so wasn't in the best position to show off British cricket skills. Nevertheless playing cricket whilst in India is probably one of the 'must do' experiences and I had no plans for the day so agreed to make a fool out of myself for a while.

Overall the game lasted about an hour and they made sure I had a go at everything. My bowling and batting skills were atrocious but it was all good fun and I managed to hit a couple of 4's while batting and catch someone out while wicket keeping when the ball skimmed off his bat.

The rest of the day was spent wondering around the very interesting streets here that seem to sell everything.

Tonight at 11pm I'm catching another overnight train to Udaipur in Rajasthan where I'll have the luxury of spending one night in a hotel. Wohoo! I get to have a shower 😊


16th April 2007

Hey! What r u thinking of Ahmedabad? The town should call Ahmedashita. R u agreed with me? Good Journey!
23rd April 2007

Sorry, I actually had a good time in Ahmedabad. It's not somewhere to stay for too long but it's a good taste of what india is like away from tourists and I had a blast playing cricket with the local kids in the city square - I got acosted the moment I walked into the main park and they all had fun making sure I had a go at bowling/batting and fielding. You just don't get that kind of thing half as much in tourist areas. Good luck on your travels

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