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November 21st 2006
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Pinto Shack on Zalor Beach, Goa.
So after taking a 10 hour train from Mumbai to Goa with a huge man beside me who took up half of my seat for 5 hours of the trip and hopping on a motorcycle taxi with all my huge backpack on my back, getting lost with the driver I FINALLY ended up at the resort Colonia Jose Menino Resort in Carmona, Varca, Goa.

The resort was nothing to write home about. It was clean, the service was good, it was a 5 minute walk from the beach and a little overpriced but quiet and away from all the craziness and loads of people.

Most of my week was spent writing for my business, walking alongthe miles of beautiful beach, taking in the sun and sitting by the pool. Hard life I know. But after all this moving around and crazy adventure it was nice to have a week of relaxation and focus.

For safety I couldnt go out at night and because the place where I was staying was really only for older adults, mostly retirees from the UK, I didnt get a chance to explore much of life outside the resort accept for the beach. Though

Damini, Akshay Kumar (famous Hindi actor onthe set of his new movie) and me
I am really ok with that-just look at the pictures.

After a week in this place it was time to move on back to Delhi and the Sharmas.

Upon arrival my last 9 days became a crazy blur of meeting friends of Maya's, dinners, day trips to the Kutub Minar, Gate of India, markets, and finally my volunteer work.

I had the opportunity to work with 15 girls ( in a school for underprivileged girls) on a recycling project. I taught them to make recycled paper and create a project and silent skit on the importance of reducing waste. The took a liking to my crazy ways, "strange" humour, pale skin, and "sweet smile" as they said. Although the language was a huge barrier between the type of connection I really wanted to make with them we seems to connect pretty well as the first day they called me "our new foreign sister and friend". These girls have absolutely nothing but offered to share their snacks and were very keen on my help in their project. I have asked the school to put together some list of things they are in need of and my hope is

Goan Sunset
to sponsor these girls with some supplies. I have also offered to write a program on self-esteem, empowerment, and healthy choices which a teacher will teach them in the new year.

Yesterday I had the adventure of taking a 9 seater tour bus with a driver who was not so alert and who had to be talked to about staying awake. As if Delhi highway driving or driving in general wasnt scarey enough. I did get to meet though some very interesting people from around the world and visit the one and only Taj Mahal. It is honestly one of the most beautiful things that I have seen. Everything on the entire grounds is completely centmetrical, minus the 2 pillars which were placed on exactly a 2 degrees angle to prevent them from falling on the Taj Mahal incase of a earth quake. Its made completely of marble, semi precious stones and amazing architecture...

Today I am seeing the kids for the last time and then coming back to the Sharma's to finishing packing and head to the airport.

This journey has been one in a million and makes me want to adventure more in the future.

Zalor beach
I feel like a completely different person with a far more open mind.

Hope you are surviving the cold. I'll be home on Saturday to join you all.

Look forward to seeing you!


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Kutub Minar

Captured this little guy carrying water and plastic bottle at a train station on the way to Goa

President's house through his force field

My mendhi

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in my hands... amazing! (Picture through the Red Fort window)

Me and some of the girls working on their recycling project.

30th November 2006

Finally, somne good photography
Hey, Finally you have some really good photographs. Looks like you were hanging out with a photographer all of a sudden. Love these set of pics. Mark.
30th November 2006

Hi Loretta, If you had the money sounds like you'd like to keep on travelling. Glad to hear all is going well. Our trip to Cuba was a real eye opener also. Let us know if there are any changes to your arrival date or time. See you soon. Love Mom
30th November 2006

You are so brave
Hey Loretta Thanks for including me in your contacts.I so much admire your bravery for doing this trip.I can't believe you are almost finished as it seems to us here likeyou just started.While the kids at RGV are really liking the new staff, they miss you very much. Maria and Danielle are running a violence prevention group up there and every week they comment on how much Maria looks like thier beloved Loretta. Wishing you a safe trip home and hope you will still stay in touch here with us in here today!!!!Can't ever be close to your trip[ but I'm off, on yes, yet another, shopping trip to Florida in December so I'll e-mail you again when I get back.Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!
1st December 2006

Whoa in Goa
Great pic's Lo!! I'm impressed. Sorry to hear things are comming to an end, I'll miss your updates! Enjoy the balance of your awesome adventure, and keep smilin. Randy
1st December 2006

Great pics Lo! I love the one of you during the sunset. You've taken a trip that is simply amazing. Can't wait to hear some of the highlights when we catch up on the phone.
2nd December 2006

Loretta, I am very happy your trip went well and that you will be home soon. God bless you and bring you home safely. Carmela
3rd December 2006

Great to hear from you Lola!!
Hey Lola....Thanks for keeping us in the loop....I'm so happy to see you're having a great time travelling!! All is well in my world....having the time of my life with the All American Rejects!!!! Looking forward to seeing my family out east for the Holidays!!! Be safe Lola.... Toad :-)

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