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Asia » India » Goa » Patnem May 10th 2020

Who would have thought our desire to spend more time in one place and not travel around all the time would be fulfilled so soon … ? ;-) Halfway 2019, after 2,5 years of travelling, we had been thinking and talking about slowing down, maybe stop travelling for some time, find a nice place to stay and maybe try to find fun people to work with in 2020. In Raja Ampat we came up with an idea to help someone out with his tourism business but then at the end of 2019 we were approached by another person with the question: “would you be interested to work in Maldives and manage a guesthouse?” These were all very preliminary ideas and first we would end 2019 and start 2020 in the Philippines with a fun holiday with ... read more
Happy being on an Indian train again
Tuk tuk/rickshaw
Tuk Tuk/rickshaw

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem February 24th 2019

Back on the travel track! This time it's Asia's turn. First country: India Some time ago I decided to do a Yoga Teaching Trainer Course. I've thought of many different places to take the course, but eventually I choose India because it's the place of origin. Then I needed to decide where in India I would go. First I thought of Rishikesh, but I was so done with the cold weather that I decided to go to Goa. I'm really glad with my decision. It's nice and warm, the people are so nice and I'm staying at a place right in front of the ocean. I can hear the beach from my cabin and the shala where we have our classes has a fantastic seaview. The sunsets are amazing here as well. The sun gets orange ... read more
Yoga class
Art of teaching class
Spice farm

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem January 11th 2012

Hej igen! Jeg har lige lidt tid til at skrive et indlaeg der ikke er terpentin paavirket, men jeg ved naesten ikke hvad jeg skal skrive, der er saa mange indtryk! Har set en masse smuk smuk natur, svoemmet en masse, spist en masse, moedt en masse mennesker. Det hele er lidt overvaeldende, og jeg er simpelthen saa traet hele tiden. Idag sov jeg til middag i en haengekoeje paa en lidt afsides strand der var helt fantastisk smuk. Alting her er bare saa smukt! (Lige bortset fra plastikaffaldet og kolortene selvfoelgelig.. Men det lever man med) Jeg er positivt overrasket over inderne store generoesitet og varme attitude her. Igaar fik jeg en blonsterkrans, fordi blomstermanden opdagede jeg roste dem til en af mine venner. Jeg har faaet kokosnoedder, vandmelon, vand, alt muligt naar man bare ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem January 9th 2012

Okay, here we go! Foerste blog indlaeg i Indien, paa en ny blogside. Jeg forlod Koebenhavn fredag, ankom loerdag og sidder nu, mandag aften i et lille hus paa stranden i syd Goa og stinker af maling og terpentin. Efter at have siddet i fly eller lufthavne i omkring 12 timer (og uden soevn i 24 timer) ankom jeg til Mumbai (tidligere Bombai) uden hverken fly, tog eller bus booket. Det viste sig dog ikke at vaere et problem naar jeg altsaa foerst var kommet igennem imigrationsmyndighederne der ikke var glade for at jeg ingen reel destination havde, indtil jeg fik kontaktet min couch surfing vaert Howard, som kunne give mig noget adresse lignende som jeg kunne oplyse. Afsted for at finde min rygsaek, faa noget vand, og saa finde en eller anden maade at komme ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem March 1st 2011

OK guys India is getting easier! If Bangalore was the deep end (and maybe Kerala was us starting to enter shallower waters) then in Goa we have definately found the kids paddling pool! We have arrived in the land of sun kissed beaches, chilled out bars and restaurants serving up some of the freshest seafood your nervous Delhi-Belly could ever have wished for. And if that ain't chilled out enough then throw in a large handful of ageing Brit hippies who still fancy themselves as "philosophers", "poets" and "musicians". Not that it was so easy to reach this laid back paradise. A soul destroying 14 hour over night train journey with the usual Indian public transport freebies (a urine based diet for your nostrils and a complimentary chest infection). Saying that the grub, as per usual, ... read more
Our Flash Pad up to Goa
We Were in the Hibby One :(
Happy Travellers!

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem February 14th 2011

I heard some pretty strong opinions about Goa...too touristy, not the real India, greedy locals, greedy foreigners etc. What I discovered, after initially not liking it myself, was a place of such beauty and an arena for deep rest, healing and rejuvenation. As I went through my ayurvedic panchakarma a month prior, upon leaving the clinic I was told it can take up to 6 months to fully integrate, and defiantly the first few months to take it easy. I found being near the ocean a necessity to this continued healing process. Goa was teaching me how to relax...really relax, deeply, fully surrender. Goa also was teaching me how to love and care for myself, by being open to receive from the ocean and the beautiful people I encountered there. I was stopped from leaving by ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem February 7th 2011

Dawned on me last night, I have been in India now for over a month. Reflecting on my time here thus far; I have been through a mini panchakarma which has required time to recuperate and regenerate from, is still ongoing, as the ayurvedic healing, cleansing, balancing process affects all levels of a person, at least it has me. Spent a week on the Beach in Southern Kerala, Varkala. A beautiful vista of cliffs and beach, clear waters, light sand and black sand beaches, dolphins, fishing boats and excellent fish. Had my first King fish, butterfish, tiger prawns and KingFisher beer, which is a german style Indian beer, very refreshing in the heat and surf. Stayed in Kollam in the beginnings of the backwaters on a peninsula surrounded by water in a family heritage villa, toured ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem February 3rd 2011

I am in Goa, was planning head to Mumbai tomorrow. Yesterday I rented a scooter, had a beautiful day, lunch of King Fish and veggies, mixed fruit smoothie, a swim in turtle beach, then a nice walk. I felt so much joy and at peace in my heart and mind. Continued on into a village passing beautiful very green farming areas, stopping to find an ice cream with a hard chocolate center that I keep seeing ad/pictures of, I had this as a kid. The people of Goa, so far are so very different from Kerala people. In Kerala everyone smiles and seems to be looking into the soul, there is a recognition that takes place that is so life affirming. In Goa, they offer maybe, a quarter smile, yet look with harder, sad, dark eyes, ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem October 4th 2010

Hello all,It's Brad here,how is everybody???I hope all well with everyone ...Well where to begin!!! We left Varanasi by train to Dehli where we caught a flight to Dabolim airport in Goa.We have had enough of the hustle and bustle of the north of India,strange but true,but travelling in the north is so bloody tiring.You step out of where you are staying and it's FAST paced!!!Anyways,we were after the sun and sea,and thats where Patnem beach in Goa comes in.We arrived late at night so it was pretty much straight to our roomhut and off to sleep.Waking up that 1st morning was breathtaking,looking out of where we were staying and there was the sea right infront of us.You walk out the room onto sand,thats how close!!!We were staying on the property of a local family who ... read more
Photo 33
Photo 34
Photo 35

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem August 4th 2010

ENGLISH Now the plan, originally, was to take a train from Jodhpur to Goa in the South. However, as we weren't too sure which day we'd be getting the train we left it until the last minute. We managed to get a train from Jodhpur to Mumbai and hoped to get a train from Mumbai to Goa. We arrived in Mumbai on 22nd December and while at the station we again tried to get a ticket to Goa. All trains were totally booked up and had a waiting list of over 200 people. We did have a Plan B up our sleeves which was to coach it south. We'd heard that it takes around 16hrs and we'd taken many buses in Africa that were of a greater distance and time so hey, what's the worst that ... read more
Beginning of our stay in Goa
Sharing the beach with the locals

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