I'm in Kathmandu Safe and Sound!

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January 28th 2012
Published: January 28th 2012
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Hi everyone,

The location on this blog is incorrect as it doesn't let me publish unless I put a location and It doesn't have Nepal as an option. Please disregard the location. hehehehe

I have arrived in Kathmandu safely.

I met a lovely Chinese boy on the plane to China who has just finished studying in Sydney and was on his way to meet a friend without visiting his mum and dad (only child and his pareents would be very angry at him if they found out SHHHHH). He let me watch some movies from his laptop which helped to pass the time, along with me reading my camera manual. I'm now a pro by the way at using my camera. (Bess this camera is awesome!)

I then got on the Kathmandu flight in Southern China and had a good 4 hour sleep.

I felt less of a green traveller when I met this young girl at the Kathmandu airport. She had no Cash of any sort and the ATM wasn't working for her and she had no photo for her visa. Oh Dear. I helped her out. It felt nice to help someone. Anyway I left her with this lovely Irish couple who were also having the same trouble.

So to exchange my money at the airport. Picture this...

A small booth with 2 men standing behind it and about 50 Nepalese men all screaming and pushing one another. I waited and waited and then worked up the courage to push my way to the front of the crowd to exchange my $50 US. It was like I was involved in a secret gambeling game or a drug deal. It felt very dodgy but i'm sure it is just the norm here. Finally I got my money and got my visa after about 6 different people stamped this yellow piece of paper. (Quite funny)

I then went downstairs to find my luggage and this boy picked up my bag and said to follow him. So I did. He then proceeded to say that he was my porter and that I had to give him Australian money for carrying my bags what seemed like about 20m. First learning experience. About 5 different people were saying they weanted to take me to Kathmandu Guest House and I started to feel a bit unsure. At last a man came over to me with this crumpled up piece of paper that had my full name on it and he said I will look after you. So I followed him and had an interesting journey to my guest house. About 15min drive at this early hour. We drove through the town past night clubs, ladies selling craft items on the street etc all at 11pm local time. A hive of activity.

When I got to my guest house the man said that the standard room of $12 US was booked out but of course there was a more expemsive room for $40. So I had to bargin for the first time. I got the room for $25 (no breakfast included). I was too tired to bargin anymore.

Got into my room and was out like a light.

Had a lovely breakfast this morning and an APC wash (if you don't know what that means ask my dad).

Spoke to Sam and Bandy and they are coming to pick me up from the guest house at 1pm today. I'm very excited to see them. I am just going to chill out at the guest house until then (3 hours to kill). The guest house is so lovely and has a view over Thamel. I'm going to put all of my clothes on (did I mention it's freezing!) and go and sit outside and take in the view and write in my journal about my adventures so far.

Love to you all

Joanna 😊


28th January 2012

Wow, Jo, what an eventful start to your journey. If you have conquered all that singlehandedly, without speaking the local language, it will be a breeze from now on. Have a great time and I look forward to reading of your adventures. Carolyn
29th January 2012

Glad you are safe and sound
Hi Jo! Sounds like the adventures have already started! Stay safe and happy. Acacia xx
30th January 2012

1st lesson
Sounds like you've had quite a few lessons and are killing it in the streetwise and bargaining stakes! Stay safe and warm... and clean. Very intrigued about this APC wash. I have a feeling it might not be up to Taya standards, but am willing to let this one slide as I'm sure you will be out-smelled by the lovely and varied fragrances of Nepal xxxxx PS Missing you xx

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