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Asia » India » Goa » Colva May 25th 2012

India: While I was waiting at the Indian Consulate in Nepal for my visa, a girl asked me how long I planned to be in India. I said, "two weeks." Her reply was: "oh wow - just enough to get scarred." I came to understand what she meant. India is slow and hot - insanely hot. Most days were around 110 degrees. On top of that there are tons of people in the streets trying to get by you or begging for food or water. This was one of the differences in other places I had been. Most beggars to this point only asked for money. In India a lot of the beggars asked for food or water. I gave multiple half drank bottles of water to kids who asked for it when they saw it. ... read more
Red Fort 1
India Gate
The Taj

Asia » India » Goa » Colva December 28th 2011

What a pleasant change of temperature Goa was from the North of India! We lazed by our hotel pool and organised our flights. As we were still sick, I took the liberty of purchasing multiple medications for our possible parasite infection! The beach was pleasant with many places to eat along the way and it was reassuring to see the Indian lifeguards, baywatch style, in their red uniforms. It was interesting to note the high level of Christianity in the area, with many churches, crosses and stars along with Christmas decorations. Very different to the Hindu domination of northern India. There was delicious continental food at a restaurant next door to us which made a nice change from Indian food all the time, as delicious as it was.... read more
Delhi airport

Asia » India » Goa » Colva August 3rd 2011

Bus ride to Ahmedabad was interesting, Part normal bus, part sleeper bus, non-air conditioned but not a problem as not too hot and windows opened. Panicked a little when we had to stop for a traffic accident, lorry overturned but did not hold us up too much. Indians are worse than us at rubber-necking by the way. Loads of them got off the bus to go and have a look at what was going on and to go to the toilet of course! They do it everywhere. Don't expect help getting on and off bus with your bags by the way, chivalry is definitely dead in India, if it ever existed! Impressed with Ahmedebad airport. Obviously new, quiet, clean and very security concious. Reasonable flight with Spicejet, a little bumpy because of cloud cover but they ... read more
Beach Dogs!

Asia » India » Goa » Colva January 28th 2010

Hi!! Feels like it's been ages since we did the last blog. We’ve actually got lots of stuff to put in this one so persevere if it gets dull… oh and we remembered the camera!! Following leaving the lovely flea pit of Agonda, we headed further north up the Goan coast and plumped for Colva. Hmmm… if only we had the Lonely Planet at this point. Colva is a local holiday spot for the Indian people from the nearby towns. This made sunbathing on the beach really uncomfortable as the stares from Indian men were relentless! This was our first taste of realizing how Gail’s white skin has given us some sort of celebrity (d list) status (we are now embracing this and are posing with locals for some pictures). Anyway, turns out the place is ... read more
Dry fish -lasts longer
Bown - white

Asia » India » Goa » Colva December 18th 2009

At 8.00 am we were flagged off from the base camp. We were told to peddle to Donapaula Jetty, load our bikes into the motor-launch and get down at Mormugao Port Trust where we would meet Narendra, the mechanic and Chandan, the guide for our expedition. It was a pleasant biking experience with no sun overhead. We loaded our bikes in the Ferry and settled down to soaking in the refreshing morning air. There was a minor scuffle at the Mormugoa Port Trust, where two cops asked out for some legal documents required for landing at the Port. The guy that seemed in charge was 6 ft in blue jeans and a white shirt which was a little tight for his beer belly. A call to the expedition director, Manoj Joshi, settled out the matter and ... read more
Loading the bikes
Loading the bikes
(L to R) me, Sendil, Vishal, Gayatri

Asia » India » Goa » Colva December 10th 2009

nachdem wir ja schon fleissig shoppen waren und ausserdem ein paar geburtstagsgeschenke nach hause verschickt werden sollten, haben wir uns gedacht wir wagen uns mal daran ein packet zu verschicken. der anfang war noch ganz einfach: beim supermarkt nach alten kartons gefragt und dann halt die sachen mehr oder weniger ordentlich reingestopft. an paketklebeband hat es und leider gemangelt....aber mit einer gewissen menge normalen tesafilm ist das zukleben auch fast kein problem mehr. das naechste mal, als wir dann in margao waren haben wir stoff gekauft, damit wir dann moeglichst bald zum schneider gehen koennen (pakete aus indien werden grundsaetzlich (aus sicherheitsmassnahmen) mit ganz einfachem weissem stoff umnaeht). nachdem das paket gepackt, zugeklebt und eingenaeht war gings dann los auf das post office nach majorda.... GROSSER FEHLER...wie sich aber erst im nachhinnein herausst... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Colva November 20th 2009

die woche begann erst mal mit einem traumatischen ereigniss: unsere familie wurde auseinander gerissen! traurig aber wahr, wir mussten abschied von tabea nehmen, die sich am montag nachmittag wieder alleine auf gemacht hat das grosse indien zu erkunden. ausserdem geht tina ab jetzt fremd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nachdem sie denkt sie hat was besseres verdient als die cosi hat sie montag in die fishermen's school gewechselt....und die cosi mit ihren frechen kindern alleine gelassen....aber der trennungsschmerz war dann letztendlich doch nicht allzu gross, da die cosi von der irina und dem mike tatkraeftige unterstuetzung erhalten hat. in der primary school laueft also mehr oder weniger alles wie immer....wenn der lehrer da ist sind die kinder leise...wenn er weg ist geht das chaos und die pruegeleien los. manchmal, jedoch eher selten hat man mal ein richtiges kleines erfolgserlebnis, dass einen ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Colva November 18th 2009

Are you ready for another crazy adventure from the happy wanderers! We left the sunny shores of Australia after spending a week in the red light district of Sydney. To be fair it was a fantastic place and reminded us a lot of home. It had happy hours and a fantastic climate, everyday was a warm sunny day...then rain...then more sun, suppose thats not like home at all! The first day we got there it was a sweltering 37 degrees, flight socks weren't worn long that day I can tell you! The people in Sydney are certainly nicer than those in Brisbane. Oh yeah don't think we said about dropping off the campervan in Cairns, well to be fair it all went well, after we had cleaned it it was certainly cleaner than when we got ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Colva November 7th 2009

From the luxury of Star Clipper we set off into the splendid chaos of India. We had made some contacts on the ship and so the omelette chef - a Goan - arranged our accommodation for us. It was a very modest but wonderfully friendly beach side 'block of flats' called "Fisherman's" at Colva beach south of Goa. We shared a cab with another passenger, though he was headed to the other end of the luxury scale in the Ramada. At Fisherman's we were met by our Goan friend as well as host Cris Rodrigues, and then started one of those memorable Sunday sessions: drinking Kingfisher beer; eating fresh fish and squid barbequed in Goan spices; talking with Goan fishermen, a Phillipino ship's agent, and a Jamaican ship's steward. The air was hot and humid with ... read more
Fishing boats outside our flat
Newly wed with Henna decorations
Sacred cows in front of the Basilica of Bom Jesus

Asia » India » Goa » Colva November 6th 2009

Damit ihr mal einen ueberblick habt, wie hier eigentlich ein ganz normaler tag von uns aussieht machen wir mal einen extra eintrag ueber den ganz normalen camp wahnsinn :) fruehs um 7.00 uhr klingelt der wecker, bzw die handys. meisstens ist dann jeder aus unserem 4-zimmer mutig genug sich nacheinander unter die kalte dusche zu stellen... ab halb 8 gibt es dann fruehstueck, was wir zwei auch dankend um diese uhrzeit annehmen. ab 8.00 uhr koennen wir dann manchmal noch mal kurz ins internet schauen bevor wir um halb 9 zur arbeit losfahren. frueher als 8.00 an den pc zu kommen ist eigentlich unmoeglich, weil die daenische gruppe fruehs immer yoga in dem raum hat. d.h. auch, wenn die cosi abends vergisst die nutella aus dem gemeinschaftskuehlschrank zu holen ist dass eher ziemlich dumm, weil man ... read more

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